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In her newest book, Dreaming My Animal Selves, imparted in both English and French, poet and actress H l ne Cardona opens for humanity a vision of our place within creation, our deepest memory, and the divine mystery that surrounds us at all times Fully embracing this openness in each word and verse that flows across the pages, in poems arising from her being An openness that will transform our own perceptions of how we are so closely interconnected with one another, the world, and creation itself.With a master artist s hand, the poet paints for the viewer images as vivid as any painting by Van Gogh or Chagall, drawing upon their images of light and purity that unveil the beauty before us, arising from the hidden in between thin places where we feel and come to know life fully She helps us to see beyond our normal everyday vision, into an astonishing world that is surrounded by beauty and light, understanding both in the mystery of a single moment Her words reclaim for us the perfect sight found within our own imaginations and spiritual being, the human psyche.In reading these poems I am reminded of something a friend once told me That each artist must form a new language in every work of art they create This is true, we all speak in different tongues, and yet, it is through the voice of the human heart we come to know and be known by others and within creation Dreaming My Animal Selves captures this feeling, this divine dance in a wonderful choreography of words and images.http saintjulianpress.com dreaming This luminous poetry carries readers into the world of dreams, where animals bear mythic surprises and the rhythm of the rain reveals the hidden language of the universe. [Free Ebook] ☧ Dreaming My Animal Selves / Le Songe de mes Âmes Animales ♎ Dreaming My Animal Selves Is An Intriguingly Surreal Journey Through Myth, Legend, Fantasy, And All Guided By A Shape Shifting Narrator Searching Far And Wide For Cosmic Unity Within The Discontinuous Landscape Of Dream And The Dreamy, Fragmented Quality Of The Everyday World The Dual Language Text English And French Works To Heighten The Narrator S Shifting Perceptions, Symbol By Symbol, Vision By VisionWinner Of The USA Best Book Award In Poetry, The Pinnacle Book Award For Best Bilingual Poetry Book, And The Reader S Favorite Book Award In Poetry International Book Awards And Julie Suk Award In Poetry Finalist H L NE CARDONA is the atom split in half that gave us flowers Her poetry is pregnant with ebrious dreams of animal selves sewn into paper, into the delving poets, and into the veil of Jung The fabaceous pillow she must dream from, that grows alongside the childlike helix of scalary mysticism the translation of clouds from the ground, from Earth s pillow.When you meet a poet like H L NE, in part you meet the ghost of Anna Akhmatova, who whispered Requiem into the saxicolous minds of mankind She breaks the rocks in half by the water of her poetry The dream state of such a poet is galvanic to the Ether, and her gentle ocean self is the anchor that haunts the bottom H L NE is the particle unlost, and the atoms of her poetry are flowers that last This book will unravel the zenith, and the celestial spheres we call dreams She is the atom split in half that gave us flowers.Alan Patrick TraynorDublin, 2013 When I first read this book I thought to myself what a great book of poetry that she wrote here and then I decided to go through it again, one story at a time It was only then that I realised that every single story were linked, as a whole story by itself, between the realms of dreams and expectations of life It s been a while since I haven t read such a poetry that powerful cause not only Helene allows ourselves to get into her magic words, but also she puts her guts out there, telling about a world that she saw, feared or dreamed of At many levels it reminds me of the same poetry power that have the books La grammaire est une chanson douce by Erik Orsenna or The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerl f It is a beautiful book, and if you re looking for something to read that would put you in differents mood that would make you heart goes faster or asked yourself about dreams, then you should read it May you enjoy. EDITORIAL REVIEWS liminal, mystical and other worldly This is a poet who writes in a rare light David Mason, poet laureate of Colorado and author of The Buried Houses winner of the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize and The Country I Remember winner of the Alice Fay Di Castagnola Award In this extraordinary volume of soul crafted poetry, words become wands to enchant and evoke our better angels Jean Houston, Ph.D., world renowned mythologist, philosopher, author of The Wizard of Us and Mystical Dogs an intriguingly surreal journey through myth, legend, fantasy, and a book centered in joy, rooted firmly in the wild landscape of the imagination Brian Turner, winner of the Beatrice Hawley Award, author of Here, Bullet and Phantom Noise Here is the work of one moving from geography to geography, tongue to tongue, and into singular metaphysical experiences that change like her animal companions at once imaginary, wistful, and often rapturous Willis Barnstone, author of The Restored New Testament Taking her queue from Rilke, she has captured dreams in a diglottism of the soul, a literary isthmus of heliotrope and honeysuckle to arrive at a point of insight where we are all enriched Thomas McCarthy, winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award, author of The Last Geraldine Officer, Merchant Prince, and Mr Dineen s Careful Parade New and Selected Poems Having been astonished some years ago by Cardona s The Astonished Universe English and French Edition , and then reading some of her latest poems in the THRUSH Poetry Journal, I eagerly awaited the release of this new book It did not disappoint There is a reason the first word of the title is dreaming These lucid poems transcend, off the page, into your mind, through a vessel influenced by Blake and Rilke but owned completely by Cardona and her lovely lyrical constructions, loose though threaded tightly Way back when in college I took a seminar on Blake s imagery I d come out of the class feeling as if I just had a hallucinogenic trip, though very safe and comfortable, produced by literature, not by manufactured drugs I felt that my doors of perception, had been cleansed at least to some degree each week To some extent, such was my experience after first reading Dreaming My Animal Selves.After she announced at the beginning of the book