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Sadie and the bees of Honeycomb City have a lot of work to do on the first day of Spring They begin in the morning by sharing their honey with the baby bees and then go out to pollinate flowers and collect nectar to bring back Sadie and her friends are having so much fun out in the flower fields, but then a rain shower comes through It is hard for the bees to carry heavy loads and fly in the rain, will Sadie and her friends be able to return to Honeycomb city with food for everyone Kindness Matters Sharing Bees incorporates social skills, emotions and nature into a fun and engaging story for children I liked that there were many approaches to sharing within the story and a focus on how sharing makes you feel and the good it accomplishes In the story sharing is shown as not just giving up something of yours, but taking on something from someone else to help your team and community I enjoyed that the book also included some common flowers that bees like to visit as well as their colors for skill practice My three year old enjoyed the bright illustrations and many buzzing sound effects I thought that the bee bodies with human heads looked a little strange, but it does help to get across the point that sharing isn t just for bees.This book was received for free in return for an honest review. (((FREE))) ↿ Kindness Matters ⇯ Sadie Is A Kind Worker Bee Who Enjoys Sharing With All Of The Other Bees In Honeycomb City Sharing And Being Kind Makes Sadie Very Happy Now That Spring Has Arrived, Sadie And Her Best Bee Friends, Gabby, Madi, And Simone, Have Made Plans To Leave Honeycomb City To Find Pollen While They Are Away Pollinating, Sadie Helps The Bees Share And Get Safely Back To Honeycomb City Sadie is a busy worker bee who lives in Honeycomb City One day, Sadie and her friends head out to gather pollen and nectar and enjoy the spring weatherbut then rain heads their way Will the bees all make it back, with all the important pollen and nectar they collected, before the rain hit How will they do it Antoinette Clark s Kindness Matters Sharing Bees is a sweetly charming picture that celebrates kindness, hard work, and friendship Clark s fun, simple story, with its silly buzzzzing good natured humor and important message, will delight young readers and inspire great discussions about being kind, working together, and the importance of animals like bees And Russel Wayne s engaging and lively illustrations, with their fun colors and bee characterizations, perfectly bring Clark s story to life and wonderfully capture nature Kindness Matters Sharing Bees is a fun and enjoyable book to introduce little readers to its timely concepts and is great for read aloud time. gifted Parenting is hard My preschooler has so many emotions and desires that sometimes feel out of control, to him and to me I think that s one reason books have such a strong place in our family Stories help us dive into those feelings and the hard situations they create, allowing us space to talk about what works and what doesn t, when it come to behavior Sharing Bees by Antoinette Clark thank you jkscommunications for the free review copy was a great read for this past weekend Little bees all work together to share the load of honey, helping each other with fun illustrations As we are teaching our son to think of others first a lifelong journey for us all , this book is a great tool to help us along. Sharing makes us happy, Sadie said This sweet stories teaches young ones that working together to lighten each others load helps to keep everyone safe and accomplishes the mission With beautiful and colorful illustrations this story is sure to capture and keep the attention of new or beginning readers This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Our book today is Kindness Matters Sharing Bees, written by Antoinette Clark and illustrated by Russel Wayne, a story of teamwork and consideration.Sadie the bee wakes one morning to the warm sun, and is excited it s the first day of spring, and she is ready to help her hive collect pollen and nectar She meets up with her friends, and they discuss their game plan Sadie is particularly interested in procuring some white clover nectar, a favorite of the baby bees in Honeycomb City She and her friends all work together to collect their bounty, right up until ominous clouds appear on the horizon Suddenly, the bees are all nervous heavy rain drops can be dangerous, and many of them are moving slow due to their loads of nectar Thinking quickly, Sadie comes up with a plan that will get everyone and their nectar home safely It ll just take a little teamwork, and a little sharing.As stories go, this one is not bad at all While the language of the text can be a little on the nose and overly literal in places, the story has a lot of good elements and themes community, generosity, consideration, cooperation, leadership, courage Unfortunately, this gets overshadowed by the deeply confusing art choices Sadie, along with the other bees of her hive, are depicted as having humans heads, two legs, and two arms with fingered hands, yet with wings and bee striped bodies They almost appear to be humans in bee costumes, but everything from their hive to their size is consistent with that of actual bees and this is never addressed in the text It s an unnecessary and distracting visual element, especially as the book claims to educate on the importance of bumblebees in nature if there were the case, why not illustrate normal bees Why give them human features It was quite perplexing for JJ, who repeatedly searched for the bees the text I was reading referred to to her eyes, she saw only humans The length is fine, but this major stumble definitely detracts from the overall experience Ultimately, this one was not for us, ambitious story notwithstandingNote A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by a representative of the author in exchange for an honest review Be sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for reviews