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I read BLEAGH as a 30 year old adult and found it entertaining and educational Par for the course, kids will find it easy to relate to who doesn t remember their first day of school, struggling to make friends Even so for children whose families relocate from country to country or state to state.As an adult, I also found it surprisingly relevant, as the examples Ms Doray used are commonplace An example that came to mind was Bleagh s food he eats garbage and other gross things that his classmates find unpalatable This struck me as analogous to some articles the local news recently ran regarding a family that complained about their neighbour s curry, which smelled awful to them Bleagh tackles complex issues such as tolerance with skill, grace and tact, showing both children and adults how to appreciate unfamiliar cultures and appearances. [Download] ☰ BLEAGH! A Book About Values ☨ It S BLEAGH S First Day At School Like The Other Students In His Class, BLEAGH Is Cheeky And Fun But There S One Big Difference Between Themhe S A MONSTER Will BLEAGH Be Able To Learn Important Values And Make New Friends In her book, Bleagh A Book About Values, Leana Lyn Doray uses a lighthearted and engaging story to teach children key lessons in empathy, tolerance, creativity, cooperation, appreciation, and integrity.Bleagh is nervous and a little shy Today is his first day at a new school, but the other students do their best to welcome Bleagh and try to empathize with how he must be feeling At lunchtime, Bleagh has an unusual lunch, but instead of poking fun the children ask him to describe the strange food, displaying tolerance Bleagh is a very large creature with an appetite to match so when he is still hungry the children band together and creatively find him to eat These lessons go on and on throughout the day with Bleagh learning many lessons of his own in cooperation, appreciation, and integrity Bleagh s day might have started out bleak, but he s about to get a big surprise.Bleagh opens the eyes of young readers and helps them discover the importance of living each day with values I especially like that each individual value is highlighted with a gold badge This helps to make the lesson clear so children can easily grasp each concept and demonstrate it in their own life My favorite part from the story is when Bleagh is learning about integrity and a small voice inside him began to speak, B, you know the right thing to do It may seem hard and it ll take courage, but you ll feel great about making the right choice too Even some adults struggle with integrity and by instilling its importance in all that we do children will be on the right track to live a life with values.The beautiful illustrations by Little Pink Pebble are rich in color and create a lively appeal that bring emotion to the story.I recommend picking up a copy of Bleagh A Book About Values. No points for guessing what s this book about What s amazing is that how the author has taken on such a complex topic and explained it so skillfully and in such child friendly language It s hard to believe that this is her first attempt at writing a book Now just because it s a picture book, let s not be in a haste to label it as a Children s Book , for we all know that in todays world, everybody would benefit from reading this book about values I can t wait to read the next book in the series. BLEAGH is the best kind of children s book one that moves kids of all ages, even grown ups Beautifully illustrated with bold, vibrant colors, BLEAGH tells the classic story of a new kid who desperately wants to fit in, but has a few missteps along the way.As the cover says, this is a book about values But rather than dumbing down the concept of kindness, the author explores its many dimensions in a kid friendly way, touching upon values I personally want to see of in the world empathy, creativity, tolerance, and appreciation You never truly see something till you see it s beauty, the teacher tells Bleagh I saw the beauty in this story and I m sure readers will, too This is a cute story about a creature named Bleagh who goes to a human school He learns the diffetence between right and wrong Good morals and great artwork Might be a little advanced for a younger child, but worth the read WaAR This book uses a unique approach to teach life lessons to children by engaging a monster creature named Bleagh pronounced Bleh Doray prefaces the book by giving the three definitions of bleagh 1 the name of a friendly monster who wants to make new friends, 2 the sound children make when they smell something unpleasant, and 3 the sound that a friendly monster makes At the beginning of the story, the reader meets Bleagh, a friendly but ugly homesick monster who has just arrived at school for the first time Bleagh misses his other monster friends and does not understand the language or the customs of these children who appear terrified of him Their teacher, Ms Lyn explains that the creature is not mean but afraid so they should show EMPATHY for him They do make an effort to do just that, but Bleagh terrifies them with the sounds he makes She encourages the children to show TOLERANCE, but that is very difficult to do when the creature opens stinky garbage to eat for his lunch Some of the children get the brilliant idea to give him a pile of stinky socks to eat The classroom practices COOPERATION when they all must assume different roles in a class project There are team leaders, presenters, timekeepers and illustrators When the time comes for the students to examine all their work hung on the walls, Bleagh says that one of them, looks like a baboon s backside He has the children in tears Ms Lyn says, You never truly see something till you see beauty After a few moments, Bleagh steps back and notices new colors and patterns, exclaiming, It s fantastic They all break out in applause Near the end of the day, Ms Lyn reminds them that it is time to vote for the Star Student of the day Bleagh wants to vote for himself, but decides that would be cheating So he displays INTEGRITY and votes for Ming instead There is a surprise ending that all readers will enjoy.In addition to the four highlighted virtues embedded in the story, there are spellbinding illustrations of monsters, exotic plants, art work, and the classroom in which the children work Little Pink Pebble has done an amazing job of portraying the story line and moods of the characters The drawings display multicultural children in beautiful colors and exotic settings Further, the lessons it promotes have universal appeal and relevance I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers of children age seven and up. Bleagh is an adorably drawn book that teaches children to embrace difference Each page is a value lesson with a badge of the value illustrated I do question if creativity is indeed a value but why not, let s toss it in Bleagh is very different from his classmates so they work with him to adapt to his new school There are probably some overt touches that young readers might not get Because of the division within the values, this is a great book for reading each day in order to embrace new experiences Children can make a game and relate that experience of the day to their own lives The best thing about this picture book is the illustration Each page is colorful, attractive and perfectly reflects the story There is a joy of movement in the blue monster as he wallows in garbage that will attract pre schoolers Great book for young readers and perfect for the classroom.