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Finally, some great job search advice from a dependable source. Paul Rega s book is a must for anyone in this economy Not only do we have to prepare for retirement, but with today s companies downsizing or moving out of the states to save money, it is important to read it for ourselves or give it as a gift to a young adult starting out in this world As a job developer and job coach for many years, I learned something new which will help my consumers Paul not only utilizes what s in this book, he has lived it from the setbacks to the triumphs professionally and personally Why not take advice or try the 12 steps from a man who has walked the walkAs one of Paul s mentor basically once told himin order for that dream to become real, one must realize that dream, accept that dream and have faith in itand as my girlfriends call itowning it This book combines the author s personal and professional experience with the lessons learned along the way The author s approach is very unique because he combines mind, body and spirit This is very different from other how to find a job books that I have read I found the approach of mixing the preparation of a career with other things like eating right and exercising very refreshing A lot of thought and work went into preparing this book, and readers will find this book useful even if they are not currently looking for a job Highly recommended. This book fell into our laps at a time when my husband had been blindsided by a chronic illness that ended his long term career in commercial driving It was scary enough contemplating such a change at 45 years old, then, before the ink had dried on his updated resume, he was diagnosed with cancer The treatment has been long and hard, but it s nearing its end While my husband can look forward to a full recovery, he now has to face his interrupted job search at a point when his stamina is iffy and his self confidence bruised Paul Rega s book offers a clear, user friendly approach to looking for work in tough economic times and difficult personal circumstances So much of who we are is wrapped up in what we do for a living Perhaps the most difficult part of unemployment is how it can strip away our identity This book doesn t just address the mechanics of a job search Common sense tells a job hunter to target specific companies, clean up his resume, show up to the interview on time, etc What is difficult is generating the gumption to put yourself out there, to take a risk when all you want to do is hide in a corner Through his professional advice and personal stories, Paul Rega looks at the reader as a whole person with needs, desires and fears that can t help but impact his or her job search This book offers a way to orient oneself, a way to begin And beginning is two thirds of the battle. [ READ EBOOK ] ♛ How to Find A Job ♾ Paul Rega Is President Of A Retained Executive Search Firm He Founded In His Provocative New Book Strikes A Nerve With Millions Of Displaced Workers And Goes Well Beyond The Principles Of Job Hunting He Introduces A Revolutionary New Concept In Career Management And Personal Development Called Intuitive Personal Assessment IPA Paul Takes His Readers On A Powerful Journey As He Tells A Gripping Story About His Own Career And The Unique Challenges He S Faced As An Executive RecruiterThe Author Shares His Vast Knowledge Of Career Planning And The Inner Workings Of The Job Search Process, Citing Hundreds Of Proven And Effective Job Search Techniques He Explains How To Market Your Background To A Targeted Audience, Interviewing Skills And Techniques, Network Building Strategies, How To Utilize Personal And Business Contacts, Effective Use Of Social Media, Including LinkedIn, Facebook And Twitter, Insider Tips On Working With Recruiters, Salary And Benefits Negotiation, How To Write A Resume, Cover And Follow Up Letters, How To Start And Succeed In Your Own Business And MuchDespite The Many Challenges Faced By Those Suffering As A Result Of The Weak Job Market, Paul Believes That Change In One S Life Can Be Positive He Explains That, Change Throughout Your Life Is Inevitable, And As Your Life Changes So Often Does Your Career His Book Is An Effective Guide That Will Provide You With The Necessary Tools, Skills And Inside Knowledge From A Professional Recruiter To Help You Navigate Through Difficult Economic Times And Find A New Job Or Change Careers I downloaded this book recently when I saw it being promoted on twitter and I am very glad I did This is a very inspirational book one of personal losses and tragedy as well as an inspirational guide on how never to give up on your dreams and pursue your chosen career I was immediately drawn to the authors own personal story I had so much admiration for this man who had achieved so much through his own determination to succeed However he had to work exceptionally hard at this and through developing his own career path through his own 12 step system he not only achieved what most people dream of but he has helped thousands of people in the process We can all gain so much by reading this book and learning from the advice that the author shares with his readers I highly recommend this very inspirational book Well done to the author. The content in this book mainly stresses the importance of truly finding out what it is one wants to do as opposed to just finding any paying job Paul Rega gives various exercises through which you are guided in your soul searching process to find out your true passion The book then goes on to give just common sense tips as to how to identify companies who may offer jobs like the one you would truly want to have, how to interview and network The book definitely offers important and relevant information However it is certainly not advise a person can use who just lost their job and is in desperate need to find any employment to avoid financial disaster In this sense the title of the book is misleading Therefore, the only two stars in my rating At the same time it is imperative to find out what one s passion is and to move life towards its direction. Short book Good insight coming from a guy who recruits for a living In general I found this book without filler just going after the main details, making the good suggestions and getting out The way books should be written It really got me thinking Tempted to give it a five, but it is too focused on the US and not on the world as a whole which I might have appreciated. This is an comprehensive career guide written for our unpredictable times How to find a job when there are none sounds like an exercise in illusion, creating something out of nothing Yet we all know that in today s Hyper competitive job market, this kind of magic is a necessary skill, a skill that can be taught Which is where the author of this book, Paul Rega, the president of a well recognized executive search firm, comes in.Right from the start, he establishes a tone of solidarity with you, by describing his personal career journey starting at the moment he was called into his boss s office, to face the shock of being laid off Been there, done that, now look here s how Paul Rega presents a rational, methodical approach, offering a series of worksheets First, a step by step intuitive personal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, skills and talents, interests and values, career aspirations and goals Next he highlights the role of education as the key to success, offers guidance as to building a network of personal and professional contacts, and shows you ways to target your job search I find this notion quite empowering As you begin your job search you must begin to realize and accept the fact that you will become a salesperson selling your most precious asset, yourself with this notion in mind, you can begin sharpening your tools, readying yourself for a job market that is unpredictable You can improve upon building a resume, writing cover and followup letters You can practice your interview skills, negotiate salary and benefits Above all, as the author says, never give up on yourself.Five stars. I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a job and need inspiration This book will motivate, focus and guide you in advancing your career.This author has been there and shares with you all the knowledge in a way that a lot of other How to books don t Almost like he is speaking directly to you, telling you how it is.