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Bre thought she was marrying a great guy But she got some weird vibes from Todd s family at their wedding And on their wedding night Todd reveals some very disturbing information about himself And then Todd s family shows up to explain what s going on It seems as though Todd has a history of long term mental health issues that Bre was unaware of, and his family encourages her to play along with his fantasies But as the story progresses you find out just how dangerous it can be to ignore symptoms of a serious illness.I really enjoyed this book The story was well laid out, and you could see just how different families with individuals who are mentally ill deal with their family members illness If you want a quick suspenseful read check out this book. It s not often that I cannot figure out exactly where a story is heading but Regina Pacelli surprised me time and time again From the moment I started reading Into the Arms of Madness I literally did not put it down until I was completely finished which was just an hour before I had to get up and start my day This is an exceptionally well written book that will leave you fulfilled while begging for I definitely feel as if I got my monies worthand then some. I received a free copy of this book from the author, through LibraryThings an honest review was requested Into the Arms of Madness A Novel of Suspense by Regina Pacelli could not have been better named She has developed a mad man unlike any other in fiction that I know of Her character development is superb, bringing her characters to life Even the whole mildly insane family rings true This is a really potent story, and the suspense is almost enough to bring on an ulcer This is a story you will want to add to your list of books to be read It is a very well written story, but also a very good tale Into the Arms of Madness begins with a pair of newlyweds heading to a cabin on a lake for their honeymoon Almost immediately the bride sees a side of her new husband that he kept well hidden throughout their courtship She also meets his rather strange and bizarre family for the first time in their honeymoon cabin Unable to fully believe or comprehend the evidence in front of her, she tries telling herself she s just tired from the wedding and the drive, and not really thinking straight it ll look better in the morning But it doesn t look better in the morning If anything, it looks worse and worse as each hour passes into the next She sees completely opposite sides of him that she has never before seen, yet feels compelled to assume she is somehow at fault for having said or done something that upset him Continuing to profess her undying love for him, she literally puts her life in his hands.This story climaxes in a drug induced haze of unreality I can t say any without spoiling it for you But I WILL say this book will hold onto you until you finish reading it Don t expect to get anything else done until you finish this book I recommend that you get it, but I suggest you not start reading it until you can set aside an appropriate block of time to finish it I believe that after you finish reading it, you will be recommending it to all your friends I also believe your friends will all thank you for the recommendation after THEY have finished reading it. Freaky psychological thriller about finding out that the man you married is very different than who you think Like reading Rosemary s Baby It read very quickly and was so quirky that it was enjoyable. A Well Crafted tale of A Twisted Love Enmeshed with Deeply Disturbing Secrets This suspenseful little tale was quite an engrossing read The Author delivers her story with a perfect blend of Mystery, strong, relatable characters, flowing dialogue and a unique plot that has you guessing all throughout the story the exact motives of not only the characters but, the author as well I was pleasantly pleased with the fact that I could not put it down yet, it moved along seamlessly and quickly so I didn t have to The author provides her readers with an engaging plot that becomes quite thought provoking How well do you really know a person I feel that all people keep many aspects of themselves hidden from others As much as you think you know someone else, in reality, you really only know what they want you to know That is a simple fact.I found the Flow of the dialogue to be excellent and engaging with a natural tone to it I found myself immersed in the vivid scenery and emotional entanglements as each scene progressed unto the next This author knows her craft and it is brilliantly portrayed in the way this story unfolded For her first fiction book, Regina Pacelli effortlessly leaves a new reader with a Memorable First Impression This new author certainly showcases her seasoned writing skills and creativity in a way that pulls the reader into her story by dropping subtle hints to keep you guessing laced with little tidbits to keep your curiosity peaked.As Far as the storyline