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I like to think that I am quite well read and that I know A LOT about health So when I got this book, I thought that there was not much I could learn I was honestly surprised Rath translates a tremendous amount of research into actionable steps that we can adapt Rath doesn t guilt us or scare us into adapting a healthier lifestyle he gives us the research base and provides helpful reasonable realistic tips on how to live life healthier and hopefully, longer And while we probably cannot do healthy things 100% of the time, the book gives us specific steps many of them simple that we can hopefully turn into habits and increase our wellbeing a little at a time I especially appreciated the accompanying website eatmovesleep.org It has a Reference Explorer where the 400 studies and articles that Rath references in the book are listed and linked I was also able to create my personalized action plan and got my 30 day challenge with each day having a couple of health challenges to do Short read, big impact. Eat, Move, Sleep is a highly readable, very inspiring book about taking charge of one s health But it s not a book that exhort its reader to make a total overall to how they normally do things It is a much practical approach for those readers who want to know which lifestyle changes they can make that will have the greatest impact In other words If I can only change start with one or two things, which will help me the most The main premise of the books is this Many diet and exercise plans talk only about diet or exercise This book links 3 key themes of eating well, being active in large and small ways throughout the day, and getting enough sleep Each of these areas reinforces the other Therefore, each chapter takes a different approach to eating, moving, and getting the right amount of sleep for example, as they relate to work, home, or setting a routine.Rath bases his recommendations of reviews of scientific research, which he quickly summarizes and then spends time describing why and how readers can apply this information Even though I work in the healthcare field and practice fairly healthy habits, I found myself highlighting and noting ways in which I can already and have already made modifications to my daily routine and am feeling the improvement already.Overall, I was impressed with the big ideas and the small details of this book The only area that I found lacking was from an organizational perspective In some chapters, I had difficulty understanding why the 3 items were grouped together under each heading I always found the information valuable, but in a few instances, found that the groupings felt forced That aside, this was a dynamic read while also being grounded in research and wrapped in a highly motivating tone I strongly recommend this book for people at any stage of making changes to improve their health Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in order to provide this review Please know that my opinion is my own. Mr Tom Rath has organized this book about healthy living into the following three categories 1 Eat Our diet 2 Move Exercise 3 Sleep How many hours each night Mr Rath has spent many years researching these topics and has presented the information in a fascinating and scholarly book about the food we eat, our daily exercise and sleep habits.The author believes the right choices over time will greatly improve our odds for a long and healthy life The problem is, we can t see the threat small daily decisions pose in the moment Small decisions about how you eat, move, and sleep count than you think.Each chapter includes three findings and concludes with three ideas for how you can apply these discoveries in your life The author suggests that the readers use the resources in this book to start a 30 day challenge to learn new and healthier habits.I discovered this book at a time when I really needed to make improvements in my health and lifestyle habits I have gained weight, I am not exercising as much as I once did and my sleep habits have been sporadic.Here are some things that I learned in this book that will help me get back on a healthier track 1 Exercise is not enough Being active throughout the day is what keeps you healthy Sitting than six hours a day greatly increases your risk of an early death Limit yourself to two hours of seated television a day 2 When you want to do your best work, sleep longer Missing sleep can change the trajectory of an entire week Wake up at the same general time every day to keep your internal clock on track 3 Ask yourself if the next food you put in your mouth is a net gain or a net loss Sugar is the next nicotine It fuels diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer Get most of your protein from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish or white meats Always eat the healthiest food first 4 When it comes to beveragesstick with coffee, tea and water.I am very glad that I had the opportunity to read this book I think the one thing that impressed me the most was the importance of frequent MOVEMENT during the day I highly recommend this book Small choices really can make a big difference I would rename this book, Guilt, Guiltier, Guiltiest Instead of being an inspiration to eat right, move and sleep better I found this to be a depressing slap on the wrist that no matter how much you try it won t be enough Because of a rare genetic condition the author, Tom Rath, is acutely aware of diet and lifestyle on health and longevity There s no doubt that he is passionate about his subject and dedicated to living as he preaches However, the message to me was that unless you want to survive on tofu, broccoli, almonds and flax milk you re doomed One poor meal and your destiny is casted and, I m still trying to visualize someone eating just three hash browns The