that the poems were first written in English, and then translated by herself into French, for some reason I was surprised that the French translation came first en face before the English, but I discovered this to be an ingenious placement, as by almost being forced, in a kind way, to read at least glimpses of the French I know very little of that language, though my Spanish helps your perceptions are already released from their current corridors, a catalyst within Cardona s chemistry that helps create the dream like sensations you feel It should be noted that Cardona is a dream interpreter, one of the many different talents and occupations Cardona holds, and this book is truly a tapestry of dreams which enchant you But the book is than just phosphorescent , translucent dreams and illusions, and the passages to them It is about consciousness, too It is about the power of place It is about ancestral roots It is about the strength that grows from pursing discovery It is all about the simple beautiful experience the reader enjoys following the enchanting lyrics and their subliminal power that carry you on a voyage from the beginning of the book to the end Finally, one of the main themes of this book simply seems to be, to me at least, the principles of pure joyfulness And reading these poems is truly joyous. If writer Lewis Carroll is the creator of Wonderland, where animals and an inquisitive young lady named Alice magically transform, then H l ne Cardona is his counterpart in poetry In her new collection by Salmon Poetry, Dreaming My Animal Selves Le Songe de mes mes Animales, Cardona enchants the reader with delightful kingdoms of animals, dreams, remembrance, and transformations Do you remember a language older than time, when a shiver down my mother s spine was worth a thousand words and the melancholy in my father s eyes, reflecting Lake Geneva, was indecipherable There unbeknownst to me in a world inhabited by swans, I too swim in concentric circles to find the resonance of my core and discover that in dreaming lies the healing of earth In dreaming we travel to a place where all is forgiven In dreaming is the Divine created From the Heart with Grace 12 24 H l ne Cardona is a renaissance unto herself writer, actress, mistress of language she captures her journey beautifully as she lives her global experiences on the page, giving her readers an escape into the magic of her world In Dreams Like Water, she writes I trace patterns in dreams through beings disguised undone like particles broken apart revealing pieces of me I pursue elusive sleep in the hope to heal mishaps the last chance to anchor my boat 1 7 Cardona believes a close relationship and study of animals restores the soul The reader is introduced to swans, turtles, herons, and a colt flown through her window There is an isle where A winged hare offers a turtle with ancient markings, and a statuesque sleek crane, whispers Isle of the Immortals 4 5 15 Dreaming My Animal Selves Le Songe de mes mes Animales, is an enchanting and elegant read Cardona charms her reader with the other worlds where animals guide the psyche in realms of dreams. The short poem, Dreams Like Water, which introduces H l ne Cardona s compelling new poetry collection, Dreaming My Animal Selves Salmon Poetry, 2013 , sets out her main poetic theme in just seven, succinct lines She will trace and reveal patterns through beings disguised her imagined, imaginative animal selves in a desire to unify the disparate parts of the psyche and give it safe, spiritual anchorage Hers is a quest for healing and wholeness in a dreaming sleep.And one cannot help but be astonished at how many separate strands there are to Cardona s own biographical self Her mother was part Greek, part Irish her father is Spanish and a distinguished poet too She has lived all over Europe and America, and is fluent in six languages as she writes in her poem Dancing the Dream I am the wandering child She is or has been an equestrian, dancer, dream analyst, astrologer, yoga practitioner, translator, interpreter, pianist, scholar, assistant professor and actress Many different selves, indeed.Cardona s own life and background, therefore, are as protean as the shape shifting nature of her poems, and her physical life and soul life weave themselves seamlessly together through the symbols and mythologies in her poetry.You can detect all kinds of influences here Romanticism, Surrealism, Freudian and Jungian psychology, the mysticism of Rumi and Blake, Gnosticism, the Yeatsian Celtic Twilight yet the poetic and soulful path she follows is uniquely her own This is shamanic poetry, poetry as magic, poetry as a gateway to the unconscious and to the dream world, liminal poetry that state of in betweenness where even objects seem alive, to do with light and looking pure , poetry as alchemy, poetry as healing.In the early poems of the collection she recalls her childhood her mother a shiver down my mother s spine was worth a thousand words and her father the melancholy in my father s eyes, reflecting Lake Geneva, was indecipherable and her connection with books and fairy tales, which created for her an elfin world.She tries to protect a firm identity I remain a thistle, resilient, rooted in Mediterranean Celtic fringe , yet at the same time she is insubstantial, chameleon, excavated like a talisman from wreckage This split a dualism both individual and part of the universal human condition resolves itself in her dreams, her soul voyages, her morphing animal selves I discover that in dreaming lies the healing of earth In dreaming we travel to a place where all is forgiven This is the place of the Magician , of the Divine , of the Immortals a place where experience is cellular In our normal state we re not able to perceive, that s why I think the dead know Dreaming My Animal Selves is a collection of poems which deserves to be widely available and widely read It s certainly one I ll read over and over, and will appeal to spiritual seekers and lovers of mysticism everywhere The ultimate aim is reverence for the universe The ultimate aim is love for life The ultimate aim is harmony within oneself From Isle of the Immortals by H l ne Cardona.Robert WilkinsonEditor of the poetry magazine, The Passionate Transitory Dreaming My Animal Selves by Helene Cardona is a meandering , meditative journey into the very essence of nature Refreshing and rejuvenating the soul with her gently flowing words and dreams the final lines in her poem Pathway to Gifts epitomizes this feeling The dream opens forgotten realms of creation I think that s what time is A book certainly to treasure.