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Lola Goes To Work by Marsha GoldmanThis audio book is about Lola, a therapy dog who has to go to school so she can learn how to take care of others.Obey rules, even though she was very small but she wanted to be a special dog.Talks of who she is able to visit while she is working, comforting them Explanation of what therapy dogs do is included.I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD Braille Audio Reading Device. What a touching story about a little dog that some thought was too small to be a therapy dog I loved the photographs that chronicled Lola s journey to becoming a certified therapy dog. [Free] ♄ Lola Goes to Work ☰ Meet Lola, A Little Terrier With A Big Job Children Will Identify With The Feisty Lola As She Struggles Going To School, Passing Tests, And Finally Achieving Her Big Dog Dream If Lola Can Make It In A World Of Great Danes And Labradors, So Can Anybody Who S Feeling Like A Runt Teacher Guide For Empathy Curriculum In Back Of Book, Additional Material On Creston And Author Website Yorkshire terrier Lola doesn t spend her days lolling around the house waiting for her human companions to come home No, instead, she is a therapy dog who visits those who need to spend time with a friendly dog In order to become a therapy dog, she had to undergo training and pass a test The text and photographs make it clear that this dog may be tiny, but she has plenty of heart Not only is this simple story touching, but it s downright inspiring I had no idea that little dogs could do so much good. Lola is a little yorkie with a big heart She had big dreams when she grew up, she wanted to become a therapy dog Most therapy dogs are bigger dogs, but Lola was determined she could be a good therapy dog She went to school, learned all of the things that make for good therapy dogs and with her hard work, she passed the test In her little red scarf, Lola goes off to work to cheer up the sick, visit children in schools and even listen to a few books The bright cheery photos of Lola will melt your heart This is a cute, sweet book that can be an early reader book The endnotes feature information about therapy dogs, teacher information and about the author and Lola s owner. A good introduction for the littles to explain what a therapy dog does It has examples of going to school. Thanks to Netgalley.com and Creston Books for early access to this title.3 1 2 stars Cute little book This story documents Lola the Yorkshire Terrier s attempt to become a therapy dog The photos are nice, and show how much work is involved in passing the therapy dog tests Lola couldn t be cuter Its a nice story which will help children see that they can become anything they want, even if its difficult and they are small. Emma loved this one Lola is an adorable Yorkie so of course Emma loved it What I liked is the basic information about a therapy dog with some decent photos though in all honesty some aren t great especially the training ones As a librarian with a therapy dog reading program, there were some good images with the dogs and books, and a page that has a good quote for reading with dogs Finally, how can you not love a book that fake quotes Lassie and Spot the dog on the back cover 5 stars for Lola I don t usually review Children s Books but I ve decided that I really need to start downloading for my kids.This is an absolutely adorable book My kids LOVED this one Lola is a Yorkshire Terrier that trains to be a therapy dog It s her big dream and it comes true The pictures in this book are SO stinkin cute I swear, Lola looks as though she is smiling in every picture Bravo, Ms Goldman This book is a hit at our house Such a sweet story about a little dog that has a big heart to help others ARC graciously provided by Creston Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review And to Samantha Lien who helped me download the ebook without any problems Thank you I was given a beanie Lola at ILA19 so I thought I should check out her book Cute