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Good series Fast pasted, very addictive The Uglies Trilogy contains three stories about the same character, Tally, as she finds her place in a post apocalyptic earth A biochemical weapon went out of control and invested the world s oil supply, destroying life in the process Now, controlled cities with extreme rules on physical appearance are the name of the game In the first book, The Uglies, Tally watches as all her friends turn 16 and get the extreme plastic surgery to become Pretties As an Ugly, she can t wait Until she meets a new friend that is considering an escape, from the surgery and the city Tally is blackmailed into following her to the settlement of runaways called Smoke, and learns the truth about the Pretty operation.In the second book, the Pretties, Tally struggles to come to terms with her new look and life in Pretty Town, the parties and the adventure, while there is still a nagging reminder of what she left behind in Smoke In the third book, The Specials, Tally is recruited and subsequently given superhuman bones, abilities, immune systems, etc to join an elite organization and root out dissidents once and for all Yes, it becomes difficult to figure out what side Tally is on in each chapter Another difficulty is Westerfeld s obsession with hoverboard chases Yes, hoverboards are cool and dangerous, get over it Another frustration I felt towards Westerfeld was that the plot was too similar from book to book There was so much potential for story in the world that he created, I just wished forI don t give a book two stars lightly I would recommend it to kids, for sure, its pretty cool It will make an exciting movie. I love this series They are so interesting The Uglies is set in the future and looks back to our current time as being savage and outdated It s makes you look at the way we live our lives now, right now when we are at the peak of technology and culture One of the best thing about this trilogy is that there is no simple good and evil In the first book, you think the good and evil is clear, but then in the second book things change, and the good is not purely good, and the evil not purely evil In fact, it seems as though the evil is working for the greater good Or is it Because, once again, in the third book, the world turns on its head, and a whole new level is added The story just keeps building on itself, and switching, and twisting, and turning Everything is complicated, and there is no pure good or pure evil, everything is mixed, and everything has consequences It s freaking fantastic This series is one of my new favorites It s so creative and interesting There is never a dull moment, the story line is always moving, always climaxing, always changing I recommend to everyone Everyone I loved this series Some of the coolest books i have come across What with the entire mindset and all Every one is apparently born ugly They are taught to hate themselves Then when they come of age everyone is given a large amount of plastic surgery, to make them Pretty I loved the plot of the entire series, from where tally starts out just like all the other uglies, to having to make a choice about whether to turn in her friend or not get the surgery, and then being forced to turn, and just jeez this review is so confusing, sorry, but just, READ IT Oh, and then of course there is all of the high tech future gadgets and the love triangles and on and on and wow, just, awesome I dont even feel like actually giving you all the story line, but im sure many of the othersane reviews will tell you what u need to know. I read the first book as a part of a book club I would say that it is a great read for a 14 year old girl, which is why I rated it with 2 5 stars However, I, a 25 year old girl, wasn t interested in the plot, was annoyed by the protagonist, and was not drawn in by the style of writing I have no intentions of seeing the series through to the end, but I know some young girls who may in fact enjoy it, and I wouldn t hesitate to recommend they give it a shot As for adult book clubbers, I would recommend choosing a different book. I wish I could give this series a higher rating I LOVED Uglies I was intrigued by the idea of a society where everyone got surgery at a certain age to make them all beautiful Uglies was really interesting and set up a good story line Pretties, the sequel, wasn t as good as Uglies, but I also thought it was intriguing But the last book, Specials, was terrible It was the same story as the first two with just a few twists, and it had gotten old by that point I didn t like the ending at all I would recommend reading Uglies, because it really was good And maybe Pretties Then just go ahead and make up an ending in your mind, because I m sure it s better than what the author came up with. I m being generous, because the first book had a lot of potential but didn t really pull me in to the story But being me I wanted to continue and see where this potential would go That was a terrible decision Though the first book was moderately good and had potential, the books continued on a downward spiral of bad writing, bad story lines, and just overall unenjoyable As a result I was not able to finish this series I don t know how I did it, but I somehow forced myself to continue until halfway through Specials.Not worth reading Tally the main character is living in a world where the goal is to become pretty Until Tally turns 16, she lives in dull Uglyville The book Uglies, tells of Tally s journey to become prettified, and her friend Shay s fight to escape the pretty operation This book is hard to describe so I recommend reading it for yourself This is the same with the other books in this series, Pretties and Specials Please just read them i cant think of anything to say about the books, sorry. We ve now crossed over to YA territory The series is about Tally Youngblood who lives in a society that makes everybody pretty on their 16th birthdays Before that, teens are called uglies, and children littlies Tally meets a girl named Shayla who tells her that there is a secret society of people who opted not to be made pretty, and that there might be some sinister stuff happening underneath all the symmetrical features and glittering parties on the Pretty side of the river.There is a lot of adventure here girls, at least before the change, are shown as intelligent and capable and athletic, able to figure out complex puzzles Some of the messages lack subtlety, even for young adults, but the questions and issues raised are good ones Is being gorgeous the most important thing How pretty is pretty enough Why are girls taught to look up to vapid girls with not a thought in their pointy heads Would you betray someone to escape a life of being considered less than perfect The first book, Uglies, is the best one in my opinion, but it ends in a way that justifies a sequel The sequel gives us a chance to go into the world of the Pretties, which I think most girls, even level headed ones, would want to read about We get an idea of just how deep the control is, but that even the Pretty people might not be all that happy, might understand there s somethingThe Specials, while still well written and gripping, seems a little like the author wanted Tally to try on all the hats The Specials are a secret group that exists to police the populace In the words of Gaston in Beauty and The Beast It s not right for a woman to read Soon she starts getting ideas, and thinking ^FREE E-PUB ☈ The Uglies Trilogy (Uglies, #1-3) ↟ This Arc Of Scott Westerfeld S UGLIES Trilogy Follows The High Tech Adventures Of Tally Youngblood As An Ugly, Then A Pretty, And Finally A Special, Tally Works To Take Down A Society Created To Function With Perfect Looking People Who Never Have A Chance To Think For Themselves