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The author has great ideas to help others overcome negative thoughts and actions As I read, I could see the things I was doing to feed negative thoughts I liked the idea of counting your blessings and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones I also liked the idea of looking for one positive thing about everyone you come in contact with and surrounding yourself with positive people I will definitely use his ideas. Setting goals is now a delight Kerry Girling explains goal setting in a completely new way one that allows the reader to fully grasp the true magnitude and importance of refining a positive mental attitude I would recommend this even to the younger readers. Such a pleasant read Kerry s tribulations have proved to be tremendous learning experiences in which he shares in depth I have already recommended this book to a few of my friends. [ FREE PDF ] ⚓ The first Chapter ☥ Kerry Girling A Veteran Youth Motivator And Film Producer Having Spoken To Over One Million Students By The Age Of On Bullying, Finding Passion And Drinking Driving Early In Life He Discovered An Intense Passion For Inspiring Youth Of All Ages A Passion To Accomplish What Others Said Was Near Impossible, To Change The World Through Inspiring Youth At The Age Of Twenty Eight, And During The Pinnacle Of His Career, Kerry Was Faced With A Life Altering Experience An Early Life Crisis He Speaks In Depth About The Obstacles He Faced That Led Him To That Breaking Point, While Going Through A Divorce Kerry Brings You On A Journey As He Searches For His Own Forgiveness And Acceptance As He Relives Events Of His Past And Shares His Heartfelt Memories Kerry Shares How He Has Closed The First Chapter In His Own Life, And How He Eliminated All Crippling Fears, Disappointments, Failures And Mistakes By Sharing His Personal And Professional Life Stories With You, Kerry Walks You Through Steps On How To Eliminate Your Own Fears, So You Can Move To The Next Chapter Of Your Own Life This Is Recommended For Those Who Want To Let Go Of Their Past And Move Forward In Their Lives It Will Make You Want To Harness The Positive Qualities In Life, And Will Help You Leave All Negativity Behind The First Chapter Is Unlike Any Other Self Help Book Other Publications By Kerry Girling The Next Chapter Chapter Of Enlightenment