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I am so glad this book exists I think every 6 year old should read it. By chance, I happened to go to a poetry reading at Greenfield Community College where Brett Axel was the featured poet I was surprized and delighted to discover that as well as several books of poetry he had a children s book that dealt with gender identity and transgender issues simply and not contraversially, for five and six year olds I read it and it is truly great.I can t say how great it would have been if the kids I had gone to school with had read this book before they met me I think I d have had a much easier time of it because this book, even tho there are no humans in it, completely humanizes people who don t fit the standard molds. @Free Book ⚝ Goblinheart è Using Fairy And Goblin In Lieu Of Female And Male, The Author Has Created A Timely Allegorical Fairy Tale A Youngster Named Julep, Who Lives In A Forest Tribe, Insists On Growing Up To Be A Goblin Rather Than A Fairy The Tribe Learns To Accept That Julep Is A Goblin At Heart, Eventually Coming Around To Support The Physical Transition That Must Be Made For Julep To Live As A Goblin My dad wrote this book He read it to me several times while he was writing it and made changes until I thought it was perfect. This is a great book for helping children to accept and include people who are different from themselves Because it is about goblins and fairies rather than boys and girls it doesn t ruffle any feathers, but the allagory is obvious even for a small child.The book is beautifully done and amazingly tactful, making what might otherwise be a contraversial and complex subject plain and simple There would be a lot less bullying and alienation of non gender conforming children if every child read this book at 7 years old. Wonderful bookmy grandson and I both loved itmet Brett at the NY Fairy Festivalvery nice Just a delightful story to read to a child. I really liked this book Very cute and as a Kid i would have really needed books like that. At first glance, Goblinheart is just a fairy tale, albeit with fairies and goblins In the book s fantasy world, the fairies have a certain set of physical characteristics and roles in the community, and the goblins have a different but complimentary set of characteristics and roles Perhaps that sounds familiar, or perhaps not Like The Story of Ferdinand, part of Goblinheart s brilliance is that it can be discussed as an allegory or simply appreciated as a fairy tale As such, it is an ideal teaching resource that can open discussion about gender issues without being conspicuously controversial or threatening Yet to those of us with such awareness, each part of Julep s journey to acceptance as a fairy bodied goblin is apparent as a metaphor for transgender life events Julep s realization of inner goblin ness, despair at growing fairy wings, the awkwardness of first tries at passing, creation usage of adaptive items of clothing for a comfortable presentation, and the final glimmer of the hope of community acceptance at the book s end.Impressively, throughout the book Axel masterfully avoids the use of gendered pronouns Not only does this enable readers to relate themselves or others to the main character, but the fact that Goblinheart s avoidance of gendered pronouns does not read as clumsy or forced becomes even appreciated when trying to discuss the book oneself It s incredibly difficult in the English language to avoid gendered pronouns when speaking in third person, and certainly that is another item to which gender variant readers and their allies can relate Goblinheart s artwork is cleverly androgynous and evocative the illustration of Julep looking back at the growth of wings so dreaded brought this reader to tears Truly this book takes an important place in the slowly growing genre of children s literature about transgender issues. I ve never read a book before that didn t have gender pronouns in it You can t apply your preconceived notions about gender to characters if you don t know what gender the characters are.Its really a wonderful story even without that One of my favorite books ever.