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`Read Epub é Disavow (The Dumonts, #3) ò From New York Times Bestselling Author Karina Halle Comes A Seductive Novel Of Riches, Romance, And Redemption In The Dumont Fashion Empire, No Heir Has A Reputation As Decadent, Arrogant, And Ruthless As That Of Pascal Dumont Every Transgression, An Indecent Pleasure Every Woman, A Conquest And None Is Challenging Than His New Personal Assistant, Gabrielle Caron She S Defiant, Alluring, And A Mystery Pascal Can T Wait To SolveA Former Family Servant And Daughter Of The Head Maid, Gabrielle S Returned As Suddenly As She Left Eight Years Ago No Longer An Awkward Teen, The Ethereal Young Beauty Has Amassed A Wealth Of Resolve She Ll Need It In Hire To The Devilishly Charming Scion, She S Come Back For One Reason Only And She Dare Not Whisper WhyBut As The Nights Grow Intimate At The Dumont Maison, Gabrielle Realizes That The Last Man She Believed In Is The One Man She Can Trust With Her Secrets For Pascal, Falling In Love Means Than His Own Redemption It Could Mean Saving Gabrielle S Very Life As They Confront A Dark And Scandalous Past Together Disavow is the third and final installment in The Dumonts series And I have to say I am going to miss this total dysfunctional family They are the elite and the rich of France A fashion powerhouse that has been taken over by the epitome of evil and I kind of want.Pascal Dumont has been at the core of many bad deals and blackmail within his family SO how was Karina Halle going to redeem him I have to say that I love a bad boy and I want to see all his bad boy ways before he can redeem himself With the first book I thought he was a character that I was going to continue to hate He didn t have one redeeming quality being written into the story But after book 2, he was growing on me I could see that there was a balance within him He wasn t all bad And book 3 proved that.Disavow was Pascal s book that set him up to redeem himself But this wasn t all about redemption This was him setting things straight and finding truth within the Dumont family I don t think he ever cared if he was the black sheep, but I think he wanted to separate himself from his father, Gautier There are certain levels of evil and bad but he wasn t that bad.And then there is Gabrielle She has returned to the Dumont estate to assist Pascal and looking for revenge But what happens when Gabrielle finds than she bargained for with the Dumonts Will she be able to go through with her plan Or is she the woman that will redeem Pascal, change him and fail in her revenge plot This had a bit of enemies to lovers office romance forbidden romance with a side of slow burn romance I enjoyed seeing the relationship blossom with Pascal and Gabrielle, but would I be horrible in saying that I wanted bad boy Pascal It seemed like we got a good side of him for the majority of the book and perhaps that balanced better with Gabrielle s past, but I like seeing the bad with the good too He s definitely got it in spades You re awful, I managed to say I never said I wasn t If you believe I have an ounce of good in me, that s on you I found myself getting lost in this book and this journey of a trilogy I enjoyed the characters and the slow burn of this particular connection They both had an end game and what it took to get there was exciting, but I could have done with a tad action and a bit climax toward the middle I wanted suspense But that ending That was worth it all If you are ready for some ruthless characters and feeling like you ve fallen into a Parisian Dynasty type story, dive in head first and enjoy The Dumonts They won t disappoint The characters alone will make you want Luckily we get an epilogue that revisits our favorites I didn t think it was possible to have something, someone, other than revenge to live for. Book 3 Pascal After the last two books we kind of thought he would always stay the bad guy But now he s getting his chance for his own happily ever after.And I loved it I loved getting a look inside his head and his heart.Gabrielle used to live in the Dumont mansion years ago as the daughter of the maid But bad things happened with Pascal s father and eight years ago she was finally able to run away.But now she s back And she s out for justice and revenge And help comes from the last person she ever expected it to come from Pascal But she can t tell him about her plans and she can t fall for this very bad bad guy, right Pascal is fascinated by this beautiful girl He feels himself soften he feels his frozen heart getting warmer He doesn t want to end up like his father He s not like him Let s hope Gabrielle and Pascal can stop this horrible man before he hurts any people Great romance Suspensy, exciting, dangerous, sexy, adorable, heartbreaking I loved reading it I adored the epilogue ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Money is our legacy Greed is our strength And getting what I want is where I really shine Disavow is the last book in The Dumonts series, and one I have been anticipating since I finished the previous book I have had a love hate relationship with Pascal since I met him in the first book Discretion He definitely wasn t likable back then, but he kind of grew on me in the second book Disarm after I got to know him better I love a good redemption story and I think Karina Halle did a great job with Pascal He didn t have an easy life, even if he is a heir to the Dumont fashion empire His father is just pure evil and his mother never showed him any love, so him turning out the way he did was to be expected He is struggling internally with some of his actions and when he is finally coming face to face with the consequences he needs to decide on which side he s one Will he follow his father s footsteps or break free like his cousins and brother I really like anti heroes so it didn t take me long to warm up to him in this series I especially loved seeing him question everything after meeting Gabrielle and falling for her He finally saw a different life he could have, but to get it he would have to make difficult decisions in his life You have me, okay You have me This doesn t end here It continues I told you that you were mine, and I m yours too I m not backing down I m not letting go Gabrielle comes from a complete different background and is the daughter of the head maid She didn t have an easy life and after very horrific and traumatic incidents she leaves and doesn t come back for years Why did she come back now You ll have to read the book to find out I really liked her character and I loved how fierce she was She came back stronger than ever, but was still dealing with her trauma The interaction between Pascal and Gabrielle was sensual and she didn t back down to him I loved how their relationship progressed and I think they were a great fit with amazing chemistry Pascal for the first time in his life felt like he was worth being loved This being the last book in the series I was looking forward to the confrontation with Gautier father of Pascal and villain of the series , which we have been moving closer to from the beginning of the series I was expecting a bit suspense in this book Also there was one incident that I found unbelievable but I am not an expert so maybe it is possible, but I am not so sure sorry for being vague, you ll know which scene I am talking about when you get to it Overall this was a very satisfying conclusion to the series I especially loved the epilogue which showed the whole family together I am definitely going to miss these amazing characters. Favorite of the series, ends with a bang