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Even for those who may not believe they need helpI picked up this book to deal with grief and anxiety leading me to my addictions It is a lot of work, but if you put in the time and effort, you will learn quite a bit about yourself and how you want to change. (((READ KINDLE))) ⇥ The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction ↳ Most Addictive Behavior Is Rooted In Some Type Of Loss, Be It The Death Of A Loved One, Coming To Terms With Limitations Set By Chronic Health Problems, Or The End Of A Relationship By Turning To Drugs And Alcohol, People Who Have Suffered A Loss Can Numb Their Grief In The Process, They Postpone Their Healing And Can Drive Themselves Further Into AddictionThe Mindfulness Workbook For Addiction Offers Readers An Effective Program For Working Through Their Addiction And Grief With Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT , Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT , And Acceptance And Commitment Therapy ACT Created By A Psychologist Who Works For The Department Of Veterans Affairs And A Marriage And Family Therapist Who Works For Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, This Mindfulness Training Workbook Is Effective For Treating The Emotion Dysregulation, Stress, Depression, And Grief That Lie At The Heart Of Addiction No Matter The Loss, The Mindfulness Skills In This Workbook Help Readers Process Their Grief, Determine The Function Their Addiction Is Serving, And Replace The Addiction With Healthy Coping Behaviors Wonderful resource for anyone dealing with self destructive behaviors as a result of stress or loss or life struggles Great case studies and worksheets Co written by Julie Kraft Just won second award. Great workbook We use this text as a guidebook and workbook for many of our patients It is great workbook to start recovery work. Very thoughtful and user friendly workbook for those experiencing loss and disharmony in their lives I think it would best be used in conjunction with working with a therapist or social worker some of the revelations that could come up would be good to unpack with support This book offers useful exercises and questions for improving the life of people not struggling with addictions as well Highly recommended. This is a great resource for persons dealing with addiction or for treatment professionals to use in group or individual therapy.