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Cute story with a deeper meaning I love the way the author shows her audience how much negative comments and negative thinking can affect us all She also reminds the reader that a little bit of positivity goes a long way The art is fun and colorful and should be pleasing to young children. [Read] ♀ Rayne Shines ☦ Rayne Is Bored With Life, Until A New Family Moves In Next Door Why Do They Look So Happy Rayne Wants To Know Their Secret Rayne Shines Is A Humorous And Thought Provoking Picture Book For Ages In A Subtle And Humorous Way, The Story Shows How Attitude And Perception Create Either Happiness Or Misery Rayne Learns That Gratitude, Playfulness, Optimism, And Simplicity Bring JoyThis Version Has Updated Text And Features Humans Instead Of Frogs Rayne Shines is a lovely children s book with a message about the importance of a positive attitude The grumbling and negative feelings in Rayne s family breed dissatisfaction with every aspect of their lives When the new neighbors move in, they teach Rayne that happiness and enthusiasm are contagious too Rayne learns that encouraging words and an upbeat disposition can change even her own family A great book for all readers Rayne Shines is such a cute book I loved the cadence of the text, the colorful yet simple illustrations, and the book s message Ferrante uses just the right amount of words on each page to keep the pace perfect The text doesn t rhyme, but because of the cadence to it, it doesn t need to rhyme to be engaging I love it when children s book authors draw their own illustrations, and Ferrante s illustrations are perfect for the story.Rayne is, of course, a frog I liked that she and her family did froggy things, such as eat bugs for dinner I appreciate it when animals in children s stories are not anthropomorphized.The message was one of how your view on things, whether positive or negative affects everything in your life I loved that there is character growth in this short book something that s rare in children s literature.Kaitlyn age 3 enjoyed Rayne Shines too She was very engaged in the story and when we finished reading the book, she told me how much she liked it Rayne Shines is a cute, fun book perfect for ages 3 and up Kaitlyn and I both enjoyed this book and would definitely read Bonnie Ferrante again. The message is very delightful Negative thinking gives way to positive thinking How true It s not what you have that makes you happy, it s what you do with it that makes you happy Despite the irony of using negativity to rate a book about positivity, I do feel my further comments can be construed as a positive means to improve this book.The artwork is clearly important and takes up half of the book, as it should There is a reason we have children s artists out there they know how to make the beautiful prose come alive through pictures It is not only obvious artistic talent it is also COMMUNICATING the art For example, when an artist tries to show a frog touching each other, a talented artist will actually make the reader perceive that the frogs are very close at heart, and one is reassuring the other A less talented artist will not be as successful in showing this important subtle message Also, since it s a children book, the text could be much bigger, making it easy for the children to read The author has nailed the prose I loved her full length young adult novel, Desiccate She can write very well However, for a children s book aimed at very young children, the artwork is key, which is why so many children s books split the work between two creators the author and the artist. The Grays don t have that much fun They don t enjoy anything they do Rayne Gray, the youngest, was bored with her toys, grossed out by the food at the restaurant, and acted just like her parents who found something wrong with EVERYTHING Most of all, Rayne couldn t understand why the new neighbors were so HAPPY When Sunny, the new frogs daughter, invites Rayne to play, Rayne is taught to see life in a new way.This is a wonderful book with a marvelous message It tells you that, if you look at life positively, you can enjoy it or appreciate little things I like that the Gray family are green frogs, while Sunny s family are poison dart frogs extremely colorful The illustrations were cute, but not my favorite style The message of the story is so great, I think a lot of kids and adult will love it The book is perfect for kindergarteners It helps them understand the message in a subtle way NOTE I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Rayne Shines by Bonnie Ferrante is a great children s book that explores the topic of being happy with what you have The plotline was easy to follow I would say that children ages 2 5 would like this book most There are study questions at the end of the book.I received this book free from the author for an honest review To keep my star rating unbiased on books I receive for review exchanges, I have developed a matrix available in a cataloged 11 9 2014 blog post for On Being a Writer, which I used on this book. Rayne Shines is a book with a hilarious twist on learning to count your blessings.Rayne is a young frog whose family always complains Mom complains about movies Dad complains about music Everybody has something to complain about Rayne was brought up to complain right along with them.But one day new neighbours arrive Their little girl, Sunny, always sees the positive in everything Maybe after playing with Sunny for a while, Rayne will learn to see the positive side of things, too.This is a great way to introduce to introduce any child or even an older person to positive thinking Rayne Shine shows how much fun it isn t to hang out with people who do nothing but complain When Rayne alters her perception by seeing the positive in everything, instead of the negative, thanks to her friend Sunny, she learns that it can alter your mood and make you feel better and happier The book is simple and can deliver its message to even the youngest of readers The illustrations were wonderful and matched the story well I really enjoy looking at them as I read through the story.The positive message in Rayne Shines make this book top shelf Destiny s Book Dig Up Rayne Shines was a pleasant surprise, telling a positive thinking moral of relaxing the urge to preemptively judge experiences and letting oneself have fun via a story about a cynical frog whose character development is actually reasonably organic and gradual, given how short the story is While I didn t enjoy the art style of the book, the story itself was rather cute and refreshing.My full review of Rayne Shines can be read here at Amara s Eden A copy of this book was provided free by the author in exchange for an honest review.