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I was in doubt whether to give this a 3 or 4 star rating but I decided to bump it up to 4 Someone Is Watching is the tale of Ethan, living in small town Verona in the Midwest, coming to terms with himself being gay He battles his denial, his love for his straight best friend and a mysterious blackmailer, who s out to make his world a bigger hell than it already is The story was written from Ethan s perspective, a seventeen year old boy My problem was that the phrasing in some passages was very much unlike how a teenager would speak or think I also very much doubt a seventeen year old would describe his own body as young and firm Most of us only appreciate that youthful firmness after it s long gone Another peeve was the fact that there was a lot of repetition in the book Ethan tells us the same things over and over again, sometimes multiple times in one passage This all being said the book left an impression The issues dealt with are very serious and real and eventhough there is a lot of fluff in the book there is some raw ugliness in there I was scared, outraged and cried my eyes out at certain parts Not perfect by far, but very impressive nonetheless A true lesson about the dangers of intolerance and hatred and the beauty of love 4 stars So I was expecting this book to arrive Thursday April 7th, 2011 , but it came a day early Yay grabby hands I have every intention of starting it tonight and reading as much as I can before Friday which is when I m expecting to get Cassandra Clare s new book City of Fallen Angels, and the world will literally stop spinning in my life while I m reading it So, today, April 6th, 2011 is when I m starting Someone Is Watchinglater, after I actually start reading.I didn t think tonight actually meant tonight x.x But, here I am at 10pm just getting ready to start reading I m settling for one chapter tonight since I ve got writing of my own to do the book It s been torture waiting for the downtime to come along to actually read Ugh I hate waiting I just have to say, yes after two pages into the book, but as I was saying My eldest nephew is on the wrestling team in high school my brother was as well when he was in high school and I was lucky enough to see a tournament though I couldn t see my nephew wrestle which sucks pouts It s nice having a visual with the description of the match between Zac and Ethan.Enter Uncle Jack And after confirmation from Olivia cause I m lucky to remember my own name half the time, much less characters in a book , I did a little dance The dance I do when I run across a previous or future as it were character in the series Back to reading now, seriously, lol Can t afford to keep getting distracted by characters, and oh hell someone I don t want to talk to just IMed me groans Ah ha Hello, Nathan And, really, he was just introduced not really, only mentioned, but still and already there s hinting of an obvious crush hanging on my every word, taking it as gospel Dead giveaway.You know, I m seven pages in already and if I hadn t known before, I d have no idea that Ethan was gay I wonder if Mark did that on purpose or if the story just worked out like that So I m loving the interaction between Ethan and Nathan, it s really sweet and innocent Nathan s fucking adorable I m at page 30, reading Ethan s description of Jon and his body Is it just me or does it seem like Ethan has no idea he s attracted to guys Interesting Surely so I can t wait to find out if he realizes it or not, but I don t think he does.Chapter Two and I can t stop, but I ve got to It s past midnight and I ve got fanfiction to write I ll put in some reading time tomorrow before City of Fallen Angels gets here on Friday I sincerely can t wait to readRead Chapter Two this morning, Ethan s first date, and now I m positive that he doesn t realize he s gay It s either that, or he s so far in denial that it isn t even funny I ll stick with him not realizing it I wonder how things will go with Kim in the long run if they ll stay together or what.I know Jon s straight from Soccer Field, but I can t help but to smile at Ethan admiration of him It sthan obvious that he has a crush on Jon, I just wonder how long it ll take for him to slip up and Jon find out I have a feeling I m about to find out, because skinny dipping with a boy you have a crush on Yeah, something s going to happen I just know it But moving away from that for a moment, I already know that Ethan gets with Nathan that s what happens when you read out of order, right lol , but now I m wondering how that comes to be I ve got the sneaking suspicion that Nathan s got a crush on Ethan, but so far I don t think Ethan neither realizes it or returns his feelings So, how do they get from point A to point B Only one way to find out reads on How Ethan managed not to pop a woody while wrestling naked with Jon, I ll never know But I m relieved that Jon didn t notice anything Something like that, I think, could ruin a friendship But Jon was understanding with Mark and Taylor, he d obviously be okay with Ethan once Ethan realized he was gay, I mean lol.Either ways, fate must be smiling on me today because City of Fallen Angels got here a day early, but I think I ll wait to start it until my best friend gets her copy That way I won t spoil the story while I m fangirling over it lol.Oh my, I wonder who wrote that note It s most annoying because I hate surprises Really I can t, for the life of me, figure out who d do it Or how they d find out It s not like Ethan was broadcasting it, hell he didn t even realize it himself though I m