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It s a dog s lifeand you see it from the dog s eye Welcome to a series told completely from the dog s point of view from Honey the Great Dane s point of view She has life pretty good until her human goes away and leaves her with a dog sitter who has her own puppy, Bean Life is swiftly turned a lot exciting and there s a mystery to solve.I really enjoyed this short bookfor an adult, it s a short read But, it s good for all ages and not only is there a mystery, there are some lessons to be learned as well, but the author does a great job of slipping them in seamlessly.The book reminded me a bit of Lady and the Tramp without the spaghetti dinner and, since the author uses recognizable breeds it was easy to picture the action in my brain Good job, Ms Hanna I m looking forward to future books in the series My rating 5 stars. H Y Hanna has delivered, in Big Honey Dog Mysteries, Curse of the Scarab, an animal story, an otherworldly fantasy, and a mystery complete with hieroglyphics all wrapped in one, that is sure to please young readers When Honey, the Great Dane, is left home with a sitter who brings along Bean, her own Great Dane puppy, Honey learn a bit of what it is like not to be the only dog At first reluctant to share her space and affections with the pup, Honey soon discovers the joy that comes in doing so But, difficulties arise when Bean shows up missing while the neighborhood dogs and their humans are gathered at the local park Indeed, Honey learns that Bean is just another of the many puppies that have gone missing of late And thus, the sleuthing begins Hanna has created interesting and genuine characters with Honey and her dog friends Ruffster, the supportive mongrel Suka, the strong Siberian Husky Tyson, the courageous Jack Russell Terrier and Biscuit, the ever hungry Beagle Together they learn a lesson about prejudice when at first they suspect Max, the Pit Bull, of being behind the mystery of the missing pups They learn how to work together, using the strengths of each when they finally uncover the whereabouts of the missing pups that need to be rescued They suffer the reality of bullying when Max is attacked by the dogcatcher, experience the grievous loss of one of their own, and finally, they are able to celebrate a mission accomplished Big Honey and her friends will most certainly entertain children They especially will be delighted by the manner in which the dogs speak to one another, with words and phrases such as iBone for the iPhone, missing pawson for missing person, and my Dog for my God Adults too, will enjoy the story, as who could deny the fun and unique humor of such things as the manner in which the dogs leave messages for one another through peemail, no less There is a magic to speaking to children of the age that would be drawn to read Big Honey Dog Mysteries, and H Y Hanna has fully and completely captured it Also posted on on Booklikes at and on Readers Favorite at The review was noted on my Facebook page at PatriciaRedingAuthor Tweeted the cover pinned on Pinterest and the review noted in two book review groups on Google. Download Ebook ♲ Curse of the Scarab (Big Honey Dog Mysteries, #1) ♶ Missing Puppies Deadly Secrets Serious SlobberHoney The Great Dane Enjoyed A Pretty Peaceful Life Walking Her Human, Checking Peemail At The Park Until The Arrival Of A Puppy Named Bean Turns Her Life Upside Down But When Bean Goes Missing Together With Other Neighbourhood Pups Honey Sets Out On A Dangerous Quest To Find Them Joined By Her Canine Friends, Honey Tackles Mysterious Paw Prints And Sinister Hieroglyphics As Clues Lead Them To A Deserted Cemetery But An Ancient Egyptian Curse Has Awakened And Time Is Running Out Can Honey Solve A Cryptic Riddle In Time To Save The Puppies And Should She Trust Max, A Pit Bull With A Murky Past, Who Is Hiding Secrets Of His Own Middle Grade Readers And Young Teens Will Love This Thrilling Tale Filled With Suspense And Humour And Adult Dog Lovers Are Sure To Enjoy It To An Exciting New Mystery Series Full Of Action And Adventure, For Dog Lovers Of All Ages Bighoneydogmysteries H Y Hanna s first work, Curse of the Scarab, is the first volume of the mystery series called Big Honey Dog Mysteries The book captivated me from the first chapter It s wonderfully written There were some difficult words for me, but otherwise the language was quite easy, after all, it is a children s book Somehow I imagined Ruffster speaking in Hagrid s voice D The book was very exciting from the start and also a little bit scary, at least, it would be for younger readers listeners The atmosphere grews intense towards the end, so it was very hard to put the book down The ending was very lovely and warm.It was nice to notice how educational the book was, for example, about puppy