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@READ DOWNLOAD ⚫ How to Find and Create Lasting Love ⚣ I Have Seen So Many Relationships Fail Over The Years, And Few Succeed To The Point Where You Would Want Them To If You Were To Share A Life With Someone Sharing A Life Is A Major Thing To Undertake With Another Person, And It Makes One Wonder How You Can Even Start Doing That With Someone You Re Not Thrilled To Be With, Yet Many Do We Listen To Bad Advice From Family Or Friends Who Themselves Are Caught Up In Relationships That Leave Much Lacking We Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Therapy, Only To Find It Often Too Esoteric, Too Focused On Concepts And Cutting Us Off At Minute Intervals, Only To Go Home Frustrated We Spend Too Much Money With On New Age Type Products To Feel Better, From Energy Crystals Or Hypnosis To Whatever The Fad Of The Month Is It Is Strange, How We Will Look All Over For Answers, Yet We Will Not Look Into Ourselves And Our Partners To See If The Love Is Real, And If It Is, To Really Fix The Underlying Problems Maybe Therapy Or Balancing Your Chakra Works For Some, But For The Rest Who Still Go Home Thinking But What Do I DO About The Problem , Here Is Your Manual That Will Tell You In Real World Terms, What The Underlying Cause Of Your Problem Really Is And Importantly, HOW To Fix It And Your Relationship In The Process Singles Can Get As Much From This Book As Couples, And It Is Very Possible That After Reading This Book You Will Look At Relationships And Yourself In A Whole New Light, Leading Your Next Relationship To Possibly Be The Most Rewarding One You Have Ever Had Whatever You Have Done In The Past Obviously Is Not Working There S A Saying That If You Keep Doing What You Have Always Done, You Will Keep Getting What You Have Always Gotten You Deserve It, And It Is About Time You Start Living It Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity To Help You Dylan Thrasher Pretty straightforward