message is, You don t get healthier by simply trying to eat better in general I, for one, want credit for every effort.Each of the 30 chapters covers a reason or technique for eating, moving and sleeping This organization leads to much repetitive material The total sleep information could have been organized into much less space with effectiveness Continual harping does not stimulate change A multitude of studies are cited but we know that you can find a study on these subjects that will back about any hypothesis One day caffeine will kill us, the next week we re told we need at least two cups a day Isn t there some reward in moderation I was eager to read this book, sincerely wanting motivation and ideas for healthier living Instead it made me feel defeated, so why try I may try to eat broccoli and rethink the carbs in a slice of toast but I m not switching to flax milk I guess I m doomed Written by an active, happy 70 year old This ARC was provided by the publishers, Missionday and netgalley.com. You know those health books that are full of statistics, research, percentages, numbers, and guilt ridden chapters Well, rest easy Tom Rath has written a book that won t make you feel like a complete fat and lazy sloth A normal non scientist could pick up this book, read it, and actually put it into practice Rath has organized his book into 30 short chapters to ideally be read one chapter a day with one suggestion involving, eating better, moving , and sleeping better.Rath starts off the introduction with the reason he cares about eating, moving, and sleeping If you are a person that skips the introduction in books I would strongly suggest you read the introduction of this book, it will set the scene for the rest of the book His introduction also says, Let me be clear I am not a doctor Nor am I an expert on nutrition, exercise physiology, or sleep disorders I am just a patient I also happen to be a researcher and voracious reader who loves to extract valuable finders and share them with friends Perhaps, this book is such an easy read because Rath is not a doctor so it s like a friend forwarding you an e mail he read about the importance of sleep.The body of the book is stellar but what makes a regular book great is when there s a next step after you finish The book s website www.eatmovesleep.org gives you the resources to create a personalized plan based on your needs and behaviors, you also have access to the Research Explorer for links to over 400 journals, books, and articles for further study on something you read in the book, and lastly you can download the challenge to start an Eat Move Sleep movement in your house or office.Perhaps non scientists should write health books.Thanks to MissionDay Publishers and Net Galley for allowing me to review this book. This book was surprisingly boring I don t really think of myself as a health conscious person, but apparently I read a lot on this topic, because I seem to already have a very solid opinion on almost everything this guy has to say Some I adamantly agree with, and some I adamantly disagree with Sleep YES Absolutely He s right Sugar is bad for you Clearly true, though I eat it anyway.But Red meat is bad and should be avoided No Every bite you take matters Screw you, guy that is not a healthy attitude I have enough perfectionism in my life already Stigmatize sinful foods OMG, don t even get me started Food is not a fucking sin At worst, it s a bad decision If you look in Leviticus, there is nothing that says anything like and thou shalt not eat brownie sundaes, for then thou shalt have a fat butt and be an abomination Eating dessert does not not make you a bad person I m convinced this whole attitude that food is something to feel guilty about causes problems than all the junk food and artificial sweeteners put together.One major problem with this book is that he cites a lot of good studies that somehow I ve already read about many times before but then draws wildly unsupported conclusions from them For example, he talks about a study that found a correlation between aggression and eating a lot of trans fat p 108 Good, but he uses it to admonish readers to avoid fat What Maybe avoid trans fat, but all fat Just a few chapters ago, he was telling us to get a lot of omega 3s Newsflash that s also fat.An especially funny one is when he cites a study where they measured people s arteries, then fed one group a meal consisting of a sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheese and three hashbrowns After eating just one poor meal, the arteries of participants in this group dilated 24 percent less than their original state This study suggests that every meal influences your body s ability to function properly p 198, emphasis the author s OMG 11one Since I m sure this was the first time these people ever ate a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, and obviously their arteries never went back to normal later, they d better be careful never to eat another one ever again This study suggests that if they ate that three times, their arteries would close up entirely Everybody ruuuuuun Less hysterically but with a similar lack of critical thinking, he rags on dried fruit It s unhealthy Look at all those carbs and sugar Um, dude, are you talking about the naturally occurring fructose that would also be found in the wet version of the same fruit, which you say is healthy Or are you actually talking about the sugar that manufacturers add to things like dates and craisins To me, those are two different animals He also claims that the nutrients are lost from fruit in the drying process no support for that claim whatsoever I m alarmed to see from the bio that this author is a science advisor to Gallup and serves in several other science related roles, because this book really seems like it should have been checked over by someone with