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A charming tale with a mythological flavor about friendship, bravery and good conquering evil Princess Harmonie is a bringer of peace and love but when she is almost kidnapped by her evil war loving siblings, the children of Ares, she has to go and live with Princess Coral, the daughter of Neptune, in an underwater kingdom off the coast of Hawaii Princess Coral and her three little friends have special powers over earth, wind, air and water Together they take care of Harmonie and learn to look after each other and the environment They have wonderful adventures like riding on dolphins and sliding down rainbows, and overcoming a bullying shark But can they protect Harmonie if the children of Ares catch up to her if Harmonie does not share a secret she is keeping in order to protect her brother I bought it to read to my friend s six year old whom I was babysitting last night and we both thoroughly enjoyed it If I had a daughter of my own, I would definitely buy a hardcopy version for the beautiful illustrations. P J La Rue has written a great children s book that would be a great addition to any youngster s collection of favorite stories Set in Hawaii and filled with great characters, a variety of timeless values and themes are presented and handled very adroitly La Rue s imagination jumps off the page and I can t imagine a young child, or parent for that matter, who won t enjoy and appreciate what the author has created This is the sort of book that gets kids reading and keeps them looking for great stories as they get a bit older It is also, like other children s classics, the type of book they will remember fondly and perhaps read to their own children down the road. Harmonie and Eros are teenage sister and brother living in New York City One day a group of teenagers on a subway platform attempt to kidnap Harmonie Mysteriously, they bear the same tattoo as her brother on their arm Eros reveals a family secret They are children of Ares, the god of war, whose children are tattooed at one year old Most of the children of Ares strive to make life difficult for others, but he is the god of love and Harmonie is the goddess of peace Their mother, the goddess Aphrodite, whisked Harmonie away before the age of one and gave her to Eros for protection Eros is determined to safeguard her and tells her they must now live apart to avoid detection.Eros has arranged for his sister to live in Hawaii She will live and go to school with four princesses Each have special powers derived from one of the four elements, earth, air, water and fire This new group of five decide to call themselves the Mystic Princesses Alongside the traditional school subjects, they are taught self defense by Sandi Swordfish In the afternoon the girls practice their individual powers, always on the watch for their enemies, children of Ares.Sure enough, Ares was getting impatient his children find their way to Hawaii They cause much damage around Coral s reef castle Her parents King Neptune and Queen Pearl decide that all the princesses must move for their own safety Their next adventure will take them to New Orleans where they will live with Princess Catie and her parents What new adventures await them This early chapter book is perfect for children ages six through ten It does not portray wimpy princesses, but strong, respectful and independent female role models involved in many adventures in which they learn to overcome their weaknesses, act against bullying, and cooperate with friends and family to promote human welfare and peace Short chapters interspersed with illustrations will maintain interest if the book is read aloud for younger children Introduce your little princess to this one. The beautiful cover of The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool suggests that this is a romantic fantasy, especially aimed at girls I began reading about the adventures of Harmonie with this expectation, only to discover that PJ LaRue has created a story with a BIG difference She has cleverly interwoven life lessons into the action and done this in an easy to understand way, perfect for young children.The Princesses have exciting adventures, as shown in the excellent illustrations I ve always wanted to ride a dolphin and be able to breathe underwater They also attend Minnows School, a place that has some amazing teachers, whose skills I won t give away here Although I will give a special mention to Clever Clam, my dream history teacher While all this excitement is taking place, themes of care for the environment, learning to work as a team and thoughtful decision making underpin the main events Plus two major hot topics, central to the lives of all children, dealing with bullying and speaking up about secrets that should not be kept The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool is a confidence boosting book for children, giving them important information It is the first in a series and I look forward to reading about Harmonie and her friends. The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool by P J LaRue ReadYourWorld 2018a Multicultural Children s Book Day MCBD Review You can see the review on my website here story unfolds in a metro station in New York where young brother Eros saves his sister Harmonie from being abducted by a group of tattooed teens It is only now that Harmonie finds out about their well kept family secret they are