sure it s beginning to dawn on him, especially after the Sunday with Jon I m starting to wonder if it s maybe Devon, but that seems like a long shot since he hasn t even been mentioned in the book yet.This is a nice, little mystery we ve got here and it s already driving me nuts siiiiigh So, I m thinking this book started before Taylor got there I probably ought to have realized that but, I kinda don t pay attention to dates Mark was mentioned and I m like, where s Taylor Still waiting for Taylor What s going on Why s no one talking about the new boy But, alas, the trip to the Graymoor Mansion tipped me off I remember that trip being mentioned in Soccer Field and it happened before Taylor got there.Movie date with Kim and through some fantasy work, Ethan is realizing that Kim can excite him Interesting I wonder if he ll turn out to be bi like Taylor was, or what Guess it s time to read on to get answers to my questions Well Questioned answered a few pages later after Zac s party Wow It all makes sense now, though I kinda expected it to work out the way it did He forced himself to go through with it to prove to himself that he could do it, but in the end it was his fantasies about Jon that kept it going I wonder how he ll react to this, how he ll cope with knowing a woman doesn t do it for him.Will he continue dating Kim while he figures things out Will she catch on And, holy hell, when will I find out who s writing those notes Gr I m at least glad that he felt bad about losing his virginity to someone he didn t love, how he felt robbed and mentioned how he felt like he had used Kim I still don t know what s going to happen between him and Kim though I just hope it s nothing too bad, like she finds out and blabs to the whole school siiiigh He finally realizes it He finally recognizes the fact that he s gay Gay and in love with his best friend So maybe I under estimated his feelings for Jon, but you know what, I think Ethan did too simply because he didn t allow himself to believe that he could love Jon like that I feel bad for him I really do I feel bad for him, but know that it only a matter of time until he finds Nathan I m just left wondering how Ethan can go from being SO in love with Jon to being with Nathan I m not going to completely fangirl out, but I ve got to say that Ethan and Nathan are fucking ADORABLE I just finished the part where Ethan gave Nathan a bunch of clothes and the exchange was just so sweet Cavity inducing, I swear.Yay Taylor was introduced dances and reads on Well, I would be reading on if I didn t keep getting distracted by the Sarah Conner Chronicles on SyFy siiiigh I ve just realized something, keeping in mind that I already know that Ethan and Nathan get together I know I mentioned that before, but I m making sure YOU know that, lol , Ethan really laments over the fact that he won t have children,specifically, a son The feeling is doubled when he meets Dave It s kinda ironic that he d wonder what it d be like to have a son like Dave, because when he gets with Nathan Dave,or less, kinda fills that void.It s a realization that makes me smile I amsure now than ever that Nathan s got a crush on Ethan Why else would he look angry when he caught Ethan ogling Jon I m seriously wondering how Ethan and Nathan get together Ethan just doesn t seem like he s there yet, like he hasn t noticed Nathan in that light quite yet Though it ll be interesting to see the progression.So Ethan s plan to get rid of Kim worked and, I have to say, at least she did what any other girl would do and made him feel like an ass He got rid of her, but at a price I wonder if her story s done or if she ll come back later on And now Mark and Taylor are outted and I m feeling the same angst I did while I was reading Soccer Field I wonder how their story will affect Ethan s I wonder how what they re going through will shape Ethan s journey Somehow I knew Ethan would come out to Nathan, and I m surprised Nathan didn t say anything about the feelings I think he has for Ethan Either ways, I thought Nathan handled it really well the way a real friend would.I need to make note of this line How could he possibly understand the heartaches of a boy in love with another boy Can you say foreshadowing I can Foreshadowing Foreshadowing Foreshadowing Ugh dances around Ethan s about to confess to Jon, and omg I know Jon s straight, and I know that Ethan eventually comes to love Nathan, but GOD I don t want to see him go through Jon s rejection wibbles Oh, God, Ethan I wish I could hug you and tell you that you ll get what you want in the end in a place you never expect But you re just a character sniffles I feel so, so sorry for him, but truth be told this is the sort of thing fanfiction writers like myself live for I m already contemplating an Ethan Jon fanfiction headdesk I m a big fan of the whole What if ideal And, well, I fail at writing about canon couples Maybe, maybe, maybe.Oh man Oh God It s almost harder reading it from someone else s point of view It s almost 2am, but I m thinking about pulling an all nighter just to read the repercussion of Mark and Taylor s double suicide It s a good thing that my family will be out tomorrow I ll be able to sleep in D aw I love how Nathan confessed, I really do It made perfect sense and was beautifully written and, oh God, it was perfect Nathan and Ethan are quickly moving up my ladder of favorite pairings from this series I m just going to go sit in a corner and coo Getting to the point that I needed to read, I ve decided to call it a night and wrap up the book tomorrow I can fall asleep on the good note and hope