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This is sort of hard to review.On one hand, I read it in basically one sitting, but it is fairly short so that doesn t mean much I liked the mystery element, but found the actual ending to be stupid Like, Extras ending level of stupid it was all just a misunderstanding kind of stupid that frankly pisses me off.The world was pretty cool until the literal big reveal and idk something about Cal just screamed I M A SELF INSERT CHARACTER FOR SCOTT WESTERFELD I mean, they re both Texans in New York, they re both boys for one thing, and I ve never met Scott Westerfeld, but I ve read a crap ton of his books, and after a while, the author s personality bleeds through Cal s a self insert character if I ever read one, and that s pretty disappointing because I wantednormal guys as YA protagonists Also, he was half assertive cool guy, half nerdy loser, and that s an annoying combination Lace was really annoying and didn t feel like a person No one felt like a person in this except for Manny, the lobby guy And he showed up only three times for the best cameos in the book.Also, like, half this book was just Cal narrating a nonfiction book on parasites That s not necessarily a bad thing I personally kind of liked it and it did actually sort of connect with the plot and was a clever way to do worldbuilding, but likeit started to feel a bit like a BuzzFeed list 10 Freaky Parasites You ll Never Guess Are In Your Body Also, the ending kind of just showed up and felt extremely unresolved and unearned There s a sequel, but I m probably not going to read it They really should have been just one book.It should have been an adult book, not YA The thing that initially drew me to this was the premise of sex addicted guy finds out he s a carrier of a vampire STD and has to hunt down all his past flings because they re all zombies now but it played outlike awkward 19 year old has to file a lot of paperwork and meet with his creepy, borderline pedophilic therapist after going and sedating one of his past girlfriends because the rest were caught before the book began and avoid making out with a girl who keeps following him around If it had been adult, it could have actually delivered on the premise promised. This review will include two sentences I never expected to write in a review, namely 1 This book does not contain any sickly sweet marshmallow candy and2 Ew, ew, ew Does that make you want to keep reading I hope so, because Scott Westerfeld, who for my money is among the best YA authors writing these days, has created a believable and realistic take on the vampire legend which I don t recommend for the squeamish, and probably not for the romantic, either There are no spooky castles here, or pretty clothing, or pale aristocratic types with neck fetishes in fact, this book just might be the anti Twilight, since its vampires have a lotin common with people bitten by rabid dogs There is nothing romantic about vampirism here it is sexy only in the sense that those infected with it become increasingly horny, and spread the disease through physical contact.Our narrator, 19 year old Cal Thompson, is a parasite positive, or Peep as he calls them, who contracted the disease through a one night stand when he first moved to New York Peeps are the basis for the vampire legend although they can not fly or turn into bats, they do cower from sunlight, bite other humans, and possess super human strength Cal is a natural carrier, however, which means that he has not turned into a crazed cannibal like most other Peeps, but he can still spread the disease to those he kisses, since the disease is carried through the saliva He has joined the Night Watch, an organization devoted to hunting Peeps down, and is working on capturing his former girlfriends to whom he has spread the disease.What I particularly liked about this book was the way Westerfeld attributes aspects of the vampire legend to the need for the vampire parasite to spread Those infected with the disease and not immune, as Cal is come to hate everything they used to love, which makes them leave their homes and thus spread the illness far afield This anathema, as it is called, explains both the light sensitivity and cruciphobia of the traditional vampires, particularly in medieval Europe The parasite also infects creatures who feast on the leftovers of the Peeps, so hoards of bats and rats are likely to follow them, a repository for the disease If you don t yet get the ew, ew, ew comment with which I began this review, every other chapter in this novel offers true stories about biological parasites, and thank goodness there is an afterword explaining how to avoid them This storytelling device won t work for every reader, but I liked it because it helped to cement the science nerd aspect of Cal s personality, as well as underscoring how vampirism is spread I found this a fun read, which entertains while teaching science and will appeal to kids love of all things yuck I think it would be a nice complement to a tenth grade biology class, and might even inspire those struggling with the material I m not sure how young I would go with this book, due to the sexual content it s pretty tame, and non glamorized, but there , but it s definitely enjoyable for those well out of their teens If you are really jones ing for cute marshmallow creatures, please Google Lord of the Peeps You won t be sorry. @Download Û Peeps ⚢ Last Year As College Freshman, Narrator Cal Was Infected By Exotic Goth Morgan With A Parasite That Caused Following Girlfriends To Become Vampire Like Ghouls He Calls Parasite Positives Peeps A Carrier Without Symptoms, He Hunts His Progeny For The Centuries Old Bureaucratic Night Watch But Victims Are Showing Sanity, Pretty Human Lacey Is Pushing His Buttons, And Her Apartment Building Basement Houses Fierce Hordes Of Ravening Rats, Red Eyed Cats, And Monstrous Worms That Threaten All Morgan Has The Secret To A Centuries Old Conspiracy And Upcoming Battle To Save The Human Race I loved this tight, scientific vampire book It s a sparsely written, fast paced novel about a disease that mimics vampirism and the end of the world. The basis of the horror in this novel isn t occult, but scientific Parasites make their hosts do things True horror there are a lot of examples I asked some friends who knewgarnered a few interesting links on it When I finished the book, I found that the author said they were all real parasites even has a bibliography I recognized at least one of the books he lists as being in thereading section of one of the articles below.Parasite Brainwashes Rats Into Craving Cat Urine, Study Finds is about Toxoplasma gondii, mentioned in this book, which spreads from rodents to cats by altering the brains of infected rats so that they become attracted to the scent of their predators.http news.nationalgeographic.com neA wasp larva actually makes its spider host quit their own nest build one just for it.http www.nytimes.com 2012 12 11 sciThere are a bunch on reptiles here Westerfield inserts many of these into his novel Frankly, it s the best part, so far about halfway through It s not bad, but just OK.All finished, can t say the story itself did a whole lot for me Kind of a PNR thing, but watered down Not all that much actually happened the revelation wasn t much of one Worth reading, but I won t be reading another any time soon.Update There s a fantastic Ted Talk about parasites causing other behavior here I lost my virginity to the apocalypse Scott Westerfeld s Peeps is another great off the wall vampire novel A far cry from Anne Rice s sultry, albeit long, stories about vampires, Westerfeld takes the classic vampire and pretty much rips it apart In Peeps vampires arelike people with a nasty case of syphilis than sexy indestructible gods Being a vampire means being infected with a parasite that craves circulation above all else Drinking blood is kind of a side effect of the parasite The parasites main goal is to spread, through biting, sex or any other exchange of bodily fluids.Aside from being about vampires and STDs, Peeps is first and foremost about parasites Every other chapter gives us some disgusting insight into a different real world parasite like toxoplasma gondi , of which every cat owner on the planet probably has Its the reason pregnant women can t clean out the litter box Cats play an important role in the book too, but so do rats, so that s not saying much.Don t worry, the parasitic chapters don t read like a text book or Wiki entry, Westerfeld makes it feel like the main character is just telling us about the parasite, conversationally Like we re hanging out on the subway chatting about lice and screwflies They aren t just there for shock value either, these parasite chapters areimportant than you might think They give us some insight into the main plot of the book, which is essentially about the parasites Some are good, some are bad, some fight with each other inside your colon.In the beginning it seems like it really is just another vampire novel, but after a few odd chapters about different parasites that live on your body or in it you start to realize there s something else going on here The parasite chapters are almostinsightful than the actual story Each time he talks about a new parasite a new characteristic of the vampire parasite is revealed, until finally, we actually get what the hell is going on.Westerfeld makes reading about parasites interesting, and hey, any author who can accomplish that is good enough in my book The book is fairly short and reads quickly too Even if vampires aren t your thing, you might learn something new about a menacing parasite that can set up shop in your leg, where Crohn s disease comes from and how wasps saved an entire populace. Interest premise, fun ride Loved that the female protagonist wasn t all helpless and actually was smarter funnierinteresting than the lead male HOWEVER I could not wrap my head around the rhythm of her voice The author had her doing weird things like saying Dude at the end of EVERY sentence, which made no sense and got irritating very quickly But that s the only complaint, awesome book. This one s an interesting reinvention of the vampire myth vampirism is a sexually