farms, buying a new dog, learning languages, Egypt etc Slobber is characteristic of Great Danes and Honey slobbers a lot and because of it you get some funny moments in the book Even in some scary parts, where its used as a softening Although, I did had prepared myself for slobber.The book grips you, and with this book, you could really speak about good rhythm It s exciting all the time and the things are revealed in good tempo There s also time for reader to try solve the riddles I was a little bit sorry of Tyson s little role in the book There just didn t seem to be any particular job for him Maybe he was just introduced in this books and we can see him in next volumes.There s also some hard, tense and even scary parts in the book dog fights, dog abuse and death So it s really good that the book has an age recommendation to over 9 years old and it would be better if the youngest would read the book with an adult But you still shouldn t take fright of the book because, even if there are some severe matters, they are still very well written and they bring the reality and not so beautiful everyday life in the book alongside to the fantasy elements While reading the book, I started to think that it was like Silver Fang anime and The Mummy movie mixed together D Serious, funny, exciting, scary and educational at the same time.This book must be translated in Finnish I was thinking of trying to translate it myself because I was told that it would be easier to get the publishers attention if I would do it myself I m a little bit afraid that I don t have enough talent to do that If anyone knows how I can suggest a book to be translated to publishers or translators, please share your knowledge I m going to advertise this book to different libraries and I m also thinking of advertising it to English teachers if they would become enthusiastic to use it in their teaching or they would like to hint it to their students to improve their English skills There s even some materials for teachers in the book series website. The fun starts when Honey, finds herself on the tail end of a very unfortunate guest, trying to share her doggy bed one morning Poor Honey, her human Olivia has deserted her to go who knows where, leaving her with a Pet Sitter and a precocious Great Dane pup called Bean Honey relishes her peaceful life with her human, so when Bean gets into mischief the moment she arrives, it doesn t bode well for the rest of the week When Bean goes missing mysteriously, Honey can t help but try to find her Bean may be annoying, but she is just a helpless pup after all and it turns out, she isn t the only one missing There are pups missing all over the neighbourhood Honey enlists the help of a hilarious cast of doggy friends, and they uncover some very mysterious clues that eventually leads them into great peril Honey and her friends must pool their collective knowledge of the human realm, in order to decipher the clues to solve the whereabouts of the missing pups This was a true roller coaster ride as Honey and her friends decipher hieroglyphs, interpret a riddling parrot and confront sworn enemies as the clues to a mystery steeped in Egyptian mythology are revealed My favourite lines are when the dogs are talking to each other, expressing frustration in a variety of doggy ways Here are just a few examples Oh for kibbles sake Holy liver treat The dog s sworn enemies are referred to as Sardine breathed sand poopers He He, can you guess who Priceless, but my absolute favourite line is when one of the dog s brings a huge bone to honour one of their fallen Another dog asks, Is that from a dinosaur or something The other replies, It s one of my 2009 batch Well rotted, Fishy, with a hint of cabbage Sharp on the nose but rich in texture I had equal amounts of laughing out loud and gasping in horror as the mystery is solved I thoroughly enjoyed The Big Honey Dog Mysteries and I am looking forward to the second book I would recommend it to 10 as there were some violent moments between the dogs and the villain that children younger than 10 may find scary 5 Stars to H.Y Hanna s debut novel. This book was entered and was a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our young readers thought FEEDBACKAuthor H Y HannaTitle Curse of the ScarabCOVER 10 10The children and the teachers loved the cover They loved the silhouette of the dog, the fonts and the dark feel of the cover They thought it was very genre appropriate.CONTENT 10 10The children 9 12 year olds very much enjoyed this book They thought the plot puppynapping was exciting and they thought there were lots of funny bits too One young reader put in her feedback, This is such a sweet story It s sad too but that s ok I love dogs and any story with a dog in it must be good And this is They also thought you put together