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I can t help but feel that I would be made fun of if I attempted any of these healing methods According to this Doctor s Doctor of what again theory, we have walls that are built around our hearts which cause trapped emotions I tried attempted the positive thinking test, which seemed to be pretty accurate.So how is the healing attempted With magnets That is all If it seems too good to be true, you would be safe to assume that magnets aren t going to heal my thick heart wall for my trapped emotions Give me a break.I m so fucking done with this new age tomfoolery The market is still open for the gullible and it s doing damn well. As with all pseudoscience, it starts with a believable premise Here that premise is, emotions get trapped within our bodies Okay, enough of the believable Now he says that by affecting the energy there s that word again , we can go directly to that ball of emotion and intercept it, and therefore create a change.Of course he uses a lot of anecdotal evidence, but as any attorney would tell you, the least trustworthy form of testimony is eyewitness testimony That s why we have scientific method, to measure those things and find out if they re true. @Download Book ⚞ The Emotion Code ì The Emotion Code Is A Powerful And Simple Way To Rid Yourself Of Unseen Baggage Releasing Trapped Emotions Often Results In The Sudden Disappearance Of Physical Problems, Self Sabotage, And Recurring Relationship Difficulties Filled With Real World Examples From Many Years Of Clinical Practice, The Emotion Code Is A Distinct And Authoritative New Work That Is Destined To Become An Instant Classic On Self Healing This should receive TEN out of five stars Seriously, I am really enthusiastic about this I have used it on myself with wonderful results and I have already put this information to work in my practice and seen further phenomenal results with my reiki clients This should be required reading for all energy and other CAM practioners, but is also easy enough to read and understand clearly for people who aren t in the healing arts profession This book is a breakthrough for anyone who is suffering from chronic pain or conditions, mild to serious but persistant depression, and virtually any other persistant emotional and physical difficulties that are not necessarily easily defined diagnosed many of the cases in the book have showed up in Dr Nelson s office as a last resort when other medical treatments have not been completely effective or helpful, and Dr Nelson has been very successful with these cases using the Emotion Code methods The good news is that it s soooo simple, it s easy enough for anyone to learn to use these techniques for self treatment and use at home with the family, and even pets It is good to have access to a practioner professional who understands the methods who can answer questions while you re learning feel free to message me anytime , but if not, absolutely ANYONE can do this and this book provides the perfect directions Specifically, the Emotion Code work is a method of kinesiology, or muscle testing, that manages to find, identify, and instantly RELEASE trapped and hidden negative emotions nestled deeply in our cells Our body has a phenomenal Cellular memory and one of the ways it deals with stress is to hide or store away negativity The negative energy of these trapped emotions, which we may or may not realize have been trapped, effects our body on a physical level and can manifest as painful physical conditions if left unchecked Dr Nelson runs a magnet up and down the governing, central, meridian in order to release the trapped emotions once they have been identified and acknowleged he uses the same Nikken magnetics I use in my Reiki and wellness practice, specifically designed and calibrated for healing purposes, but explains that a fridge magnet will also work with the Emotion Code method Feel free to message me if you d like information regarding the Nikken magnetics or you can order them directly from my website at He describes which kind and how he uses them in the book I actually had the pleasure of personally meeting Dr Nelson at a wellness conference last October, and he worked on me directly in front of a roomful of workshop participants Within less than a minute he found, identified, acknowledged and released three trapped emotions, along with a persistent aggravated for YEARS stress related stiffness in my neck that has NEVER returned This method has been extremely well researched and carefully developed by Dr.Nelson with the highest of intentions and integrity, and I highly and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking emotional or physical healing of any kind Zero side effects, non invasive, complimentary to allopathic treatments and other CAM modalities especially complimentary with Reiki or Energy Healing , amazing results This is a book that I didn t know I needed until I read it Julie Rowe gave a plug for this book at the end of her book The Time is Now , so I ordered it I ve known I had a heart wall for years Living with an alcoholic parent, divorce and other hurtful experiences caused me to put a protective wall around my broken heart I didn t realize that this wall was keeping me from feeling joy in my life, and was also causing me sleeping and health problems This book was a God send for me. This is definitely one for my tool box and it makes so much sense to me OH, I think I said the same thing about the first book I added, but it is true What I really like about this book, is it is written by someone I respect I don t know Dr Brad Nelson, personally, but I know both of his brothers Dr Brad uses several magnetic tools that I have in my house and practice, in a way that releases trapped emotions Trapped emotions are ones that we don t know that we have, but they manifest in us as fear, anger or disease By asking questions to our bodies or those we work with and using muscle testing techniques, the emotion is uncovered and two or three strokes with a magnetic tool and the emotion is vanished forever. 5 months on a book is than I usually spend, that s for sure I had to take this one in doses, though I ve been using the tools from the Emotion Code in one form or another for a couple of years now, first in working with someone who used it with me to help me get through some icky stuff and then she and other friends taught me the rudiments to use on myself I realize now that I ve been playing with it without a perfect knowledge of the concepts behind it Nevertheless, the idea is simple enough that one can easily get at least some good work done that way even if not getting in really deep Now that I m finally finished I realize that the concept is simple and nearly anyone who believes it can work can use it effectively without extensive training or even tons of practice I wouldn t say one could jump in and be an expert super quickly, but one can definitely learn by practice Three years or so ago I would have scorned the idea that emotions could have such an effect on our spiritual mental physical health I have always thought I was effective at letting things go Before I even came into close contact with this information I came to understand that I was not always or not even usually letting things go I realized, with a jolt, really, that I m much of a stuffer About two years ago