the children of Ares and Aphrodite and, like all of their other brothers and sisters whom they ve never met yet , have special powers But unlike their bad tempered, angry siblings, Eros and Harmonie are, respectively, the god of love and the goddess of peace.To keep his sister safe, Eros decides to secretly send her to Hawaii to live with princess Coral, daughter of King Neptune, in an underwater castle.Here comes my favourite part of the story when we discover that, in Hawaii, Princess Coral and her three friends are Mystic Princesses they have special powers over earth, wind, air and water The princesses are happy to look over Harmonie and together they practice their special powers They have wonderful adventures like riding on dolphins, sliding down rainbows as well as fighting a bullying shark Princess Coral has powers over the sea and can help her friends breathe under water Princess Janna can control the land and its animals and therefore turn herself and her friends into flowers Princess Catie has powers over air and can make rainbow slides as well as turn herself and her friends into birds Princess Breanna has powers over fire and can turn her friends into candlelight and create fireballs as a weapon Together, the girls feel strong and ready to protect one another as well as Harmonie from the malevolent Children of Ares.Of course, the Mystic Princesses do get to use their emerging powers in a real battle as they defend Harmonie from the Children of Ares and this scene was another one of my favourite parts of the story.You can only wonder what s next for the Mystic Princesses.This book reminded me of The Powerpuff Girls and of the Legends of Olympus as it deals with young girls with superpowers and such mythological characters as Ares, god of war, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, Neptune, king of the sea and even Mother Nature.So much to learn for your girlsBy reading The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool the girls will learn that they are stronger if they stay united they learn the importance of practice that over confidence has its own undesired consequences as well as the importance of not keeping a secret that can save someone s life And most of all they learn the importance of look after each other and the environment The Mystic Princesses are lovely role models for young girl readers especially when they decide to talk through their differences as opposed to arguing.I received an eBook copy of this book from the Author. This story first starts out with Harmonie and her brother Eros They are running from the Children of Ares who want to use them to help starts wars Fleeing to Hawaii, Harmonie is introduced to her new friends and protectors four princesses They each get have special powers to help protect and now they will learn how to use them in order to protect Harmonie They form The Mystic Princesses.This story will have a young childs mind running rampant with imagination So many interesting things going on and with vivid illustrations A very cool story to read. Power, mystery, peace, and love Earth, wind, air, and water Thrilling adventures of fearless magical princesses who have power that can help others.What could be exciting than going on great adventures beneath the ocean and meeting brave, powerful princesses Princess Harmonie, Princess Coral, Princess Catie, Princess Janna, and Princess Breanna Reading The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool, children will easily connect to the mystical characters living in the ocean.Written in a mysterious style, the story takes children on a fascinating trip from New York to Hawaii and inside the underwater kingdom In this vibrant book, written by P J LaRue, the magical princesses rule the ocean They have power they just must learn how to use it properly The author beautifully describes the life of mysterious characters and the nature around them Traveling through the story, children will easily fall in love with loving Princess Harmonie and her brother Eros, symbolizing peace and love They will also meet the mystifying Children of Ares, who are after Princess Harmonie and her brother Eros, and follow Princess Coral and her friends inside the ocean.Each princess has different power, but the young girls must combine their power so they can protect Princess Harmonie, who needs their help Taking children to the underwater kingdom, the author gracefully connects them to nature and the ocean Reading this exciting story, readers will feel as if they are riding on the playful Daring Dolphin or getting away from Scary Shark.The story captured my attention from the beginning and kept it to the last page I enjoyed knowing the daring princesses, who courageously protect their friend and each other This is a lovely book about meaningful friendship, kindness, and caring The illustrations are vivid and creative, and any child will love them There are also a few great lessons underlined in this book This book is great for young readers, who have a great imagination for the colorful tales and will love the princesses, nature, and ocean. &DOWNLOAD ⇯ The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool ⇰ This Edition Is Out Of Print And The Ebook Is No Longer On Sale A Second Edition Will Be Available Approximately May , Judge, Writer S Digest, St Annual Self Published Book Awards Uniquebelievableclever STAR Review By Kelly Santana For Readers Favoritehttp