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FREE PDF · Am I Normal Yet? í All Evie Wants Is To Be Normal She S Almost Off Her Meds And At A New College Where No One Knows Her As The Girl Who Went Crazy She S Even Going To Parties And Making Friends There S Only One Thing Left To Tick Off Her List But Relationships Are Messy Especially Relationships With Teenage Guys They Can Make Any Girl Feel Like They Re Going Mad And If Evie Can T Even Tell Her New Friends Amber And Lottie The Truth About Herself, How Will She Cope When She Falls In Love So I didn t love this book AS much as It Only Happens in the Movies, but honestly How could I When that was clearly a perfect book However, this book was still pretty damn good, for the following reasons excellent mental health rep feminist af although it wasn t always my idea of a perfect feminism central relationship female friendshipThere was altogether too much boy stuff in here for my liking, and while I get the point of its inclusion it was still UNPLEASANT TO READ Also I just didn t click as much with these characters.Still, I think it s safe to sayDrumroll pleaseHOLLY BOURNE IS AN AUTO BUY AUTHOR.What a time to be alive currently reading updatesshoutout to me for reading one 1 good contemporary from an author I think could be a new favorite and being so surprised by my own optimism that I instantly have to pick another one of her books up Everyone s on the cliff edge of normal Everyone finds life an utter nightmare sometimes, and there s no normal way of dealing with it There s only what s normal to you I may be overreacting but Am I Normal Yet may be one of the best YA contemporaries I ve read to date It s extremely hilarious been laughing since page one , but also heart rending, truly very eye opening as it involves feminism in its rawest, most genuine sense and a closer, sensitive look at mental illnesses like OCD.Just a glimpse on its refreshing and on the spot approach on mental illnessesMental illnesses have gone too far the other way Because now mental health disorders have gone mainstream And for all the good it s brought people like me who have been given therapy and stuff, there s a lot of bad it s brought too Because now people use the phrase OCD to describe minor personality quirks Oooh, I like my pens in a line, I m so OCD.NO YOU RE FUCKING NOT Oh my God, I was so nervous about that presentation I literally had a panic attack.NO YOU FUCKING DIDN T I m so hormonal today I just feel totally bipolar.SHUT UP, YOU IGNORANT BUMFACEIt s utterly relatable with the wonderful story of true friendship and most importantly, it is adorably British What s not to love Lol It s like finding the perfect best friend in a book I totally recommend it obviously Also, it turns out, Holly Bourne wrote these books as a trilogy on feminism called The Spinster Club series with the three best friends as heroines and with each girl having her own story How extremely cool is that I hope to find the next book really soon. 1 Am I Normal Yet 2 How Hard Can Love Be 3 What s A Girl Gotta Do And A Happy New Year.5 How do I even begin to talk about a book that means the absolute world to me I think I m going to have to do a whole video on this book and my relationship to it because this book is just so, so important to me 3 This was so much fun I really love it when an author can wrap a really important subject up in lots of humour without it coming across as insensitive Am I Normal Yet s protagonist, Evie, struggles daily with her OCD and anxiety, but she just wants to have a normal life, make good girlfriends, and date cute boys Is that really too much to ask for It had me laughing right from the start I don t know that anyone can replace Louise Rennison, but those looking for similar teen girl shenanigans should enjoy this Longer review to come.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube