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!Download ⚕ My First Travel Book ⚇ Are You Ready To Take To The Skies Then Welcome To Angelic Airlines Come Join The Adventures Of Captain Frankie And The Angelic Airlines Flying Angel As They Travel Across The World To Some Of The Most Popular, Entertaining, And Educational Places In The World Captain Frankie Is Waiting For You To Book Your Ticket, Safely Stow Your Bags, And Open Your Eyes To The Beautiful Places Created For All Of Us To Visit In My First Travel Book My First Travel Book by Anna Othitis is an inspirational travel guide for children Every parent should teach their children with this book full of wonderful images, lyrical writing and questions to keep your kids on their toes and actually learn about the world.So what are you waiting for, come join the adventures of Captain Frankie and the Angelic Airlines flying angel as they travel across the world to some of the most popular, entertaining, and educational places in the world Captain Frankie is waiting for you to book your ticket, safely stow your bags, and open your eyes to the beautiful places created for all of us to visit in My First Travel Book.I love this book and am hooked on the author s easy going style Very highly recommended. What s with so many 5 star ratings I think those readers must have read the Bulgarian translation which I heard was fantastic I continue however to be mystified by these self published books on Goodreads which get such super high ratings It s like I, and these other reviewers, are not reading the same book This lovely children s book is fun educational and an easy read, with poetry, rhyming and made fun with easy explanations and information, followed by questions at the end of every page The illustrations are very real and feels that the children are by the actual sites a lovely read where parent can child bond and read together, parents will also learn as they read to their children Fun and informative.This is the reason these particular destinations were chosen at the time of writing my book This very bright, crispy, morning while sitting on our back yard balcony in the warm lovely sun shining day drinking my Greek coffee, with the birds happily singing and chirping in the back round, my thoughts took me back to the time that I started writing our children s book My First Travel Book what was it in my heart at that particular moment to choose these lovely destinations that Captain Frankie flies to.Our beautiful loved home we lived and grew up in, Zimbabwe with her mighty, thunderous water of wonder Victoria Falls Our land Africa where we grew up in with its wonderful wild animals and life, its stillness of natural beauty, its primitive people.My country of birth and culture Greece with its ancient land mark of the Acropolis Our now country of residence USA, the country of freedom, where the opportunity for Captain Fankie was given to take up the love of his life and career, aeronautics pilot with her amazingly huge land mark The Statue of Liberty The land of Canada where our two sons were given their opportunities to reside in with the mighty curtain of water so very powerful The Niagara Falls.The Eiffel Tower where the beginning of our two sons Canadian future paths began.This is the beautiful bright sun shining light that suddenly shone in my heart on this wonderful morning that took me back to think of that particular moment of our angelic flights and choices of destinations in our children s book with Captain Frankie THERE IS ALWAYS A STORY TO BE TOLD BEHIND EVERY CREATION IN LIFE.Let us take a deep look into the bottom of our happy hearts our inner selves and know that we all have HAPPY, wonderful, thankful, mysterious, worthwhile stories to tell our family, friends, the world , to all of our children in our world, always with such happy endings, always seeking and happy, fun adventures to travel to in our beautiful world. Travel the world with Captain Frankie for children aged c.5 7 years 4.5 This slim volume caught my eye, aimed I imagine at 5 7 year olds and is designed to inspire a wonder of some of the world s fantastic sights.You are welcomed on board Angelic Airlines and looked after by Captain Frankie as he flies his plane to seven extraordinary wonders, both natural and man made There are several fun and interesting facts for each place visited and the flag of the applicable countries are illustrated.This book is just made for every budding Andy or Dora the Explorer and might well sow the seeds for a bit of wanderlust in later years.My slight quibble is the quality of the book It is an overly soft, malleable product reminiscent of an exercise book with an easily creased cover It will inevitably be putty in the hands of smaller children and will therefore probably not last the journey I bought this book for my daughter after reading so many positive reviews on this site I was surprised to receive a book in the mail that appears to be a self published work in dire need of an editor or at least a proof reader It is certainly a nice idea a non fiction children s book about a few landmarks around the world but this is not the book to choose if that is what you are looking for. I do not normally review Fabulosity Reads client s books while a campaign is taking place, but now and again the temptation becomes too much And having read it to my children, this is like a report really than a review from me It is my toddlers reactions that tells the story of whether the book is good or a no no I read them the first book My First Travel Book and the ages are just over 2 years old and just over 5 years old The first thing is that they were captivated by different things The older was very responsive to the storytelling whole her sister could not get her eyes of the illustrations Both of these things posed a great challenge to their poor mom who subsequently read a 26 page childrens book in over 45 minutes because in addition t the questions at the end of each section stroke of genius , my girls had questions of their own and pauses over pictures that I think were a reflection of how engaging and educational the books are I was really impressed with how much teaching is crammed in such a fun way into these few pages For one my children have never heard of the Acropolis, nor the Victoria Falls or Statue of Liberty but all these things they understood as I read and explained I think it is a brilliant idea to teach children this way, particularly with engaging flying which of course is something equally fascinating to little children At this end of it I realised that it was time for another trip to the zoo Absolutely See at First Travel Book After reading reviewing a slew of adult books I felt the need to start reading reviewing books intended for the inner child in me books which would allow my inner child s imagination to blossom and flourish, while at the same time educate my mind with interesting new places and facts.After perusing for children s books I found three books written by Anna Othitis which would satisfy my desire to be a child again, reading a book intended for me.Being a child of the 1950 s when I wanted to play with my friends besides playing all the regular games we loved to play, we would ultimately wind up playing pretend or make believe sometimes for hours.In My First Travel Book not only did I get, or any reader will get, is to pretend we re on a plane with Captain Frankie who will take us to several places around the world so we can learn about them The book begins with showing the flags of the various places its readers will be taken to Arriving at each of the planned destinations readers will be given a poetic description of the place site, followed by information about is being seen And to make sure everyone reading the book understands what they ve been taught, Captain Frankie then asks questions about it.I, as I ve already said, found this book to have a twofold purpose to turn on a child s imagination while at the same teaching them something in an enjoyable manner so their minds will remember it For having done this so imaginatively, I m giving Ms Othitis 5 STARS.I read this book via a KINDLE Unlimited download. A lovely little booklet arrived in my mail box today, all the way from Wanaque, New Jersey Sent by Zimbabwean author Anna Othitis, My First Travel Book is a treasure.Beautifully presented with a glossy, colourful cover it s a travel brochure for children Our Captain Frankie takes us on his imaginary Angelic airline to 7 destinations around the word, from the Statue of Liberty to the majestic Victoria Falls.Each destination is introduced with a cute, rhyming couplet, Like a curtain of water that falls to the ground, thousands of gallons roar to make a thundering sound An eye catching picture helps to illustrate the text One or two interesting facts are to follow, and then a few helpful questions, which Mum or Dad can use to reinforce what has been learned It s an enjoyable learning experience for all young minds and some old ones as well Best of all, there s a free audio download available with each book And, from the simple instructions, even I can understand how to do that off the website It s a gem and a compulsory stocking filler for Christmas.Thank you and congratulations, Anna Othitis We look forward to many flying adventures with the intrepid Captain Frankie.Mitch My First Travel Book by Anna Othitis is educational fun and inspirational It is a wonderful way to teach young children about popular and famous and beautiful places of our world A short illustrated page on several cities and sights in Africa, Europe and the US explains the significance of the places, with information followed by fun questions An amazing way to learn about the world beyond our own borders from the comfort of their own home Anna has carefully composed the pages to make them fun and entertaining It is books like these that children can learn from and may one day decide to travel abroad Captain Frankie brings excitement to he readers, young and old in a simple and some rhyming way to keep the children interested and imaginative The illustrations are colorful and of the real sites as they are seen in real life.This was a gifted copy for an honest review 5 stars