my body had enough, I was FULL, and basically erupted I will not admit or even imply that my cancer was caused by trapped emotions, but I will state that I firmly believe that they had a sizable effect I had so much toxic emotional garbage in me that really needed to come out before I could become healthy again and that is a personal fact I ve experienced a lot of positive changes in health and my emotional mental spiritual state since I ve consciously LET things go using this technique and although I sense I ve still got lots to release, I know how to quickly get rid of garbage I really don t need to carry around This is just one of many modalities in energy healing, but it s a good one to start with if you re interested The book is not complex, it s actually very simply written too much so at times maybe and the concepts are fairly easy to understand I suppose if you re totally new to the idea of energy healing and of muscle testing kineseology you ll likely think this is a load of you know what That s okay I ve been there The one thing reading books like this or just exploring concepts like this is that there really is no one road to healing for any situation There are so many options Don t be as close minded as I used to be Lots of negative reviewers have a hard time with the religious aspect, because Dr Nelson is a devout Christian and is not afraid to 1 state the fact and 2 call into service the power of prayer, faith and the Atonement of Jesus Christ Now, anyone who wants to use the emotion code to heal does not necessarily HAVE to believe in religion God Christ or anything like that However I have to say, that to my understanding, one of the ways a person could understand the concepts in the Emotion Code is that in releasing an emotion that is causing us physical, emotional, spiritual or mental distress or disease we are really allowing Christ, who is willing, to take our distress etc from us using the power of the Atonement He already paid the price, but sometimes we won t let Him take it from us That s my take today, and for now I m sticking to it Emotion Code work has been a huge blessing in my life Thanks to Bradley Nelson Looking forward to getting rid of garbage When first introduced to this technique a decade ago, I dismissed it as a bunch of hooey However, as with all of the lessons God wants you to learn, He keeps putting the same message in front of you until you actually pay attention For those unfamiliar with alternative medicine, you will most likely dismiss this method of muscle testing and tapping as I originally did However, if you suffer from any phobias, emotional baggage, and or chronic disease, read this book once viewed with an open mind Go ahead and poo poo it, and when you re ready, return for a second read The muscle testing and subsequent releasing of trapped emotions are based on the theory of your body s energy system In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you Your subconscious mind, aka your connection to soul, can greatly relieve physical symptoms, indeed, actually heal them Simply put, this book along with the The Healing Code by Alexander Lloyd and an open mind can change your life as it is changing mine. Wow This book really resonated with me The concepts speak truth to my heart I was a bit cautious going into it because last September I had read a book recommended by my mother called Remembering Wholeness that felt really off to me in a lot of ways I knew this book was based on some similar ideas energy within the body and working with that energy to improve life Based on my negative experience with the other book, I borrowed this before I would commit to a purchase I was about 50 pages into it when I ordered two copies one for me and one for my mom.One thing I really love about this book is that Dr Nelson acknowledges that the greatest healer to ever live is Jesus Christ and that as we are learning to be healers we should seek to emulate Him and His love and compassion for those we desire to heal, this includes loving ourselves.I also loved that Dr Nelson discusses the importance of faith, meaning we must believe we can help emotions heal and we must also have and tremendous gratitude to God for the fact that we are doing the healing Both of these components are essential to the healing process.I feel truth in these pages and am very eager to help loved ones heal from trapped emotions that could in turn lead to physical ailments I know that negative emotions can be devastating and the concept that we can use our own body s energy to help dispel the negativity is amazing and inspiring.I can barely wait to get started healing my loved ones that are open and ready One caveat When Dr Nelson discusses the sway test to help figure out what is going on inside your body he states that a away forward indicates a yes answer and a sway backward indicates a no answer Fortunately I had a friend teach me the sway test just before I started this book She suggested that I ask Heavenly Father, please show me a strong yes answer the next question is Heavenly Father, please show me a strong no I actually test opposite of what Dr Nelson says, I lean forward for no and backward for yes I d suggest that you do your own self test to make sure you know which way your body talks to you. If you are dealing with health, relationship, and or financial issues, this book is worth a read, and the exercises included, worth a try.One note, this book has some incredible facts and practices you can try out, to help support yourself and your loved ones overall health and well being However, you will have to get beyond the author s religious beliefs if you do not personally subscribe to them in order to get to the deeper, universal, message of Emotions are energy, and just as they can become locked into the human body, they can be released as well.While I am not a subscriber of Dr Nelson s specific religious, I do understand the basic principles of energy and emotions and appreciate the expansion the author offers on the subject.I m also very familiar with Applied Kinesiolgy, and have used that form of testing for over 6 years I am also familiar with having emotions energetically cleared from me, with Applied Kinesiology.I ve tested myself on everything from nutritional supplements, to food allergies, to body care products though I am not certified or trained in Applied Kinesiology, any other healing art, or medical training So I was quite ready to jump in to Trapped Emotion energy testing.In the last three days, I have helped my body clear itself of ten Trapped Emotion energies, that I found to be impacting my Health in a negative way I have helped my Parent s clear 10 Trapped Emotions, one of which was, according to the energy test, an Inherited Trapped Emotion that went back 5 generations I should note that several Trapped Emotions that came up that were not the Testing Subjects Emotions but were coming from other individuals Meaning they were Emotions an individual had, that the Testing Subject was picking up through energy testing, and were being tested as negatively impacting the Testing Subject So, we cleared them.I have no scientific proof I can offer The only thing I know, is that in some cases, I noticed that I personally felt better after some of the Trapped Emotions were energetically cleared from me.Long term impact Too early to know I will updatestay tuned