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This was a cute story But to be perfectly honest, most of the characters were insufferable Nancy was a brat, Nancy s father just made me angry, Sandy was one of the meanest best friends I ve read in a while, Madam Malenkov was totally rude even though we found out she had probably cause , and the townspeople were so judgmental that I wanted to reach through the book and slap them all I think Franny was an alright character, and the plot was cute enough, but there were just too many horrible characters for me to rate this any higher. Franny, the protagonist of the book, is a 10 year old girl who is obsessed with the piano She wants to become a famous pianist and play in contests outside of her tiny town, Rusty Nail When an amazing pianist comes to live in town, Franny starts to take lessons She gets even better at the piano and is ready to compete This was a great book and I enjoyed reading it. It was not at all how I thought it would be It was funny and captivating and at the same time, saying that you don t have to come from a big city to be a star Like a cheerful ray of sunshine, piercing the clouds on a rainy day. I picked up this book because of the piano keys on the cover As a musician, I have always enjoyed reading about other musicians, especially pianists, in fiction and this middle grade novel did not disappoint at least once I got into the story The first part to me felt different in tone from the rest of the story for some reason I didn t like the characters, including the main character, at the beginning because of the pranks and nonsense the children pull I also was a little confused about the setting because it felt like this was of a Southern story rather than set in Minnesota Maybe I m just drawing from my own experience from growing up in a Southern town I enjoyed the story once Franny, the main character musician, meets her piano teacher I also liked the drama of the Russian woman who is unfairly judged as a Commie in a 1950s small town This book would be great for an aspiring young musician or a young history buff. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is the story of A talented Painist, Franny Hansen who lives in Rusty Nail, Minnesota.Rusty Nail is called The Heartland of America and used to be the former Coot Capital Rusty Nail though is also not very popular since mostly farmers live there and filled with crazy, strange, shy, and weird people.Like they say No Two Flakes aare exactly alike is like all the resindents in Rusty Nail.Characters Franny Hansen is a prodigy of the piano, and also called a trouble maker by most of the resindents She always dreams that one day that someone will discover her talent like Duke Ellington discovered her father was.Though his dream was crushed, it is not over for her.Sandy Hellickson is not only Franny s Best friend, but also the cause of trouble in Rusty Nail.Sandy always gives Franny support about her dream, although she wished that Franny would have fun than practicing the piano.Lorriane is Franny s mother and different from all the other women in Rusty Nail.She rebells of Norma Snitty s ideas of not trusting anyone outside of Rusty Nail.Charlie Koenig was Rusty Nail s young lawyer who just Rusty Nail with his new wife Olga, every one was shocked becuase she was Russian.Charlie is royalty becuase he was the only child of the former mayor, Ludwig Koenig and Ludwig died when Charlie was only in High school.Olga is the woman who stands out in the town, she just moved to Rusty Nail with her new husband, Charlie Koenig.Olga is a feirce Russian woman that is not trusted by anyone because Rusty Nail thinks she is a Commie.But Olga is a talented musician who plays all of them beautifully which opens up to Franny.So many adventures happen in Rusty Nail, only 3 famous people have come and thats because is a bit crazy.With kids having a chance of smoking, being racist, being prejustice, being sexist, and so much.Everyone in Rusty Nail, has a different secret and personality, and no that many people have left Rusty Nail becuase they dont trust the outside world, but a few know that there are kind people that live outside Rusty Nail and that smell better too I reccomend this book to people who love music, comedy, war, fat ladies, out of this world characters, and so much.This book would appeal to a young audience since the main character, Franny, is only ten.But the book should be 5th grade and up, its an enjoyable book I know people will love it.If you want to find out the ending just read book The Rising Star of Rusty Nail by Lesley M.M Blume About the Author Lesley is a author and writer who lives in New York which is what her first book is based off, Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters which was published in 2006.If you want to know about her or her books, go on www.lesleymmblume.com This was one of my accidental finds at the library I was looking to check out some of the Superfudge books by Judy