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You might say I ve been doing some soul searching as I ve moved into my 60s What is this path I am on Thomas Moore s Ageless Soul explores this theme with honesty and optimism I particularly value Moore s ability to weave spirituality through practical matters of aging It s a bit slow going at first, thus the four stars instead of five. A beautiful book about aging, the author talks about many aspects of aging inculding health, anger, sex, finding purpose after retirement, and several I have read several of Thomas Moore s book and I have enjoyed and learned a lot from them This one is filled with ideas on how to age well I loved the suggestions of facing aging head on and not trying to pretend to be an age you are not He talks about looking into your past, telling meaningful stories about your life, mentoring, and finding interests and hobbies that are meaningful to you These are just some of the ideas discussed in the book I highly recommend this to anyone facing getting older in a society so obsessed with youth. @EBOOK ê Ageless Soul ⛅ Thomas Moore Is The Renowned Author Of Care Of The Soul, The Classic New York Times Bestseller In Ageless Soul, Moore Reveals A Fresh, Optimistic, And Rewarding Path Toward Aging, One That Need Not Be Feared, But Rather Embraced And Cherished In Moore S View, Aging Is The Process By Which One Becomes A Distinctive, Complex, Fulfilled, Loving, And Connected Person Using Examples From His Practice As A Psychotherapist And Teacher Who Lectures Widely On The Soul Of Medicine And Spirituality, Moore Argues For A New Vision Of Aging As A Dramatic Series Of Initiations, Rather Than A Diminishing Experience, One That Each Of Us Has The Tools Experience, Maturity, Fulfillment To Live Out Subjects Include Why Melancholy Is A Natural Part Of Aging, And How To Accept It, Rather Than Confuse It With Depression The Vital Role Of The Elder And Mentor In The Lives Of Younger People The Many Paths Of Spiritual Growth And Learning That Open Later In Life Sex And Sensuality Building New Communities And Leaving A Legacy Ageless Soul Will Teach Readers How To Embrace The Richness Of Experience And How To Take Life On, Accept Invitations To New Vitality, And Feel Fulfilled As They Get Older Breathtaking and powerful, this book about aging, about growing your mind, gets to the heart of life and living it fully an exploration of the invisible and the mysterious, expanding intellectual and emotional states of mind and perceptions Moore exhibits how spirituality and the soul are not just ideas or trendy concepts but a dynamic and exhilarating process an imaginal reality that every human possesses What is alive here Love, family, honor, friendship, career, and rites of passage Moore advises us to free ourselves of the illusions of religion, materialism, and some of the scientific beliefs I like how he opens all the doors to deep understandings that come full circle ranging from anger and jealousy to melancholy and loneliness, to aging, to illness, to death and the Angel of Old Age If you are wondering how to accept all the little deaths of daily life, this is the book to read Dying is a spiritual process Moore says, a singular moment that takes a lifetime to prepare for Eloquently written and illuminating, each chapter is filled with wisdom James Hillman, C.G Jung, the Tao Te Ching, Black Elk, Buddhism, Joseph Campbell and others are frequent references in the text Moore s view of the aging process, of life itself, is a blessing so rich, I could not stop reading it. I won this book from Goodreads just in time for my birthday The author presents a deep and hopeful view of aging as a positive process, one that can happen at any time in life If one embraces it, aging can bring renewed vitality and wisdom The author also writes about how to remain young in your outlook There is much to absorb here and I will be re eading this book as time goes on I think I own every book Thomas Moore has written His series on the soul is wonderful and deepens your level of thinking about who you are as a human being Getting older has its challenges but can be a wonderful time in your life according to Moore and I ll be thinking about this reading as time goes on. DNF Just not feeling it even though I am going through the process of aging at 63 Boring I ve got better books to read. Our Sunday school class read this book chapter by chapter over about 4 months The book tries to put a positive spin on the aging process Overall, I don t think any of us were overly impressed with this book Thomas Moore, the author, is a psychotherapist who admires Carl Jung and James Hillman and puts a lot of stock in dream interpretation He mentions all of this repeatedly throughout the book, and it gets tiresome Also, he rarely misses the opportunity to give personal examples from his own life Perhaps if I had read this book in just a few sittings, I might have found it interesting, but after stretching it out for months, I was bored and couldn t wait to be finished with it. Is it because I m old myself that I already knew everything Moore shares in this book I don t know, but I was deeply disappointed I can sum up the entire book in one sentence Aging is inevitable and it will cause you to confront physical debilitation, illness, loss of work, and death I, sadly, took away nothing new from this book, except the very first opening story about a monk who observed a young man raking leaves and then releases all the raked leaves back into the garden, commenting, Beautiful I hoped for so much. I won this from Goodreads This is an excellent book about aging which I am doing and not doing very well I remember when I looking forward to turning 21 Then all of a sudden I was 30 and then 40 and then 50 I was still going strong and not worrying a whole lot about age At age 56 I fell and got disabled and then I really started noticing my age At 60 I still want to do tons of things but I have to go at a way slower speed My brain still feels young but my body is not cooperating So the book is about how aging is hard but also can be good One thing I feel is I have knowledge and I know what makes me happy and I want to live my true life and only to do things that fulfill me and not what other people want me to do or show up to And you learn your whole life Loved this book.