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~Read Pdf ☧ Magical Melons ♄ That Lovely Redhead, Caddie Woodlawn, Is Back Now There Are Frontier Adventures With The Heroine Of The Newbery Medal Novel Caddie Woodlawn The High Spirited Caddie Is Back With Her Lively Siblings For Some Amusing Escapades Here Are Fourteen New Stories About Frontier Life With The Seven Woodlawn Children They Romp Through The Pages, Discovering A Secret Horde Of Watermelons Long After Melon Season, Engaging In Cattail Fights, And Adopting Baby Animals You Ll Also Hear Of A Young Preacher Doing A Favor For A Wandering Indian, A Poor Girl Revealing A Suprising Talent At A Medicine Show, And Caddie Ruining Her New Dress At The Independence Day Celebration Caddy Woodlawn s Family, a.k.a Magical Melons, is a loosely connected book of short stories, Woodlawn mini adventures Not all the stories are about Caddie the most beautiful and moving story in the collection is The Christmas Costume, a lovely tale starring Hetty, Caddie s tattle taling younger sister I shed a few tears over this one it s incredibly moving Nero Plays Cupid about the shy older sister Clara and her budding romance with a neighbor boy is also a good snapshot of 1840 s pioneer life The Willow Basket, Caddie Gets a Bargain, and Go, My Son, Into the Forest are all quite good as well. This was just as good as the first book Caddie Woodlawn Actually, it is just a continuation of the stories It s written exactly like the first book, so I felt like I was just reading extra chapters to the first book Which is probably why I liked it. I found this book at a church op shop amongst the romance novels and, although the title did fit the theme, the book itself didn t The book is a fictionalised version of Carol Ryrie Brink s grandmother s childhood in 1860s Wisconsin Each chapter is a short story focusing on an event in the family s life, some are touching, some are amusing, some are tedious.My favourite story was Mrs Nightingale s House and the story that followed it, The Christmas Costume, but the opening story Magical Melons was quite boring and not a good introduction for the characters.I could see this book being read to girls between 5 and 10, although some of the themes are quite old fashioned for modern children. There s always room for magic, even after the amazing main course which is Caddie Woodlawn This light dessert is served in the form of slightly disjointed stories, based on events before, during and after the Caddie Woodlawn year TRUE events from the life of Brink s own grandmother 4 stars instead of 5 because, well, Caddie Woodlawn HAS to be the pi ece de r esistance. Just unpacked this to put in my new bookshelves and remembered again how much I loved these stories One of the most memorable is Warren s remake of the Song of Hiawatha Minne haha said the pine trees Muddy Oshkosh said the water Saw the firefly, wah wah wah wah I have laughed aloud than once for those And when Nero Plays Cupid for seventeen year old sister Clara, and Caddie is amazedand the fair where they enjoy good old fashioned greased poles and log jumping contestsThis cover is so cute, and the ink drawings inside are just as dear I wish books were still illustrated this way My copy is a retired library book, but I love it anyway My boys and I enjoyed the continuing stories of Caddie and her family For those of you who read and enjoyed Caddie Woodlawn , you have to read this one too One of my favorite stories was about Cousin Lucy and the mystery of whether she wore a wig or not Very funny I m old enough to have read this book when it had a different name Magical Melons Always sweet to catch up with Caddie Woodlawn, although this one is a collection of short stories than the unified tale of the first. A sequel to the Newbery title Caddie Woodlawn Not quite as good since the stories don t flow as smoothly but still excellent I would suggest reading this after Caddie Woodlawn. Lovely to be back with the Woodlawn family again I enjoyed these simple yet engaging and warm tales A thumbs up