goes I really can t reveal too much because it would spoil it for new readers I really liked Bre but, found myself thinking many times What are you thinking girl I guess I m just too seasoned in real life to be able to think I would ever stick around and await the insane, new hubby s surprises Especially after dropping dark, demented secrets and watching all his quirky personality changes I give this one two thumbs up It was an entertaining and engrossing read with a unique story plot I haven t read before If you enjoy delving into the depths of psychological behaviors and the workings of a splintered mind, and enjoy reading the not so typical love story, then this is a great Book to curl up with Dear Lord was this book a rare find Being a BIG romance novel fan, I was certainly not prepared for this take on happy ever after This book is part romance, part suspense and part horror which is all the things that I would never have placed together on my to read list Yet here I am, one psycho adventure later marvelling at what a stunningly written book Into the Arms of Madness is The story line follows the romance of newlyweds Todd and Bridget as they deal with the long hidden fantasy world that Todd is deeply entrenched in Struggling to separate what is real and what is fantasy, Bridget has to deal with the likelihood that Todd may be hiding a murder that he committed in his fantasies All the while, Todd has hidden his secret proclivities up until the honeymoon and has to deal with how to get his wife s understanding and draw her into his world This book is so left field from the typical lovey dovey romance novel yet it deals with the same core issues that we can all relate to, how far will one go for love s sake and does love truly conquer all As you read the book you are struck by the different facets of the characters, both the good and the downright ugly which underline the fact that people are never totally honourable or bad but rather are a mix of characteristics that test your ability to love them even when you see their ugly side I found myself willing Bridget to keep believing in the strength of their love yet at the same time, I could not predict which way the plot would twist so I couldn t totally believe in Todd myself I kept vacillating between wanting her to keep trusting in Todd and wishing I could yank her out of the whole situation all together The author truly had me going until the very end This is one psychological thriller that is not only a must read but it is a page turner that kept drawing me back to keep reading every time I put it down Even when I couldn tInto the Arms of Madness keep reading it, it was in my mind as a constant thought provoker about the fantasies we weave in our lives, the strengths of our relationships as well as how far I personally would truly go for love It is one of the most original plots that I have come across in a long while which was made even better by how cunningly set up and well written it was I hope to read from this author soon Sometimes you really don t know who you married That is the case in this book What would you do if on the first day of your honeymoon you found out things were not what they seem This book will keep you on the edge of your seat The storyline was a good concept although a tad weird The story lacked character development, and the ending was rushed 2 stars Not as good as I d have liked Very out there I liked the whole cabin in the woods thing I happen to really like Gothic tales and I do not want to imply that this was bad because it wasn t.I just think I d have like d it a bit without the cannibalism factor Not really my cup of tea That being said, this would make a really good movie It is m ore horror then fast moving thriller an d everybody in the story are so bizarre and creepy that if you are seeking something with a strong Gothic atmosphere and people who are up the re with the crazies of Deliverance then this is your book. ^READ BOOK ☠ Into the Arms of Madness ⇱ Love With A Dash Of Psycho In This Heart Pounding Thriller, A Newlywed Skates Out Onto Thin Ice When She Confronts Madness And Family Secrets Head OnYoung Newlyweds Todd And Bridget Are Very Much In Love Soul Mates, Embarking On Their Dream Of A Happy Ever After Life Together There S Nothing These Two Wouldn T Do For Each Other But Then, Bridget Learns Bizarre And Alarming Things About Todd And Sees An Unbelievably Frightening Side Of Him A Side That He S Felt He Had No Choice But To Keep Hidden From Her Until Their Honeymoon Todd Has High Hopes And Wants Nothing Than For Bridget To Understand And Be Part Of His WorldAs Bridget Struggles Whole Heartedly To Put Their Future Back On Track, And Their Idyllic Romance Begins Careening Further And Further Out Of Control, The Events That Unfold Will Put Their Sanity And Love For Each Other To The Ultimate TestIn A Struggle Between Love And Madness, Which One Will Prevail Into The Arms Of Madness Is A Perilous Tale That Will Keep You Locked In Its Embrace Until The Last Page