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[Download Pdf] ♗ Pink is Just a Color and so is Blue ♞ You Re A Boy Who Likes Pink Great You Like To Play With Dolls Fantastic Your Best Friend Is A Girl And She Likes To Crash Cars, Build Things, And Play Pirates Awesome Toys Are For Having Fun, Exploring And Learning About The Bigger World Forget About What S Pink And Blue And What Toys Are For Who How Else Would A Boy Decide He Wants To Be A Chef One Day How Else Might A Girl Get The Idea That She Too Could Be A Fire Fighter We Are All Different And Like Different Things What Matters Is That We Are Happy And Confident Funny And Reassuring, Pink Is Just A Color And So Is Blue Teaches Childrenand Adultsabout Acceptance, Tolerance, And Having Confidence In Who You Are The World Defined By Pink And Blue Is Becoming Out Dated, And Bhatia S Humorous Story Teaches Young Readers That They Should Be Free To Choose What They Like Without Someone Dictating What It Should Be Pink Is Just A Color And So Is Blue Will Have You Laughing, And Reminding You Of The Joy Of Life S Possibilities, While It Teaching Your Children About The Importance Of Being Themselves To Further Enrich Their Reading Experience, The Author Includes Discussion Questions And Activities For Parents And TeachersShow More Show Less This was my favorite favorite book It was really cute and rhymed The book mainly focused on a little boy who liked to play with girl toys, but he mentioned his friend Lily who was a tomboy and she had her part to help in the point of the book It reinforces the idea of pink for girls and blue for boys but in the end, they are just colors I think that this book gives reassurance to little boys and little girls who do not play within the gender means of girls to girl toys and boys to boy toys It lets them see that they are normal and that what they are doing or how they are is totally fine I loved the page with Mommy says pink is just a color like red or blue What really matters is what s deep inside of you If you look inside your heart, what would you see Just a lot of love flowing through you and me It shows that we are all the same on the inside We are all full of love and should show it On the flip side, I did not like how negative the older brother was in trying to change the little boy and how he was trying to push him into the boy norms of playing with boy toys or doing only boy things There are two pages in the end of the book One states history and interesting facts on young children playing outside of the gender norms of society gives and the dynamic change in gender roles This shows that it has happened for years and nothing is wrong with it It is trying to normalize the role shifts The second page is a message to parents and teachers on the pink vs blue idea and how we should not live in that Times are changing and so are our children and it is perfectly okay Based on the quality checklist, it utilizes his style and language that are appropriate for the children s ages and interests The big colorful pages can really capture a child s attention and foster their engagement.This book relates to the Ten Quick Ways article via sexism Similar to Jamie is Jamie , the boys are seen as tough and can only play with boy toys The girls should be sensitive and only play with girl toys.Type of Text Poetry and Verse We won this book in a giveaway, and my daughters already love it They especially identified with the little girl playing pirate, as they too have a shelf in the play room dedicated to their pirate gear This is a great book, and one that I will recommend to their teachers It is a great teaching tool, because it encourages young children to just have fun and ignore traditional gender roles that have become associated with certain types of toys Bravo to Niki Bhatia on a wonderful children s book Wonderful book that addresses gender intolerance for both boys and girls In a terrific rhyme, Niki Bhatia writes of two brothers who are discussing what is acceptable behavior for a boy The younger brothers likes the color pink and is told that he should prefer blue better He explains that pink is alright, because even daddy wears pink shirts And so it goes, from rough housing, to sports, to the types of toys the younger boy is supposed to enjoy He explains that mom says it s okay if he prefers different things than his brother He introduces a friend who happens to be female and enjoys masculine pursuits Mommy says pink is just a colorlike red or blue What really matters is what s deep inside of you A truly thoughtful book that teaches children that labels are not necessary, and that any which way you choose is fine I loved this book.