Blume for the hundredth time because my children love reading and re reading them and this wonderful book was alphabetically next to Judy Blume s work on the shelf.The cover was a piano keyboard, which caught my eye I am always on the lookout for books about the arts that might be fun, informative and engaging to read The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is all of those things intertwined seamlessly into a great story.Rusty Nail is a small town in Minnesota another surprising detail and draw for me since that is where I live It is the 1950 s, the era of Communist Russia, nuclear bomb drills in the schools and the McCarthy hearings 10 year old Franny Hansen lives with her parents and two older brothers She and her best friend Sandy are known as the biggest troublemakers in town In fact, the story begins with the two of them getting into trouble over a water balloon throwing incident surrounding Franny s arch enemy, fellow 10 year old Nancy Orilee.Franny plays the piano, loves it and believes she has talent She takes lessons from an older lady in town who does not particularly challenge her abilities The reader does not need to possess a technical knowledge of music in order to understand the way Franny feels about her music because she describes it in the way each of us feels about the things about which we are most passionate to the point, sometimes, of not being able to put it into words If a reader does have technical or specific knowledge of music piano in particular that simply layers another level into the story, making it that much compelling Any technical music details are included in short, workable paragraphs for the non music reader that do not detract in any way from the narrative and offer the opportunity to learn about some specifics behind music theory and performance.Charlie Koenig, a respected member of the town suddenly brings home a Russian woman as his new wife The small town is abuzz with rumors of a Commie in their midst, spying on them in their very homes Franny is originally caught up in the excitement of such a rumor, but watches both her parents quietly caution against such judgment.When Franny discovers that not only is this Russian woman a pianist, but a famous one to boot, she is determined to convince the woman to take her on as a piano student, regardless of the opinions of the townspeople Madame Malenkov proves to be a difficult, seemingly cold individual She does, however, eventually agree to teach Franny, although she remains secretive and somewhat mysterious.Franny struggles with the attitude and general meanness of opinion regarding Olga in town She battles her enemy Nancy Orilee in and out of school She weathers Sandy s disapproval of her desire to play the piano and succeed on a level bigger than the town of Rusty Nail And she learns about compassion, empathy and following your dreams.Franny is a character with whom it is easy for the reader to both identify and like Her humiliations, frustrations, joys and imaginings easily become those of the reader.This is a book I hope to use as a read aloud selection with my 3rd and 4th grade classes in the coming school year For my students the fact that the action takes place in small town Minnesota and Minneapolis will be an especially exciting aspect It is also an excellent independent read selection with a strong female protagonist for 3rd grade through middle school.I am always thrilled when I find a brilliant story like this by accident and I encourage others to embrace the opportunity of discovery in this book |Free Pdf ♵ The Rising Star of Rusty Nail ♫ Franny Hansen Is A Year Old Piano Prodigy Living In Rusty Nail, Minnesota Once The Coot Capitol Of The World, In It S Just A Run Of The Mill Town With One Traffic Light And A Bizarre Cast Of Characters She S Long Exhausted The Talents Of The Town S Only Piano Teacher And Seems Destined To Perform At Church Events And School Assemblies, Until A Mysterious Russian Woman Arrives In Rusty Nail Franny S Neighbors Are Convinced The Commie Is A Threat To Their American Way Of Life, But Franny S Not So Sure Could This Stranger Be Her Ticket Out Of Rusty Nail Lesley M M Blume Returns With The Poignant And Laugh Out Loud Funny Story Of One Girl S Attempt To Pursue The American Dream In Small Town America 1 Haven t you want to become a famous person Well this was realist fiction book tells a story about a little girl trying to become a famous piano player I loved this book because it tells the reader that it s not easy to become famous you have to work for it and in this story Fanny SPOILER ALERT does become a famous piano player she wants to be.2 The setting is mostly at school in Minnesota of 1953 This is important because Fanny wants to be apart of assemblies and other things that happen at school Fanny wanted to be become a famous piano player,but Nancy is also a good piano Player,and its a small town to try to pursuit a big dream so they had concert with a famous Russian woman that the