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I don t think I can fall much in love with Ms Elliott s books When I m reading a love story this is what I m looking for Every single time I read one of Ms Elliott s books I m just thrown into the story and the book Kaylee and Ty stole my heart and not to mention getting to check in with Lincoln and Brock, Tanner, and Dirk I feel like I m going back to catch up with a part of my family I can t wait for 5 star reviews Always Enough Meet Me in Montana 2 by Kelly Elliott I love stories based in small towns, it makes for a intimate read Having read the first book in the series, I was excited to dive in to Always Enough as I couldn t wait to see what Ms Elliott had in store for Ty Shaw and Kaylee Holden.Both Ty and Kaylee have extensive baggage Ty having been badly injured in a car accident and Kaylee, grieving the death of her fiancee Following her best friend, Kaylee is desperate for a fresh start and moves to Montana Ty has been focused on his recovery, determined to beat the odds and walk again, even though he knows he will never return to his bull riding again.When Ty and Kaylee meet, sparks fly, the chemistry between them is intense and obvious to everyone around them.Can two broken hearted souls come together to find peace, love and in doing so take a leap of faith, creating a future together This was a beautifully written story full of love, family, hope, angst, passion and determination to face ones past and in doing so create a beautiful future.The story was well written, with characters that you cannot help but like and invested in Ms Elliott s descriptive writing certainly brought Montana to life for me I received a copy of this book through the publisher via NetGalley. Since read Never Enough I wanted Ty and Kaylee book.They were very similar in that they were both hiding parts of themselves they weren t ready to face But they were each other s respective catalyst to move out of the shadows Always Enough was full of passion, angst, feelings, love and family.The side characters were original, supportive and great addition for the story.I loved the small town feels and I want series to continue. I don t know what is in the water in Montana but I do know, the men coming from there are like aged fine wine I can officially say that Kelly Elliott has turned me into a buckle bunny because these Shaw men and their friends, have me all up in my feels They way this author details how these men handle ranches and bulls, has me over here fanning myself These bull riders ranches have officially turned me out Okay, okay I will move on to the story part I adore how Elliott keeps the family oriented feel in this series This plays such a significant part in each and every book With that said, what they have is real, well at least it feels real The depth in Always Enough most certainly didn t go unnoticed This author took on some pretty heavy subplots, and did it with care, The dialogue was witty and banter filled, and at times filled with so much emotion The chemistry was some real deal stuff It was literally like a force pushing Ty and Kaylee together., and when they came together, it was explosive This author had these characters go through it, but in doing so they found out of strong they truly were.Ty pretty much carries a bad attitude around He has crawled his way from the bottom, and just wants to put one foot in front of the other This family oriented man is a womanizer that has slept with half the population.Kaylee is a strong independent woman wanting to do things on her own She is a fierce friend that is super supportive She has been through some imaginable things, and yet she s found peace with moving forward.Two different people, wanting two different things Can they ever be anything else besides friends I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK REVIEWED FOR REVIEWS FROM THE HEART AshleyFollow the blog Instagram Facebook Twitter Bookbub Goodreads There s a reason Kelly is one of my favourite authors I fall in love with each book of hers that I read I love her characters, their struggles, their happy endings especially the families that she creates.I fell in love with the Shaw family in Never Enough and was so excited when I heard there would be books I wanted Ty s, Tanners Dirk s books right away after Brock s story I m so happy we got Ty s book first because his back forth with Kaylee in the first book had me itching for Ty Kaylee were everything I loved their ups downs, their chemistry their ending If you love small town cowboy romances that grab your heart squeeze it for all it s worth then this book is for you It s another perfect Kelly Elliott book I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review Always Enough , by Kelly Elliott Montlake Romance , has caring and kind characters and a storyline focused for the most part on the main characters sexual tension, attraction and activities Ty and Kaylee are caring characters, have strong feelings for each other besides the sexual chemistry, but they act so immaturely so often and I didn t feel invested on them.There are so many descriptions of their sexual life and feelings and there is so much drama going on that I couldn t really get interested I struggled with the story and felt it dragged on a lot The sex scenes were long and graphic, the descriptions of the hero s anatomy boring and unnecessary I would cut about 98% of this plotline I found it weird and juvenile that the main characters discussed their sex life so instantly and openly with their friends, brothers and close family Too much disclosure for me.The hot, playboy hero who slept with almost all women in town, even if nowadays he s reformed , isn t my favorite kind of hero, even if he s also broken and wounded, traits I usually appreciate.The dialogue felt artificial and cheesy too often.Finally, the constant use of the f and s words left me wondering about poor vocabulary choices. Kaylee is in need of a major life change after tragically losing her fianc , so she makes the move to Montana for a fresh start and to be near her best friend Ty was a former PBR World champion bull rider, who nearly lost the use of his leg in a car accident, ending his career too soon When Kaylee arrives on Ty s family ranch there is an instant connection Can two people with a tragic past find a way to happiness with each other This is the second in a series and I have LOVED them both You could easily read this as a stand alone, but the first is too good to miss Ty and Kaylee both have such tragic pasts and you want them both to be happy There is a very slow burn and serious angst to get to the eventual romance, but you were rooting for them the entire way Loved the steam level Hot, but it all felt well placed and helped the story Love the entire family and i can t wait for of them This is my first cowboy romance series and I am definitely here for it Trigger topics suicide, prescription drug addiction Always Enough is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about two people struggling with loss and the need to find themselves again Ty and Kaylee s story was one that had me so immersed in their book that I couldn t read it fast enough After reading Brock and Lincoln, I couldn t imagine another couple topping them but Ty and Kaylee they just hold a special place in my heart The hard truths these two had to overcome to realize they deserved happiness and love was a breathtakingly beautiful journey of hope, love and forever You are everything to me Every single flaw, imperfection, struggle, demon, painful memory they re mine now also The same goes for me All of my doubts, struggles, fears they re yours Together, we make a beautiful puzzle with all our crazy pieces. This is a beautifully written love story about opening your heart after tragedy has closed you off from living Ty not only has lost his career as a bull rider but other actions in his life have left him with the idea that everything he hopes for eventually gets pulled away Kaylee has had he own hurdles to overcome before she can start again When the two collide the sexual tension makes them like enemies poking jabs and hateful words It only takes an injury and a blizzard that has them locked in together bringing out a new side for them both I can guarantee once you start this book you will not be able to put it down In true Kelly Elliott fashion the reader will fall in love with these characters as she never disappoints `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☠ Always Enough (Meet Me in Montana, #2) ☙ The Second Novel In New York Times Bestselling Author Kelly Elliott S Meet Me In Montana Series Turns Up The Emotion With A Story About Finding True Love And Healing Broken HeartsGrieving The Loss Of Her Fianc Two Years Ago, Kaylee Longs For A Fresh Start When She Follows Her Best Friend From Atlanta To Hamilton, Montana, Kaylee Looks Forward To The Wild Terrain And A New Town To Help Her Forget The Memories And Dreams Of A Life That Will Never Be HersAfter A Tragic Car Accident, Ty Shaw Is Told He May Never Walk Again But Ty Doesn T Easily Accept Defeat, And Through Grit, Determination, And Physical Therapy Than Any Man Should Ever Endure, He Beats The Odds Even Though He Ll Never Ride Again, Ty Longs To Feel Alive The Way He Did On The Professional Bull Riders CircuitWhen Kaylee Meets Ty, She Finds Him Just As Captivating As The Rugged Landscape Of Montana When Ty Is With Kaylee, He Remembers Just How Good Life Can Be But Can They Move Beyond Their Broken Hearts And Dreams To Find A Second Chance With Each Other