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This was my first book by Adam Mitzner and IT WILL NOT BE MY LAST From the beginning of the book, Mr Mitzner had my attention, and I couldn t read fast enough to find out how the story ended.The book centers around two legal cases involving the main character, Clinton Broden, and his childhood friend, Nick Zamora The beginning of the book is told from Broden s perspective, but as the book continues we hear from Broden s wife as well as Nick I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Mitzner employed these changes of perspective, and thought that it added a lot of nuance and interest to the overall story As the book proceeds, the reader gets further pieces of information as it relates to the legal aspects of the story, but also the personal relationships of the characters and their families I don t want to go any further for fear of spoilers, but I will say that this book never lost my interest, and there were enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages long into the night.I am often hard on legal thrillers, however this book was absolutely enjoyable I liked the characters, and found that I wanted to know about them the further into their stories Mitzner went The characters were balanced far from perfect but not detestable I found this to be a necessary element to make the story feel real, and to keep the reader engaged I really wanted to know what happened to all of them Overall I think the story had enough twists and turns to keep a reader surprised and intrigued Even in parts where I thought I knew where the story was going, I found the experience thoroughly enjoyable, and genuinely looked forward to my reading time.I think Adam Mitzner will be in the category of John Grisham and Michael Connelly for me a must read author with stories that I can t want to dive into.I highly recommend this book, and will be immediately purchasing Mr Mitzner s backlist so that I can keep enjoying his work Well done The Best Friend by Adam MitznerAdam Mitzner is one of those writers whose works manage to keep me up well past my bedtime Luckily I started this one early in the day and post knee surgery so I had a head start I might actually get some sleep tonight.The Best Friend is indeed about two best friends from childhood One has become a lawyer and the other a writer trying to get published Clint Broden is the lawyer who gets called by his childhood friend Nick Zamora Nick is crying and says his new wife Carolyn has drowned in the bathtub Clint rushes to his aid and agrees to take his case when Nick is arrested for murder This follows on in what appears to be a straightforward lawyer client procedural However, this portion is only prologue to a tale of friendship love betrayal ethics but not necessarily by the usual suspects The rest of the story is just as engaging as the first part dealing the trial and the consequences The story makes you sure you know what is happening and then makes you think of how you would handle certain situations if thrust upon you I will not give details as it could possibly lead you to miss the chance to ponder certain issues as they are developing.All Adam Mitzner s works are truly the work of a masterful writer Don t miss any of his books.I was provide an e ARC by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review I receive nothing except for the advance look at the book I am appreciative for this opportunity. First and foremost I must note that this is my first novel from this author under the Broden Legal Series.With this said, I gravitated towards this ARC as a Criminal Justice Master as well as having interned as an undergrad with the Public Defender s Office I was always told to become a prosecutor but funds weren t there so my dream subsided and then marriage and kids and you know the rest.I honestly couldn t let this one pass me by without at least trying it and with that I must say, Thank You to NetGalley, Adam, and his publisher.This began in a ball of fury as we learn that Clint NY Defense Attorney has a close friend whose been charged with murdering his bride.We forward thirty years and he s again being charged with another crime and Nick has to wonder if lighting strikes twice.This friendship is being tested by all avenues using all sorts of pressure.The nature of the beast is than just the crime as we uncover a host of other underlying issues here including harassment.What lengths will an attorney go for his client Would a defense lawyer choose to lay his job on the line to defend a killer if he even had a suspicion of guilt It s something I d love to ask Alan Dershowitz but that s a whole other topic and way too political dealing with constitutional and criminal law What I enjoyed here was the legal maneuvers, the criminal aspects, the criminality and the defense aspect.I ll never forget having to memorize the crimes code for my state and this reminds me of those bygone days.I say this because some take cases for the love of money while others do so for the prestige and still others because they love that challenge.This is one of those situations in which you have all three of the above but also morals, values, friendships, forgiveness, empathy, and love all factoring in to that equation.That ending was just fantastic and what a way to end A great new read that I highly recommend. I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.This is the 1st book that I have read by this author, but it definitely won t be my last This story begins with Clint s friend Nicky calling him to let him know that his wife had drowned in the bathtub Clint went directly to his friends to be with him and when he got there the police were already on the scene As the story went on, Nicky was ultimately arrested for his wife s murder Clint represented him as the case went to trial Ultimately the case was decided in Nicky s favor This portion of the story ended with Nicky going to California to write.The 2nd portion of the story was about Clint s wife during the last year of her life This story