interesting characters for them to care about and fall in love with.Many of the young readers commented on the Egyptian theme They liked this very much and one class even looked at Egypt for a whole week after reading your book.Finally, they liked the hero of the book, Honey They thought he had the sort of character they could get behind and urge to solve the mystery One reader teacher put in his feedback, This book is perfect for dog lovers Not only is it very exciting and funny, but there are dogs everywhere EDITING 9 10The readers felt this book was very well edited and they did not spot any punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors A few of the young readers 9 year olds thought it was a bit too long for them and got a little slow in the middle.STYLE 10 10The children and teachers liked the way you balanced mystery with humour They felt it was a very light hearted read and was all the better for it They thought you handled tension, building it nicely throughout the book till the exciting ending One teacher put in her feedback, I m surprised I have not heard of this author and her work Her writing style really is perfect for children I think her books will eventually become very popular Sweet, funny and exciting The perfect children s book The Wishing Shelf AwardsRATING 5 stars I discovered H.Y Hanna and her beautiful dog, Honey, here on Goodreads and have been following her blog with great interest I was delighted when this book came out to see the author asking for reader reviewers and very quickly said that I d love to pitch in And I was not disappointed.Big Honey Dog is a Great Dane who has a wonderful life with her human, and who is scared of cats I can understand that they have claws, they hiss, they size up really frightening, and they re temperamental mind you, I do love and feed a cat, but she s getting old and cantankerous and I often wish my littlest granddaughter would develop a little bit of fear because she keeps getting scratched when she disturbs the cat too much Honey Dog also has a great many friends in the neighbourhood, all with their own size and shape and distinct doggy personalities.When Honey Dog s human goes away for a little while, a dogsitter and her Great Dane puppy arrive Puppies are nuisances But then the puppy goes missing, joining a number of other missing puppy cases, and Honey and her friends can t sit back and do nothing.This is a delightful book It s similar to The Hundred and One Dalmatians in the way the dogs talk to each other and the way they understand everything that humans say It s also similar in the struggle to get innocents away from the grasp of evil But it s also completely up to date I love the way the cellphone is heard to ring from inside the ever hungry stomach of one of Honey s friends and has realistic tension and acknowledgment of pain and of death in a way that older anthropomorphic animal stories for children didn t Honey is also forced to face her fears, and finds herself learning a lot along the way.I really enjoyed the Egyptology an excellent setting for this first Honey Dog Mystery with its scope for detective work and for fascinating facts This book will definitely be one for my grandchildren, and I m looking forward to in the series. Disclaimer I received this book free from H.Y Hanna in exchange for an honest review I did not receive any form of compensation.Great Middle Grade reader I read the book first I wanted to make sure that Ben would be able to read it since his comprehension and reading level had dropped quite a bit after the surgery last year His reading level is back up to where it had been prior to the surgery which is well above his grade level , but sometimes he struggles with a few terms.As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this book It had a great mystery story that was fun to follow along The story is written from a dog s point of view And it is all about solving the mystery of what is happening to the disappearing puppies I loved seeing how the dogs thought of various things including their owners.Ben fell head over heels with this book He wants to know when he can read about Honey and all her friends There were a few points in the book that had him creeped out He doesn t like bugs So the scarab scenes got his skin crawling He thought it was funny when the dogs were planning escapes He told his dog to sit and explained to her that she isn t allowed to escape because he would worry too much I thought that was cute.If you want to get your middle grade reader interested in picking up books, then this is a great place to start. If you re feeling ruff, you ve lost that certain wag, and your ears are a little droopy, Big Honey Dog Mysteries The Curse of the Scarab is the book to cheer you up As the saying goes, it s not to be sniffed at Seriously, don t