that scary spider doesn t come back ugh So I was not expecting Zac to be the note writer I honestly didn t know who to expect, but now that I know, it does make sense And now that I know Nathan s secret, I feel kinda stupid because Olivia had mentioned it before I must ve forgotten about it.Now I m left wondering if Ethan will throw the match or stand up for himself He s got to realize by now that he s gotpeople on his side than what he thinks He won Yay And I love Steve s comment about not having to compete for girls That was awesome I m really enjoying his character and am sad that he doesn t have a bigger role in the story.Things went from really good, to really shitty, and then back to really good For a moment, just a single moment I had forgotten about Zac That was my mistake He came back and tried to exact his revenge, tried but failed Thank God for Jon and Brandon. This is a book that stays with you for a while.At the beginning I couldn t stop thinking that it sounded almost too simple, too bare, but it must sound this way The narrator is Ethan, a 17 year old wrestler who is trying to understand the strange feelings he has for his best friend He s young, he s not dressing his emotions, he strips his soul to the tiniest pieces, therefore the writing is almost elementary and basic.We get to know Ethan s thoughts, doubts and fears We have a seat in the front row of his life, and it s an uncomfortable seat He realizes he s not like the other boys he knows, because he likes boys He falls in love with his best friend and he knows he could face rejection, if not hatred He s threatened by someone he can t identify and he lives with the terror of being exposed and becoming an outcast.I can t say muchAt times it was almost unbearable, but at least it was not hopeless There was violence but also tenderness Ethan s battle with himself and with what surrounds him is really a battle worth of being known, so that those who face the same situation can derive inspiration and comfort from it It s also for those of us who may find themselves in places where they can provide help and understanding. Someone is Watching was one of the best reads I ve had in years Ethan is a farm boy and a high school athlete with a secret He s gay He finds himself enthralled by the bodies of his fellow athletes and in particular by his friend Jon While struggling to keep his secret, he also deals with his growing awareness of Nathan, a slightly younger boy that his uncle has hired to help around the farm Nathan comes from a very poor family with troubles of his own and looks up to the slightly older, muchself assured Ethan immensely Others have criticized this book for repeating some themes over and over but I found this very realistic Having grown up in a small Midwest town where most of the school athletes were also farmers I found this book to be very accurate Having the same fears over and over was quite common At the time these differences between myself and the other boys seemed overwhelmingly large and I only wish I d had the courage to handle them as well as Ethan does Perhaps I needed a better writer Lovely story, but way too much repetitive description, especially in the first half of the book Still, since I could skip some paragraphs, it was overall an enjoyable reading experience. I picked up this book mostly because of the intriguing summary and good reviews it received.However, I was fairly let down I simply couldn t connect with the main character and found it hard to imagine and believe the different personalities introduced in the book It was a bit annoying the somewhat repetitive phrases of Ethan about how beautiful the boys around him were at some point, it felt like a copy paste measure to lengthen the novel I m sure the author tried to clarify the distinction between lust and love but I just wasn t impressed One thing I found having a particularly discordant note was his sudden switch from one object of affection to the other You don t simply fall in love on the spot when someone points out he loves you Not even love at first sightThe subject of the book is very interesting and it could have been used withforce and poise Well, I assume the author waspreoccupied with showing the angst, fears and turmoils of a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality than leaving a certain impression on the readers Of course this is a very biased opinion. I alternated between reading The soccer field is Empty and this book Both of these books happen in the same time frame, so reading them that way seemed justified This book seemed to give an outsider s perspective on Mark and Taylor s relationship Almost like a companion book It vividly depicted the way everyone, especially, Brandon, dealt with Mark and Taylor s deaths The epilogue Do not open until Christmas gave Mark s story the closure that it needed The letter from Mark was so thoughtful and evoked plenty of nostalgia in the characters and readers alike Atleast it did to me..After reading this book, I just feel like Mark and Taylor s relationship got the closure it deserved Ethan s too He grew and became a much better and stronger character as the story went on though he s already a hard ass and a fighter This book is very worth reading &Free E-pub ↙ Someone Is Watching ↰ Someone Is Watching Someone Knows It Was A Nightmare Come True For Seventeen Year Old Ethan It S Hard Hiding A Secret It S Even Harder Keeping That Secret When Someone Else Knows Who Is The Mysterious Note Writer, The Secret Tormentor Who Is The Enemy That Hides Among Ethan S Friends And Teammates Who Holds Ethan S Secret Over