transmitted parasite, an idea that Westerfeld explores fully, and often with great creativity and zest You know how that bit about vamps sorry, peeps being afraid of crosses came about One of the parasite s adaptations is to attack the brain and make you hate everything you used to love, so infected people won t just hang around noshing on their neighbors and get killed by the mob with torches and pitchforks right away The aversion to sunlight is a similar deal The sexual frustration of Cal the parasite positive but rare resistant peep hunter is quite amusing, and Westerfeld creates an excellent temptation for him in Lace, an NYU student whose dialogue I swear to God sounds like it could have come straight from Dean Winchester s lips However, while the build up is a lot of fun and, with scenes like the one set in a boarded up underground swimming pool brr , often really creepy and intense, by the end the book takes a turn for the ridiculous There are giant worms Giant worms, people It s like Buffy meets Tremors, and so far, not in a good way. This is a young adult book It might be marketed for the teenage crowd, but I d say it sadult, less young Things that should not be in YA fiction four letter words including the worst one , a casual attitude toward promiscuity and uncommitted sex, visits to a gay bar, and a not very subtle contempt for religious beliefs, expressed with a condescending and scornful voice.Things in this book all of the above.If you can get past that, it s actually a pretty good book It s easy to read, with a fast moving plot and well written action Every other chapter gives a mini lesson in a different parasite, which sounds weird and boring but is actually interesting and a little revolting There is a lot of talk about evolution, some of which makes sense and some of which makes me roll my eyes This is not your typical vampire story Not even close There s an unexpected twist at the end unexpected by me, anyway , and in general, I quite liked it Even if I am a superstitious religious nut who believes she is not part of the chimp family. I was going to say this is one of Scott Westerfeld s earlier novels, but they all seem to have come onto the scene around 2005 Instead I ll say this, it s one that s set in New York City.So, here s a reason to advocate abstinence only sex education You can turn into a vampire if you exchange saliva with the wrong person Cal, unfortunately, misses out on this lesson so after a drunken one night stand he ends up as a vampire As you might have guessed, these are not your grandmother s vampires Sure, the legends are the same, but that s about it Because in Westerfeld s story, vampirism is a disease spread by a little parasite called Toxoplasma So, instead of being called vampires, Cal and others who have been infected or are carriers are called Parasite Positives or Peeps for short.The upshot is that Cal is recruited by a secret government organization to hunt peeps and especially to capture those that he infected Then he has to find the girl who made him a carrier Sounds simple, right Think again As Cal gets closer to tracking down his progenitor things keep gettingcomplicated until everything Cal thought he knew to be true is thrown into question.Let me also say that you will never look at rats, or cats, the same way after reading this novel There is something about a cat with a vampiric parasite that is just so muchappealing than a normal one.The even numbered chapters of this book don t directly relate to the action packed plot described above Instead, chapter by chapter, Cal acquaints us with the world of parasitology you might want to keep the Purel handy for certain segments Some readers might find these narrative interruptions to be a bit annoying and unecessary, I d politely disagree saying that the information is interesting and, well, cool Even if you skip all the others, read chapter four It s relevant I also saw Scott Westerfeld at a reading where he read this section of the book and it was ah may zing.So, while the parasite information might be icky, the book is awesome The story is really fast paced and has a lot of action and suspense Lots of chapters end on cliff hangers that make you want to read that much faster Evenexciting, the book is just as enjoyable for male and female readers not too gory, not too mushy a happy medium Cal is a likable narrator as well as a reliable one readers know everything that he does.My only issue with the novel comes at the last thirty some odd pages because it got confusing At this point, Call learns a lot of new information which, of course, the readers also have to digest Combined with the fast pace, it got a little hard to follow everything In fact, I had to reread the last couple of chapters to be sure I knew what was going on.Confusion aside, the story was awesome I love Scott Westerfeld unconditionally, but this book was lots of fun to read The set up and early chapters prepare you for one kind of book, but by the end it s something entirely different If you want a new take on an old monster, Peeps is your book.You can find this review andon my blog Miss Print