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The perfect finale for a great series Just like the other two books, this felt so real There were a lot of things that I didn t see coming, but they made absolute sense and tied in with the two other books like a puzzle In this book the chemistry between Joe and D wastangible than in the others, without it ever getting sappy or boring They talk, act and screw up like people do in real life That s what makes the happy ending all theenjoyable I really wish there was Wow Perfect Amazing I knew I wouldn t be disappointed I love happy ever after I can t remember when I read the last book but this one fell into place like I just finishing the second booked of this series I remembered every character This series deservesthan five stars Oh my gosh I love the chemistry between Joe and D They belong together I have to admit I was frustrated with D for long it took her to get rid of Pete And Joe s ex was hella crazy Every time I read the name Liz, I wanted to scream I ll leave you with this I wantYou won t regret reading this series. It s so refreshing to read a story that is realistic and has something we can all relate to I read alot of romance books and this trilogy is absolutetly one of my favorites and I highly recommend it Smartly written and I m looking forward to see what Ms Wood comes up with next I finished it last night and am still a little dazed I am not sure what I will do withoutto read about Joe and D I have hardly ever read a book let alone three that hit so close to home and made me feel so connected to the characters To me this is the perfect series with a smart, interesting and conclusive story A nice change from all the so called series that start out with one halfway good book and then go on and on telling the same story from all possible perspectives and no real news whatsoever I found the writing style amazing The way Joe, D, Sarah, Jack and Liz interact in their talks, e mails and text messages sound perfectly real, and the third person narrative helps that it never gets too sweet or boring.To me the message of this story is that if you ve got the special something with someone it s worth fighting for no matter what Love is stronger than pride Even when Joe and D try to fight their feelings, because it s inconvenient and complicated and there is a danger to get hurt they are drawn to each other so much that they cannot resist anyway It s so cute how they take turns making the first step I loved that Also that the conciliations never happen in the way you would expect and have seen a hundred times before, but in the most unique, surprising settings, with witty conversations and through some really smart moves that made me cheer sometimes I really loved it And I think I will read book 1 again to see what I missed the first time Maybe that helps with the withdrawal I think a sequel about when they first met would be great. [ DOWNLOAD ] ⚓ Trust (Can You Mend It? #3) ⚒ In This Last Part Of Joe S And D S Story, Joe Will Have To Decide What He Really Wants And How Far He S Willing To Go For It He Is Scheduled To Leave For Amsterdam In A Few Days, And Afterwards He S Got To Be At His Office For Almost Two Weeks To Cover For Steve Will He See Christine Again Or Liz And How Are Things With D Going To Turn Out Absolutely amazing Great story Believable characters that actually seem to learn from mistakes and are really good together The ending couldn t have been better A rare find I received a copy of this for free through Goodreads First ReadsI found this to be a muchbelievable romance novel than most others It really was an easy, fast paced read Great for a beach day. 2.5 My review of the trilogy is on Can You Mend It part 1.