His Head, Threatening To Destroy His Entire World Someone Is Watching Is The Story Of A Young High School Wrestler That Must Come To Grips With Being Gay He Struggles First With Himself, Then With An Unknown Classmate That Hounds His Every Step While Struggling To Discover The Identity Of His Tormentor, Ethan Must Discover His Own Identity And Learn To Live His Life As His True Self In The End He Is Faced With A Terrible Decision He Must Give Up What He Wants The Most, Or Face His Greatest Fear Of All For now is free at the writer s blog Pdf file 206 pages Click Here I don t know for how long will be for free REVIEW It s the first time I do a double review, sorry if will bore you to death I want to write few words about two books of the Gay Youth Chronicles of Mark A Roeder both with my maximum vote Someone Is Watching Someone Is Watching is a free book, and the first of the Gay Youth Chronicles It s a free ebook, don t contain virus or Trojan, and you can download directly from the writers blog.It s an incredible book, and I couldn t believe in what I was reading so realistic Written only in a first person Ethan, a 17 years boy, will narrate will obligate you to be there, inside the mind of a confused young men discovering his homosexuality I m a woman, heterosexual, 32 years old hummm please forget my age, or lie telling me I m still young, thanks and regardless the differences I understood everything Ethan felt his pain, his happiness, his doubts it s not a book to homosexuals that want to read about a gay guy suffering It s a book to everyone, to us Why, to all of us Well, I identify myself reading each of Ethan s words his voice is the voice of everyone who suffer so, who wouldn t identify with him Astonishing book, and a standing ovation to Mr Mark A Roeder.Observation unbelievable that a masterpiece like the first book of this serie is for free I guarantee it s not a commercial maneuver The first book has it s end, and you can read it never expending money with the second A Better Place A Better Place is the second book of the Gay Youth Chronicles.The first book has some sadness but the second will certainly break your heart I can t tell if the characters will be happy or not the second has multiple narrators, but Casper and Brendan are the main narrators , but I can say that you will be chocked A lot of terrible facts happens torture, rape, starvation all together with repeated thoughts of suicide , so it s not a easy book to read But, in my view, again Mark A Roeder did a incredible work And I love it.Casper or Brendan could be you or me Would you cry, needing to be loved, and finding only hate on everyone stare Would you do extreme sacrifices, like sell your body, to see your beloved happy Would you try think in suicide if the society is against you and you lose hope in the world Would you try, with all your forces, to be the person your parents think you are, denying your true feelings Like I said, Casper Brendan could be you or me, or IS your neighbor, son, daughter, coworker the gay struggling against the racism is only one face of the coin the message is muchserious anyone can be in pain right now, like the characters of this book, so what are you doing to help them That s what the writer keep asking telling the story can you be see though his eyes, no Can you see that he only want to love and be loves Can you fell his pain, no He deserve to suffer like this Would you deserve to suffer, being in his shoes Two incredible remarkable books both earn a special place in my heart, and will stay there for all my live I just can t stop think about them Ethan Casper Brendan Mark Taylor Natham I m still trying to get why some characters were triumphant, finding love and defeating a terrible homophobic society, while some of them give up, dying tragically I cry a lot reading both books really heartbreaking.That s why I did a double review I recommend both of them two extraordinary books in my modest opinion. This book was really disappointing I really really thought this book was going to be better.Good Points The idea was good just not written well The characters felt very real I think Jon s character seemed the most realistic to me because of the way he acted and his reactions He just found out one of his friends is gay when in love with him so of course he s surprised, speechless, stuttering, but still a good friend after clarifying that he isn t gay Bad Points Despite the story being good, it was way too repetitive I felt myself getting so bored when I read some of the passages where Ethan was doing some inner thinking, because it was always the same questions and it just kept going around in a circle, repeating everything Near the end I skipped some paragraphs when I saw lots of questions and it didn t matter I missed absolutely nothing when I started the next paragraph I think this book could have been shortened at least 25 pages and still kept all the main points For some reason, I couldn t get involved in this book It just wasn t grabbing my attention I happened to read it whenever my internet was down like this morning , so I never felt that pull that I get with other books like I have to read it I just couldn t feel it I felt like I had to force myself to read this book Now that I m done it feels like a complete waste of time.Overall, I didn t find it that good I think another author could have written this better then Mark, although it was very nice of him to keep this free so others can read and see that they re not alone Strangely, this writing style reminded me of some of VLista s work I could never finish those stories.