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Chrissa has to move to her nan s hose after her Grampa passes away Witch means a new school but things don t go as planned it stars as a bumpy road Bulling her nana tells her to find someone who needs a friend imedially she thinks of Gwen Will ever have the courage to stand up for herself and Gwen read to find out. This is a convincing story about Chrissa, a fourth grade student who is being bullied by a group of girls in her class There is no internet abuse of Chrissa, but the events that are related make a believable tale that many girls will understand and enjoy. I actually liked this book than I thought Although it is an American Girl book, the problems Chrissa faces are very real and almost anyone can feel what she is going through In the end this is an easy, short read and it will not waste your time I love American girl doll books very much and I enjoy reading Mary Casanova s books that she writes for American Girl I enjoyed reading this book, even though Chrissa is an old American Girl doll the book is totally great Mary Casanova is one of my most favorite authors and I love how this book is so fun it just makes you want to read I can compare myself to Chrissa because she moved to a new place and a new school just like I had Chrissa had to go through challenges such as bullying, making new friends, and even snobby girls But even through all those challenges Chrissa pulled herself through This book is very realistic and it encourages people to not be afraid of standing up for other people or for yourself I loved this book a lot and I hope I can be able to read the second book when I can get to it Happy Readings One of my students brought this book with her to read if she finished our district standardized testing early and offered to lend it to me later I was pretty impressed with the book besides addressing the issue of bullying in schools, it also dealt with gender roles Chrissa s mother is a doctor and her father is a stay at home potter , and it also wove in some discussion of homelessness Bullying is the only issue that is dealt with in a substantive way, but the other issues are touched on in a pretty authentic way, I think The writing and the characters were strong I think a lot of students would relate to this book and enjoy it. Edited 12 29 17 Okay, because of reasons, I re read this book within the past few days I have now changed the rating from 3 stars to 4.I m realizing now that I didn t really read it I couldn t have I must have only flipped through it Or maybe, I could just be seeing it now with matured eyes Because it was not the story I remembered I enjoyed this one It was well written, and everything flowed smoothly No plot holes, no head scratching Sure, there were parts I wonder about, but over all it was a well put together story I also think the author got the setting down pretty good as well It sounds very much like some of the outlining suburbs of Minneapolis, and even the south side of said city view spoiler Actually, now that I think about it some , it sound especially like Minneapolis at least South Minneapolis For their to be that sort of diversity, economically speaking at least, it would be very plausible hide spoiler I really liked this book because I received the movie for Christmas so it encouraged me to read the book I thought it was a really interesting book because it talks about her experience with bullying So Chrissa is new to her school and really wants to make some friends All of a sudden, her so called friends turned their backs on her and started bullying her Chrissa tried to take her Grandmothers advice and just try to be nice So she did but nothing worked After a while, it turned to extreme bullying and she needed help She got help from her teacher and the bullying stopped Her experience helped her help other kids who were bullied I really liked this book I have to say that I love this book because Audrey loved it She likes Junie B Jones and has read those on her own, but it is hard to get her to focus on and listen to an entire chapter book We have started so many of my favorites as a child the Boxcar Children, Ramona, Fudge, etc and not completed them Audrey listened, enjoyed and asked for chapters every night We are now well into the second book in the series I have even tried reading her other American Girl doll books, like Samantha, which I think is great This is the book that she liked. I read the American Girl historical series growing up Kaya, Felicity, Josephina, Addy, Kirsten, Samantha, Kit, and Molly This is one of the newer books featuring an American Girl Today a specific girl doll that is only available for one year I thought that it was a decent read, the characters seemed a bit stereotypical, but I overall liked the plotline and how it encourages girls to stand up to bullies The author added some nice touches here and there but overall I felt that this book was very average Of course I probably would have thoroughly enjoyed this book if I was in the target age range ages 8 12 `Download Book ⇮ Chrissa ↿ Chrissa Maxwell Moves To A New School In The Middle Of The Year, And The Girls In Her Fourth Grade Class Are Decidedly Unfriendly On The Advice Of Her Grandmother, Chrissa Tries First To Be Nice, And Then To Ignore The Mean Girls But They Just Won T Quit, And When The Teasing Turns Into Serious Bullying, Chrissa Must Find The Courage To Stand Strong And Speak Out