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Stella Bellarosa, by Julie Krantz, celebrates the depth of teenage friendship and the loyalties teenagers feel towards each other Stella and Pin Pin are desperate to find a way out from the financial and cultural issues that burden them Exploring the reasoning behind Stella s reactions and attitudes and her conflicting emotions allows the reader to unravel, or at least see differently, other teenage behaviours which adults view as irrational and self destructive Parents will empathise with Stella s father whose powerful but unyielding force in Stella s life crumbles as he falls into despair This important story is well portrayed through JG Krantz s command of the dialogues and speech patterns which underpin the different cultures and the way they view the world.The book ends at a turning point in the girls lives The reader will be hanging out for the next book, to find which dreams are lost and what the girls do to rescue their situations Again, many adult readers will be re living the highs and lows of parenthood. I received a complimentary copy of this book from goodreads first reads.A great work The characters are on point and easily relate able I found that it did not take a whole lot of time to read this book and even less time to fall in love with it My children really enjoyed the era and style of the writing. Copy received from author for an honest review This book was adorable I honestly don t think I knew what I was getting into when I started reading, but man it was worth the time spent As a parent of a middle school aged son, I swear at points with Stella I felt like I was getting a birds eye view into his brain So I gotta thank her for that Other times, I felt that she might have been in my head with some of the things she thought but didn t come right out and say It made this book even entertaining for me It s laugh out loud funny, but also serious at parts because when she sits and really thinks, Stella shows a lot maturity than some of the adults I know Her friendship with Pin was touching and makes me long for the way things were when I was that age I enjoyed it immensely This is a book that is fun for all ages, but you gotta remember going in that you re stepping into the brain of a middle school girl, but once you re there, enjoy the ride because it s a fantastic one I was disappointed after the first 100 pages in this book, but that s because I was expecting her to go all radio active or something and save the world from ultimate doom That sadly did not happen Even though I was expecting a marvel type story this book is really good Its definitely not what I usually read since it didn t have any dragons, but its very well written and kept me entertained despite the lack of mythical creatures I would recommend this book for elementary and over This isn t a book you end up laughing out loud to It is a very good coming of age story and shows kids just how bad stealing, done by you or a friend, never turns out good. YAWherein teenagers learn stealing is not such a good idea All kinds of things happen from stealing a wallet and trying to return it undetected The end result teens learn a lesson and the families get a little closer A moral story geared for teens with a pleasant ending.Stella is an Italian immigrant and her best friend Pin Pin is a Chinese immigrant Their immigrant status flavors the whole story. I wanted to love this book And by the end, I liked it a lot But I felt the first two thirds of the book were rambling and often disconnected Stella s voice doesn t always ring true, and at times she seems both older and younger than her stated age I also had a bit of trouble with the stereotypes of Chinese immigrants I understand Stella letting us know how she and her family feel at first, but some of the depictions of Ping and her family seem unnecessarily overdone That said, Ms Krantz has a fine ear for dialogue and a lovely way with description down to the tiniest details. Stella, the drama queen, and Pin Pin the naive, wallow in trouble they bring on themselves New Yorkers might relate to their problems and YA might find their adventures very amusing Not for everyone. Great book for middle grades fun, funny, serious. (READ DOWNLOAD) ¹ Stella Bellarosa ⚝ A Wallet, A Thief, And A Brilliant Plan What Can Possibly Go Wrong At Least That S What Stella Thinks When She Urges Pin Pin To Return The Stolen Wallet Until She Gets Caught With The Goods, That Is, And All Heaven, Hell And Whatever S In Between Breaks Loose, Forcing The BFFs To Hit The Road Tag Along As Stella And Pin Pin Ditch Little Italy For Midtown Manhattan, All The While Battling Archrival Angie Como For The Title To SOHO S Annual Food Drive, Their Ticket To Regis Academy A Posh High School For Girls, Hidden Far, Far Away In The Catskills Oh La La, For The Chance To Leave Home For Good Problem Is The Road Isn T Much Safer Than Home, Especially When The Runaways Attract The Attention Of Police, Museum Officials And Worst Of All Stella S Unforgiving Father Also Pitted Against Their Extravagant Dreams Is The Threat Of Pin And Her Family S Deportation, Including Baby Sister, Audrey, Who Lies At The Heart Of This Quirky Coming Of Age Novel STELLA BELLAROSA, A Serious MG With A Funny Bone