mayor had setup for Nancy and Fanny to play in to show off their only piano player in Rusty Nails Then a new person name Olga and Charlie moved to town come to find out that Olgo is a musician and Fanny starts to admire her,and finally Fanny leaves Rusty Nails to pursuit her dreams This type of conflict is person v.s faith I say that because she has faith that she will one day become a famous and well know pianist player.3 I was surprised when Fanny was so happy for the Russian woman coming to Rusty Nails to find out she didn t even tell her u did a good job or something like that was not right I felt like that was wrong, because if I was up on the stage, and I work my hardest for weeks to let her know I really want to do this for the rest on my life, and I m so desiccated, to this for her not to say good job ,or say I m so glad to meet you is so hard breaking.4 I was angry when the Nanny got on stage after seeing that Fanny had did a better job than her the crowd was capping so loud and I guess that Nanny wanted them to remember her,I didn t like that because she should had said to Fanny congratulations I m so impressed or something to make her fell ,I glad after Nanny was done Fanny got back on the piano and did one song before the Russian woman left I was so happy for her,because even though Nanny try to get in Fanny spot light.5.I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars because I didn t like how sometimes the author would make Nanny look like a bad person.I recommend this book to whom ever like to read books that understands that life is hard and becoming something you want is not always easy.So think what u want to be in life are u done thinking well if you are know that whatever u want to be you well have many obstacles to over come like Fanny. Actually, like 3.5 or 3.75 stars.I loved Blume s debut novel, Cornelia, so I was a little bit disappointed in this book The plot line was compelling and I liked the main character Franny Hansen a lot However, I wasn t as thrilled with Blume s depictions of some of the background characters Being a Midwesterner, I found it strange that some of the townspeople seemed like real yokels who used poor grammar and said ain t a lot Sure, Rusty Nail is a small town, but Minnesota is known for being a leader in Education While Minnesotans have a fun accent, they are hardly ignorant Perhaps Blume, as a New Yorker, has the incorrect assumption that Middle Americans are far backward than they actually are.I also found some of the character s behaviors to be inconsistent with what my Mom has told me about life in the 1950s Franny s friend, Sandy, wears pants to school and Franny wants to wear pants to a recital The Reverend gets his hair permed at a beauty parlor on Sunday I thought there were still Blue Laws in the 1950s, and I would think a minister would have abided by them in that day I also wondered about the school children being SO disrespectful to their teacher Would that have been acceptable These things seemed inauthentic to me However, I was not alive then, so maybe I just don t know.On the whole, I enjoyed the book I admired Franny s determination to excel, and her mother s willingness to stand up to the women in Rusty Nail I liked that the Hansens stood up for common sense when everyone else was so fearful of commies Because of that, I would be interested in reading a sequel and finding out how Franny adjusts to life at Julliard. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is a relastic fiction novel written by Lesley M.M Blume It takes place in a rural community in Minnesota during the Cold War, approximately 60 years ago During this period, the United States was pitted against the Soviet Union, in a battle between capitalism and communism, or so historians describe Because of this difference in ideals, Americans like the main character, Franny Hansen, and her neighbors, naturally detest Russians, whom they stigmatized as Commies Undeterred by her best friend s, Sandy, inclination for both them to become an ordinary girls, Franny yearned for glory In fact, she has a talent that few would expect from a community as insignificant as Rusty Nail Franny s piano skills are superb, even if she was hard pressed to find a decent teacher in her town Suddenly, after a failed performance for the wife of a government official, Franny observed a famous Russian piano composer named Olga Malenkov move to Rusty Nail Rumors fly that Olga is both the wife of Charlie, the town s only lawyer, and a Commie However, Franny felt the string of fate and soon enlisted the help of Olga to become an even better pianist and to go to the best performing arts academy in the U.S., the Juilliard School in New York City.The Rising Star of Rusty Nail moralizes the concept of hammering iron when it is in the fire Besides a charming depiction of life during the Cold War, it demonstrates how to exploit the sparse opportunities which conveniently falls on the lap of those who willingly strive for success.