sniff it read it That s generally how books work in the year 2013 If you re reading this in the year 2113 and sniff technology is the hot new thing, well excuse me.One fine day, Honey the Great Dane s life is turned upside down by the disappearance of local puppies It seems they are being puppynapped Honey must solve the crime and find the missing puppies before it s too late But do not fret, for she has a pack of friends to help her There s Biscuit the Beagle with the bulging belly and best nose in town Suka the Siberian Husky with her tall tails sic of mad scientist vets little Tyson the Terrier with the big personality and sharp teeth and lastly, Ruffster the cockney mutt Together they must dig holes, scare cats, learn about Egyptian mythology and find the missing puppies The Curse of the Scarab is a charming story It s well written, humorous and touching Lots of dog jokes and adventure In my opinion, the book is most suitable for the younger end of the middle grade scale, but I reckon dog fans of any age would love it I m thirty seven, very much enjoyed it and fell floppy ears over tail in love with Honey who is based on the author s actual and very beautiful Great Dane There are some sad parts to the story, and I will admit to a small wobble of the bottom lip and the immediate consumption of chocolate The sad stuff is handled very well, though, and I m very much looking forward to stories in this series In fact, I m just off the read the Christmas story Message in a Bauble I was provided with a free copy of the book in return for an honest review This did not change my opinion in any way. Holy Liver Snaps, this is a cute book Doing a formal book review is a rare for me, but I wanted to do than make a quick note about this one The Big Honey Dog Mysteries Curse of the Scarab is just adorable H.Y Hanna and I bumped into each other on Goodreads and agreed to a read review book swap It was logical since our topics and genre looked to be very similar I must admit, after I agreed to this I got a bit spooked What if her book is terrible But there was no need for any worry The moment my husband opened it up on his kindle no, I don t have my own he said, This looks cute It sounds like your writing style I ll take that as a compliment because Hanna s writing is delightful.This first book in the Big Honey Dog Mysteries follows Great Dane Honey as she tries to find a lost puppy friend who has been stolen, along with dozens of other puppies in town With the help of her canine friends, Honey discovers a very creepy mystery that involves nasty scarab bugs and Egyptian curses I should probably give a warning that young readers who are very sensitive may not be ready for some of the drama that unfolds There is life threatening peril along the way for everyone involved Of course, if you like exciting drama, this book is right up your alley I m very big on stories for young readers that have a moral or point of some kind, and Curse of the Scarab didn t let me down There are deep seated prejudices to be overcome The traditional hatred between cats and dogs comes into play Cats, who are referred to early in the book as a bunch o sneaky, sardine breathed sand poopers, are going to have to become allies if the puppies are to be saved And the stereotype of pit bulls as dangerous, killer dogs is faced head on Again, without the help of Max, a rescued fighting dog, their mission won t succeed Despite the charms of Honey, I felt most in touch with the Beagle, Biscuit I have had two Beagles in my life, and they both ate everything they could, just like Biscuit though I kept a better eye on them than Biscuit s owner Heidi, my childhood Beagle, once ate an entire batch of oatmeal cookies that had been laid out on the table to cool Three cups of oatmeal were in there She was an unhappy dog Eevee, my adult age Beagle, once ate a two pound box of chocolate creams that was a Christmas gift Given fifteen unsupervised minutes, she went upstairs where she NEVER went , found the box hidden behind a bookcase, unwrapped it, pulled off the plastic, and ate every chocolate and probably some of the wrappers We were grateful it was mostly cream and gel inside She had an unhappy night, but the next day I caught her pulling the wrappers from the garbage Too strong a nose is a dangerous thing Every time Biscuit got caught eating something, it just made me smile I bet dog lovers will find the same kind of attachment to one of Honey s friends in the story.Big Honey Dog Mysteries Curse of the Scarab, is a wonderful book The writing is light and funny, as well as serious and heart wrenching I highly recommend this for middle grade readers and frankly for dog lovers of any age A sequel to this book is already underway, and I m excited to see what Hanna has planned for Honey and her friends at the dog show.