follows her bout with 4th stage cancer the she initially tried to overcome with a treatment trial that would extend her life Unfortunately, the treatment did not work and she decided to forego any Chemo and live out her life on her own terms During this time, she contacted Nicky who was still living in California to talk to him They met and discussed events that had occurred many years earlier In the end, Anne went into a Hospice where she ultimately died.The 3rd story had Clint getting back in touch with his friend Nicky several years after Anne had died During this time, Nicky was once again accused of killing his wife Samantha The police arrested Nicky while Clint was in California and he was brought back for trial to NY since the murder had occurred at the Hamptons Nicky was once again the lawyer for his trial with assistance from Maggie, a former colleague in the Public Defender s office where he first started The trial ran all the way through the verdict being rendered by the Jury.To find out what the verdict was and what portion of the story related to the events which occurred during the death of Nicky s 1st wife, then you must read this story. This is the third book dealing with the family of Clint Broden, a high powered lawyer in New York City While all the books are enjoyable, it is not necessary to have read the other two to understand or love this book This is the story of Broden, who in the 1980s was a struggling lawyer who defended his best friend for the murder of the friend s wife Years after the trial, the two friends cross paths again.I do not want to give anything away, as I came into the book with no prior knowledge of the plot, and I think that added to the joy Mitzner is a fantastic writer, and this book is quality legal thriller I literally read it in less than a day, and I m already anticipating the next book All his books are well plotted, twisty, and his writing is vivid and enjoyable You cannot go wrong trying this author Thanks to NetGalley,com, the author and publisher for my ARC. The Best Friend by Adam Mitzner is, I believe, his best legal thriller to date I picked it up and didn t stop reading until the last page honest The plot is complex and engaging with two distinct storylines It s almost like listening to two pieces of complimentary classical music simultaneously the prose intertwines to create a musical score that coaxes you this way and that.The characters are beautifully developed They re intelligent, witty, empathetic and reproachable which makes it so easy for the reader to relate.The courtroom scenes are gritty and entertaining There were times I actually held my breath while waiting for an Objection or an Overruled Yet they are concise and direct and don t lead to boring ramblings or repeated testimony.Overall, one of the best courtroom thrillers I have read in a long time netgalley adammitzner thebestfriend thomasmercer .Book ⚖ The Best Friend ☢ The Charts Bestselling Series From The Author Of Dead Certain Comes A Twisting Novel Of Friendship, Love, And Marriage And All Their Cunning And Deadly Betrayals Back In , Clint Broden Was A Novice New York Defense Attorney Building A Family With His Wife, Anne, And Impatient For His Career To Take Off That S When His Defense Of His Closest Friend, Nick Zamora, Made Headlines In Spite Of His Lingering Suspicions That His Soul Mate Since Childhood Had A Secret, Clint Was Dedicated To Believing Nick Hadn T Murdered His New BrideThree Decades Later, Clint Is Now The Celebrated Go To Attorney For The Rich And Famous Nick Is A Lauded Literary Superstar Living His Dreams In Los Angeles Though Separated By Thirty Years And Three Thousand Miles, They Re Still Bound By One Thing The Trial That Tested The Limits Of Their FriendshipAfter All These Years, The Last Thing Clint Expects Is To Be Pulled Back Into Nick S Disruptive Life But This Time, His Motives For Getting Involved Might Be Different From Proving His Old Friend S Innocence It Could Be Clint S Last Chance To Force A Reckoning With The Sins Of The Past Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.This book spans decades and revolves around the relationship between Clint, a defense attorney, and his best friend since childhood, Nicky, who was accused of killing his wife in 1986 Clint defends Nicky but the two lose touch following the trial, until an event brings them back together in the current day and past truths are revealed.I read and enjoyed Adam Mitzner s first novel and for some reason never read another one until now I am so glad I read this one I was drawn in from the start and was never bored nor was I disappointed with the ending I thought the characters were pretty well developed and the story was really well written I will definitely be circling back on the first 2 books in this series. I haven t read the previous book in this series and it didn t make a difference I love legal thrillers and this book was no exception The story is told from each of the main characters point of view and it involves the feelings of love, betrayal, deception, friendship, moral values, family relationships and loss It s interesting as each one of the characters uses the above feelings in a different scale to support their views and to command their lives It also enlightens the reader with a very clear view on how the proceedings on a courtroom legally happen I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Love a good legal thriller This absolutely did the job This is the third book in the Broden series, the Author didn t let me down I didn t find the court room scenes to drag on as many legal dramas do I found myself sitting in the scene, holding my breath, waiting for the critical calls from the judge This novel has it al The character development is superb, the plot beyond intriguing and captivating, packed with drama and fast paced cataclysmic events that intertwined two suspicious cases I will continue to be a fab of Adam Mitzner, and look forward to his next thrill ride Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a copy for my honest opinion.