a rudimentary understanding of science at least to the level of correlation does not imply causation From there, he goes on to commit one of my big peeves observing what works for him and concluding that s what everybody should do I agree that there are some universals Everybody needs to sleep, everybody needs to eat But just because you feel like crap after eating eggs Benedict doesn t give you the right to prescribe yolkless omelets for everyone else from now on Our bodies are different Some people can get all the nutrients they need from plant sources, some people need to eat meat Some people can t tolerate dairy products, some thrive on them Don t overgeneralize, and don t judge Overall, I think this book drags on way longer than it needs to, probably for the purpose of making it fill up a 30 day program Apparently, the book designer agreed there s a little progress bar at the bottom of each page, letting you know how much book is left to slog through Note to the book designer for print books, people can get this information just by comparing the thickness of the pages read to the thickness of the pages remaining There s no need to add a Kindle like display at the bottom Thanks though Notes p 147 Study mice genetically programmed to age rapidly Non exercising mice got frail, decrepit, gray hair, and all died in the first year Exercising mice ran on wheel 45 minutes 3x week stayed strong, didn t get gray fur, and none died in the first year I wish they had used a third group where the mice just walked, but I guess mice aren t really into that But I would be interested to know how much of the effect was from running and how much was just from moving at allchokengtitiktitikchokeng 153 The enjoyable part of a workout for most people is after they re warmed up but right before they get to ventilatory threshold the part where breathing is difficult enough that it becomes hard to talk That would explain why runners like running once you get in shape, you can spend a lot of time there if you want to It also explains why I really enjoyed Couch to 5K when I spent several weeks on each week p 154 Intense activity triggers the release of brain chemicals called endocannabinoids, which create a potent feeling of pleasure When this is tested in the lab by having people either walk or run on a treadmill for 30 minutes, running than doubles the level of endocannabinoids released in the brain Day um Eat Move Sleep TOM RATH 5 5 7 Eat Move Sleep Mindset Tom Rath Gallup 3 shelf supermarket 30 5 5 5 20 , 10,000 8,000 300 1 Eat Move Sleep mindset This book will help you live not just longer but also better Long admired for his ground breaking books on well being and workplace engagement, Tom Rath now takes on our bodies In Eat Move Sleep, Rath urges us to take small steps every day that in the long run lead to a longer length and higher quality of life To nudge us in the right direction, he has organized a virtual sea of information from the most credible scientific sources available The 30 chapters each contain one tip with rationale for each of the three critical wellness elements eating, moving, and sleeping.This small tome serves as a condensed, readable encyclopedia of the best wellness practices to date Rath makes it clear that there is no silver bullet, no short cut Our health is the reflection of what we do on a daily basis From eating colorful food, to sitting less, to sleeping , he outlines the path to longevity and daily energy Born with a rare genetic condition that predisposed him to cancerous growths, Rath himself is a living testimony to the value of these recommendations I act as if my life depends on each decision, he writes Because it does As he notes, nearly 9 out of 10 deaths are attributable to four largely preventable diseases cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease Changing simple daily habits could enable many of us to live well into our 90 s.For motivated readers, this little book is indispensable for its brevity and credibility for making positive changes I am using it like a buffet wandering through the chapters and trying the delicious idea of the day that most attracts me without overfilling my plate As a welcome innovation, the table of contents serves as a handy menu and summary of the topics and tips.Rath does not harangue us with the usual advice of fewer calories and exercise In fact, some of the evidence based tips will surprise you For example, henceforth I will commit myself to a healthy menu choice to avoid being influenced by friends who order bacon cheeseburgers with fries I will also do work standing up and take breaks from my desk My friends will no longer receive boxes of my specialty chocolate chip cookies as gifts I hope they like pistachios My PC gets unplugged at 9 30 in order to wind down and sleep better.Clearly Rath has no shortage of ideas for what habits we should change but very few suggestions for to do this successfully beyond sharing your goals with a friend However, we know that change requires than awareness, as statistics and personal experience confirm The surge in wellness and life coaching shows that many of us need someone in our corner when our commitment flags While it might take most of us years rather than thirty days to fully get with Rath s program, but it seems like a sure bet that doing so will keep us out of doctor s offices and fully engaged in our lives for a long time. . `READ PDF ↾ Eat Move Sleep ⇟ The LatestNew York Timesbestseller From Tom Rath, Featuring A New Assessment, Personalized Eat Move Sleep Plan, And A Host Of Online Tools For Individuals, Groups, And Organizations Named To Apple ITunes Best Of In Nonfiction And Health Well Written And Scrupulously Researched, This Breezy Guide Lobbies For An All Encompassing Approach To Improving One S LifestyleRath S Day Guide Is Clear And Actionable Kirkus Review