Readersfavorite Book RevieThe Mystic Princesses And The Whirlpool, By P J LaRue, Is A Tale Of Four Princesses, Gifted With Elemental Powers Air, Water, Earth And Fire They Have The Task Of Protecting The Princess Of Peace Princess Harmonie In This Adventure, The God Of War, Ares, Sends His Five Children To Capture Princess Harmonie In An Attempt To Protect His Sister, Eros Sends Princess Harmonie To A Kingdom In The Island Of Hawaii Where The Mystic Princesses Are Located Each One Of The Mystic Princesses Gets Permission From King Neptune And Queen Pearl To Develop Their Skills Princess Coral, A Merson, Is The Water Element Princess Janna Is The Earth Element Princess Catie Is The Air Element And Princess Breanna Is The Fire Element Now, With A Big Responsibility Ahead Of Them, They Get Together To Work On Their Skills And Learn Important Life LessonsThe Mystic Princesses And The Whirlpool Has A Delightful Plot P J LaRue Uses Mythological Characters To Tell A Lively Story Of Bravery And Friendship The Story Of Princesses With Special Powers, Who Work On Their Skills And Learn The Ropes To Protect A Friend And Bring Peace To The World, Is Appealing The Book Teaches Important Lessons On Strengths And Weaknesses, Conservation And Safety The Mystic Princesses And The Whirlpool Has Colorful Illustrations And The Characters Are Captivating I Liked That Ms LaRue Used Her Travelling Experiences To Develop The Story In Different Places This Is The First Book In The Mystic Princesses Series, And I Cannot Wait For The Next Princesses Adventure To Come Young Girls Will Love The Mystic Princesses Adventure On Their Bedside TableAuthor S Book Summary Princess Harmonie, The Daughter Of Aphrodite, Makes People Feel Peaceful Her Life In New York Is Disrupted When The War God, Ares, Demands That His Five Warrior Children Capture Her So They Can Fight And Cause Wars Princess Harmonie Must Give Up All That She Loves, Including Her Beloved Brother, Eros, Move To Hawaii, And Live With Her New Protectors, Whom She Doesn T Even Know Together, The Five Girls Are The Mystic Princesses, And They Learn They Have Inherited Powers From Their Mythological Parents Along The Way, The Mystic Princesses Learn Life Lessons In Personal Safety, Trust, Keeping Secrets That Could Cause Harm And Stopping Bullies But Will The Princesses Learn How To Use Their Powers In Time To Protect Princess Harmonie From The Children Of Ares, When Their Hiding Place Is Discovered Talk about sibling rivalry Princess Harmonie and her brother Eros have it worse than anyone For they are two of the seven children of Aphrodite and Ares Aphrodite has given Harmonie over to Eros to look after, and Ares has commanded the other five to hunt down these two and capture Harmonie With her out of the way, they can wage war, a favorite pastime of theirs.Harmonie has to leave her brother and the New York she loves, and ends up in the Hawaiian Islands Here she is protected by the daughter of Neptune, Princess Coral, and three other princesses from other parts of the world These four have elemental powers, those of earth, wind, air, and water They must practice these powers and learn how to use them Each princess learns early on that being overconfident and not training can lead to serious trouble, not only for themselves, but for their friends.The summer goes wonderfully well, and so does school when summer ends The princesses have terrific teachers and learn very important lessons One lesson in particular saves their lives when they arrive home and find something suspiciously wrong I found this book, geared for 5 10 year olds, to be a lot of fun I can see little girls really enjoying it, whether they are reading it or having it read to them Graciela Arnold s illustrations are perfect for the story simple, bright, and happy The book has a very easily understood lesson help those in need, be prepared for anything, and do not be so overconfident in your abilities that you actually cause others to be in danger.The ending leaves room for a sequel, and I hope there will be one Ms LaRue is a splendid writer I received a free copy of THE MYSTIC PRINCESSES AND THE WHIRLPOOL for review, and I am so glad I did.I m at the give me grandchildren phase of life, and this book will be at the top of the list for bedtime stories PJ LaRue has written an unexpectedly meaningful children s story, filled with beautiful imagery and age friendly prose however, it goes beyond that.In the pages of this book, you ll find such life lessons as refusing to keep secrets that will hurt others respecting the environment which, as an environmentalist, I appreciated very much fighting is always the last resort and families can form in strange ways yet the loyalties there can be as tenacious as any blood bond can be.And my favorite those who are landlocked at are a serious disadvantage.I picture reading this to my grandchildren, and I can t wait Ms LaRue I hope you re working on Book Two Five stars.The Mystic Princesses and the WhirlpoolUpdate I purchased the paperback, because children s books need to be held in your hands I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of this book Everything from the fonts to the fleurons to the vivid colors is beautifully, professionally done Even the size of the book itself is just right for reading it to with a child who is sitting on your lap.Tucking it away for the grandchildren, and looking forward to collecting the series Bravo, Ms LaRue